10 May 2018

"What Type of Kipah Does Your Messiah Wear?"

25 Iyyar 5778
40 Days of the Omer


  1. Bs''d
    Kipat barzel against all the gadgets and tuma and avoda zara.
    Hopefully he still have one on his head. Hopefully Eliyahu Ha Navi have a real SHOFAR and not a shofar voice on a gadget.
    Shavua tov to Am Israel, children of Yaacov Avinu, the one that prevailed in fight against the other side.

    AL TIRAH AVDI YAACOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thought you might want to see this devash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQvig0KvUaE watch till end