15 May 2018

What We Can Do About the Missionary Problem

2 Sivan 5778
46 Days of the Omer

Primarily, we have a Jewish problem rather than a missionary problem. The problem that the Jewish community has with missionaries today is twofold and must be tackled from both directions.

1. Internally - Our minds have been assimilated and we think like Western Christians instead of Authentic Torah Jews.

We have to identify the foreign culture and detach from it. At the same time, we have to recognize what authentic Torah is and attach to that instead. 

(It's truly shocking what people think of as Torah today which is as far from it as one can possibly get sometimes. Example: Here is a "quote" going around the internet - "Disunity is worse than idolatry." In fact, it is not a quote from any Torah source. Someone made it up because it sounded good to them. Hashem yerachem!)

2. Externally - We have collaborators and traitors who open the doors to the missionaries and welcome them in, serving as a bridge to bring Jews and Christians together "as one."

In this case, we have to be able to identify who and what constitutes a threat to the community and then take steps to ostracize them until they repent.

(This is trickier because, ideally, the responsibility for this should fall to the communal leadership. However, in this circumstance, very many of the leadership positions are already held by collaborators and traitors. Example: The rabbi of Har Bracha has already ruled on the admissibility of establishing a group of idolaters permanently within a Jewish community in Eretz Yisrael. Those Jews who held fast to the Torah's instructions on this issue were left no other choice than to get up and move out rather than participate or give tacit approval through their silence or inaction. So with regard to this, it may be up to us to separate and distance ourselves from such people and welcome it as an opportunity to educate others about the necessity of such drastic action.)

There is no Jew anywhere who cannot work on these two aspects: educating themselves as to what constitutes authentic Judaism and distancing themselves from those promoting heresy, while at the same time coming closer to those who strengthen us in doing the right thing.

With God's help and blessing, I hope to start this process right here via the blog for those who are serious about preparing to greet Mashiach Tzidkeinu. This is the kind of people he is going to need. When there is a core group prepared to follow him and fulfill Hashem's commands, then Hashem will reveal him to us.

A lot of so-called "religious" Jews will tell you right here and now that the geulah has already come. What a nightmare that would be if it were true, God forbid! What we see today is not the prophets' vision of redemption, nor mine either.

While Trump and the clueless Jews are working at making America and Israel "great again," we three together - Mashiach, B'nei Yisrael and HKB"H will set the world straight again.

Coming up after Shavuot - How Is Western Culture Anti-Torah? and Defining "Authentic" Torah Judaism, b'ezrat Hashem.


  1. Bs''d
    Chodesh tov!!
    That America was great...not for me to say.
    But Israel was instead HOLY.
    Israel will be HOLY again!
    That is the purpose.

  2. Hi Devash, I would like some advice. I have been posting some short videos showing how wigs are not modest and oftentimes avoda zara, and now I wonder if it would be better to ignore the issue, as all my postings seem to have no effect on my fellow Jew anyway, other than causing them to be uncomfortable around me. I am really trying to figure out what is the right way to proceed. Then a facebook friend of mine is really on this Shalom idea and posted, "The mantra of the great Torah leader Rav Moshe Sherer, zt’l, throughout the decades that he led the Agudah was to avoid machlokes (dispute) at all costs. He would quote repeatedly from his rebbe, the Baltimore rosh reshiva, Rav Ruderman, zt’l, that “mutav l’ha’amid tzelem b’heichel, v’al yarbeh machlokes b’Yisrael.” (Better to place an idol in the Sanctuary than to increase division among Israel.) -- R' Aryeh Z. Ginzberg" I know people who knew Rabbi Sherer and he was always well thought of. How can he be off base? I don't know how to analyze this. Help!

    1. It helps to pay close attention to language. What is a machloket after all? Is there such a thing as a "machloket" over Torah law? Over halachah? Over Rambam's Thirteen Principles of Faith or his Mishneh Torah? And when you talk about division among Israel would that include Reform rabbis or anyone else who attempts to "reform" our Mesorah, even if they call it "Open" Orthodoxy? Because Yisrael is only like "one man with one heart" when it is united around the Torah that we received on Har Sinai. That is the only basis for true unity.

      Tell me, in your translation, why did you choose to substitute the word "division" for the actual meaning of the word machloket which is disagreement or controversy?

