08 May 2018

Meet the Missionaries - Dean Bye

23 Iyyar 5778
38 Days of the Omer

Dean Bye - Return Ministries, Shagririm Academy

Yesterday, the subject of the Shagririm Academy came up. One of its founders is Dean Bye, a well-known missionary in Israel. He is billed as the "international director of Return Ministries." It's an organization that is "focused on building bridges between Jewish and Christian Communities and mobilizing the church to understand and embrace God's call to bless and serve Israel and the Jewish people."

Dean Bye is featured in Rivkah Adler's book "Ten From the Nations" as a prime example of the "Torah Awakening Among Non-Jews." He was also a featured speaker at the book launch in Jerusalem in 2017. When he places a ring on her finger at the end of his speech, it's almost symbolic of the treif "marriage" taking place these days between a lot of Jews and Christians.

Despite some Jewish claims to the contrary, these "non-Jews" who refer to themselves unashamedly as Christians, are not on a "path to Torah." They haven't wavered one bit in their commitment to spreading the gospel and doing everything in their power to bring Yeshu back. A very important part of that effort involves getting all the Jews back to Israel - whether they want to go or not.

The sentiments expressed here are common to all the missionaries in Israel, as well as to literally tens of millions (if not hundreds) of Evangelical ("Biblical Zionist") Christian "Lovers and Friends of Israel" around the world! The earth is shaking under their beds, but most Jews appear to be sound asleep.