15 May 2018

What We Can Do About the Missionary Problem

2 Sivan 5778
46 Days of the Omer

Primarily, we have a Jewish problem rather than a missionary problem. The problem that the Jewish community has with missionaries today is twofold and must be tackled from both directions.

1. Internally - Our minds have been assimilated and we think like Western Christians instead of Authentic Torah Jews.

We have to identify the foreign culture and detach from it. At the same time, we have to recognize what authentic Torah is and attach to that instead. 

(It's truly shocking what people think of as Torah today which is as far from it as one can possibly get sometimes. Example: Here is a "quote" going around the internet - "Disunity is worse than idolatry." In fact, it is not a quote from any Torah source. Someone made it up because it sounded good to them. Hashem yerachem!)

2. Externally - We have collaborators and traitors who open the doors to the missionaries and welcome them in, serving as a bridge to bring Jews and Christians together "as one."

In this case, we have to be able to identify who and what constitutes a threat to the community and then take steps to ostracize them until they repent.

(This is trickier because, ideally, the responsibility for this should fall to the communal leadership. However, in this circumstance, very many of the leadership positions are already held by collaborators and traitors. Example: The rabbi of Har Bracha has already ruled on the admissibility of establishing a group of idolaters permanently within a Jewish community in Eretz Yisrael. Those Jews who held fast to the Torah's instructions on this issue were left no other choice than to get up and move out rather than participate or give tacit approval through their silence or inaction. So with regard to this, it may be up to us to separate and distance ourselves from such people and welcome it as an opportunity to educate others about the necessity of such drastic action.)

There is no Jew anywhere who cannot work on these two aspects: educating themselves as to what constitutes authentic Judaism and distancing themselves from those promoting heresy, while at the same time coming closer to those who strengthen us in doing the right thing.

With God's help and blessing, I hope to start this process right here via the blog for those who are serious about preparing to greet Mashiach Tzidkeinu. This is the kind of people he is going to need. When there is a core group prepared to follow him and fulfill Hashem's commands, then Hashem will reveal him to us.

A lot of so-called "religious" Jews will tell you right here and now that the geulah has already come. What a nightmare that would be if it were true, God forbid! What we see today is not the prophets' vision of redemption, nor mine either.

While Trump and the clueless Jews are working at making America and Israel "great again," we three together - Mashiach, B'nei Yisrael and HKB"H will set the world straight again.

Coming up after Shavuot - How Is Western Culture Anti-Torah? and Defining "Authentic" Torah Judaism, b'ezrat Hashem.