    2. Missionary policy is an official line for this medina. Was anyone bothered by Rav Lau, shlita, and Rav Yitchak Yosef, shlita, the two “Chief Rabbonim of EY” attending the ceremony where where American Evangelicals prayed in the “name of Xesus”? Is the fact that the event was “political” rather than “religious” in nature and not held in a church make it OK??”

    3. Hi, good question about the word "division". That was a cut and paste from the lady's facebook feed. I didn't even think about it, actually. Thanks for pointing that out.

      Otherwise, I really appreciate you reminding me about the basis of achdut. And I agree. On reflection, at Sinai, the unity only happened after 80% of the non-participators died in the plague of darkness. Sigh. I guess the optimist in me wants to make 100% of Jewry Torah Jews. And I don't see it happening except for maybe a 1% teshuvah rate in my own California town. Many thanks for posting my comment and taking the time to give me a detailed answer.

    4. It certainly bothered me, but I was not surprised. They could always claim later that they had no inkling such a thing was going to take place, but it was entirely predictable, if you understand who and what is really pushing this and why. Binyamin Netanyahu is and has been the main advocate for Christianity in the state. His office recently hired a very well-known messianic who has been extremely vocal about converting Jews and the messianic community has been bragging in recent days about how they have now "arrived" and nothing can stop them. Furthermore, the impetus for Christian "aliyah" is gaining momentum with the formation of a joint Xian/Jewish political party with that goal foremost.

    5. The thought of idolaters making inroads into Israel is so stomach-churning. As a convert, they can't trick me into believing that non-Jewish religions are anything but a pack of lies. I finally found the truth, the Torah, and have grabbed it and am holding on for dear life. Please, Am Yisrael, I beg you, don't be taken in by the world of lies! Torah is Truth! Torah is Eternal. Mitzvot don't go out of style! Take it from someone who came from the wrong side of the tracks. Don't go there!!!

  3. TOMER DEVORAH: We must continue to PROCLAIM to the World that the God of Israel COMMANDS them to OBEY and SUBMIT to Him and Him ALONE. That He gave US His Torah (Written and Oral), He gave the World His Noahide Covenant and Laws, and that they MUST honor His Land, Torah and People Covenants with His Chosen People Israel. This message MUST be repeated shacharit, minchah and maariv. By WHOM? EVERY Israelite Man, Woman and Child. Each is a SHALIACH of Our Creator in This Fallen World. Boker Tov from Land of Israel, City of God/Jerusalem, Hill Of Priests (Abu Tor/Givat Chananiya), Aryeh Yosef Ben Meir

  4. From where I sit, Chabad and Breslov are the most like Christianity. I first saw this 24 years ago when after the Lubavitcher Rebbe died, his followers were looking at Christian "proofs" for a resurrected messiah. I thought then that this must be how Christianity got started. It started with a cult built around a single messianic figure and a massive outreach to non-Jews. Now, look where we are.

  5. How did these Hassidim make this research public enough for you (also meaning, the general public) to find out about it? Somehow I missed that. Or was it public knowledge then?

    And I wonder about the other Hassidic sects too. The one that spawned Aish.com, for example. I forget its name, but R' Noah Weinberg, zz"l, was from that one. Is this a Chabad/Breslov phenomenon or is it all Hassidim?

  6. You climbed a tree very very high, be careful you can fall from it. i do not like chabad or breslev, but i listen their videos here and there with a caution. but excuse me, your language is very inappropriate. You think you more zadika that rav Kanevski and other rabbanim. These bloggers spend so much time researching and blogging, they hardly have time to do chessed and look inside themselves, to pray an so on. If they would do so, all missioners will dissolve. Only readers with the same view read these blogs. you do not do chesed. you should understand that. Bizbus zman. the more you pointing to our problems, the more you give them strength. Like missionaries can do to us something, you should reevaluate your sole. and you wouldnt like it but it's avoda zara. First grow and then teach us what to do. I wish you also to be less glued to computer and start work on yourself, because what you saying is pure avoda zarah. And every normal jew can see that.

    1. You are making an awful lot of assumptions, Leah.

    2. God alone knows how many times I've tried to wash my hands of this blog. He alone knows the burden of it and how seriously I view the responsibility, which I would gladly shed if I could.

