23 May 2018

Everybody Wants the Jews (to Convert!)

9 Sivan 5778

In an unprecedented endeavor, a few Muslim believers are crossing the Holy Land's volatile boundaries of culture, faith and politics to bring Islam to Israel's Jews - hoping, improbably, that some will be willing to renounce their religion for a new one.

The bearded men approach Jews in and around the Old City of Jerusalem and try, in polite and fluent Hebrew, to convert them.

"I must tell you about the true faith," said one missionary in a cobblestone plaza outside Jerusalem's Old City. He carried a knapsack full of pamphlets about Islam in several languages, including Hebrew. "You can do with it what you want. But telling you is our duty."  (Source)
And some of the missionaries are not even Muslim. They are Jews who expose other Jews to Islam in the name of the secular gods "tolerance, diversity and coexistence." The following appeared on Yad L'Achim's Facebook page a couple of hours ago. It describes how during a lecture on coexistence between Jews and Arabs at the Jezreel Valley College, the students were all given a copy of the Quran in Hebrew. Hashem yerachem!

(H/T Esser Agaroth)

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  1. Voyage generation and this not only happens in Israel, it is also top culture in America like NYC where they promote lawless societies and attack people who are against their curves so Jews in America cab never say that life there is better