    3. @leah
      Sometimes I feel like I don't understand something so completely that I KNOW I have to be on the wrong planet... You most likely read this blog, like the rest of us, because of the single strongest message that is put forth in every post here, ie. Search for the absolute truth of the Torah and let nothing else deceive you into following lies.
      So, that being the case, how could ANYONE in their right mind consider warning fellow Jews about worshiping a dead person avodah zarah?!?
      Or am I on the wrong planet??

      --The Original Me

  7. It was 1994 and I was still a Xian at that time (messianic) and on my first trip to Israel. There was a rabbi at the time who lived in the Negev who was friendly with messianics and was teaching that Yeshu was Mashiach ben Yosef. I was in his home for 5 hours and witnessed a steady stream of Chabad Hasidim coming to him and asking for the prophecies. The rabbi explained this to me and said it had been happening ever since the Rebbe died.

    I'm no expert on Hasidism, but the emphasis on a rebbe as a central figure in the movement makes it vulnerable. It depends on what people do with it, how it develops. I am a great admirer of Gur Hasidut, but the difference between most groups and the two most problematic are that they have a current rebbe to guide them and are not fixated on a dead one.

    One well-known Breslov rabbi told me personally that he was not looking for Mashiach. He said "I've already found my Mashiach. Rebbe Nachman is my Mashiach."

  8. I was looking through my archives and found this from 20 April 2016. No one can say I'm not consistent.

    "...There is not a doubt in my mind that if the world has the misfortune to see another US presidential election and Senator Ted Cruz becomes President Cruz, one of the very first things he will do is move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. And the great majority of American Jews will not see this for the tragedy which it would be, but would instead celebrate it with great joy."

    "...Even Donald Trump is part of it - Leading Dominionist Says Donald Trump Is A Modern-Day Lincoln Anointed By God. (Also here: 'Donald Trump is more prophetic than people think. There is a Cyrus anointing on this man. He is like a Reformer in secular garb.')"

    Note: Although not the president, Ted Cruz still made it to Jerusalem for the Embassy ceremonies.

    1. When I say "American Jews" that includes Jews in Israel who come from America.

  9. Jack, why in the world would you put a date on it like 5779! Chas ve'shalom that it won't already be over in 5778! Do you open your mouth to the Satan? It should happen TODAY! And we are commanded to believe that it can happen today, it is one of our 13 principles of faith! Please take back your dire prediction!

  10. Yes, what Devash is saying is right, but only emet is real. the rest is imagination. all of them Trump, Kushner(?), Ivanka(?), missioners,Paras, erev rav are instruments in G-ds hands to bring geulah. Why we need to point to instruments so much and give them strength. they nobody, Ziro. So much happening in world. Hashem bringing us geula b"h. Why not to be happy. We see that evil is loosing, we do not know if will be gog u magog. But we will see the end of evil soon!!! That is emet!!!. the rest imaganation. we feel that they can do something to us because we do not do enough!!! I do not know may beyou think that missionaries will stay when Mashiach will be here? Im sorry for harsh words really sorry. leah

  11. leah: I find the Tomer Devorah blog one of my favorites, because she is one of the rarities who brings out news and truth which we do not receive elsewhere.
    I find that that there are only extremes in this era. We Jews are not supposed to be angels (always standing) but to be active with mitzvot and Torah learning; but also part of the world, i.e., there is government and leadership, rabbis and teachers - doers. Each of us has an opinion, as long as it does not violate Torah Law/Halacha, we have to do what we can to show H' that we want the geulah. If we see such chilulei H' going on and just stand by; that in itself is a chilul H'. This is where hashkafa comes in. There is much avoda zorah going on in EY and you think that Devash is the one promoting avodah zora. c'v - you have it backwards. If this is not publicized then the matter will become worse and it will be harder to bring Jews who know little to Torah and that will make it a more dangerous Gog U'Magog.
    We all know that everything is in H' Hands, so to speak, but HE expects us to do our part in standing up for true Torah thus sanctifying His Holy Name, and that cannot be done when you think it's okay to have this avodah zorah in the Land and which is just getting worse.
    Everyone wants quiet while allowing evil to take over and that is totally wrong. It is just your opinion but that does not make it right. We as believing Jews know the end of the story as our Torah/Prophets and holy Sages teach us. As mere human beings, we cannot be totally spiritual or totally physical beings. We are both!