06 September 2015

Unification vs Separation

22 Elul 5775

Xianity believes that their "gospel" must be taught to all the nations of the world in order to redeem all of mankind and then their messiah will come and reign as king over all the earth. They believe, as the "New Israel", or the "True Israel", that they inherited this job from the Jews who they claim failed at it.

Unfortunately, many of the non-Jews who have left Xianity in recent years still have this false idea firmly implanted in their minds and have transferred it back to the real Israel. Only now, as they see it, we have failed to spread the "gospel" of the good news of the Noahide Code to the gentiles and failed to provide them with a proper Noahide 'religion' to replace what they lost when they left Xianity.

Somehow this idea has taken hold among Jews who have had too much contact with the non-Jews. They've come to believe this nonsense to the extent that they are buying into the idea that until now we've failed our mission to be "a light to the nations" and are now preaching to their fellow Jews how Hashem raised us up as a people in order to serve humanity. And some go so far as to say that our unification with the non-Jews is what will bring the redemption of the whole world.

For one example of this, see these excerpts from a recent newsletter from the Temple Institute...

...What was it about the forefathers that caused G-d to choose their offspring to be His eternal people and to make them "supreme, above all the nations?" Quite simply, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov put G-d's name on the map. They brought knowledge of His sovereignty to all the nations. They paved the way for G-d's presence to one day dwell on earth, among His people and among the nations, in the place that He will choose - Jerusalem.

...G-d is, in effect, telling Israel that its relationship to the other nations is one of Kohen Gadol - High Priest - tender to G-d's earthly abode and "brother" to all the nations who acknowledge G-d's presence and ascend His holy mountain. G-d had earlier told Israel that they will be a nation of priests, and this is the true nature of that designation: Israel will enable and guard the interface between man and Creator, between G-d and His subjects.

...today, Israel is closer than ever to living up to G-d's intended role for her: To be a brother to the nations and to make His name known among them.

It makes one want to weep for the distortion of Torah truth. As we only recently reviewed here in the teachings of the Ramchal, and which is eloquently explained by Rabbi Mendel Kessin in his most recent video, Israel serves HASHEM Yitbarach through the performance of mitzvot and when all of the kedushah has been reclaimed from the side of evil and brought back to the side of good - through the performance of MITZVOT - then redemption will come to the world and all of humanity and all of creation will benefit enormously from it.

Hashem speaks to each person and guides each soul's life and draws every honest truth-seeker to Himself. There is no need for missionaries to roam the world in search of people to "save". This is a case where the yetzer hara has latched onto a seemingly noble cause which appeals to certain people's egos and is using it as a major distraction from the real job at hand.

What's even worse though are those who don't even need the excuse of missionizing the goyim out of false beliefs. They are satisfied to put a kosher stamp on Yeshu and declare any xian who relates positively to the State of Israel as "righteous among the nations". They see salvation sprouting from a unification between Jews and non-Jews as "brothers"... 

Rabbi Yitzchak Goldstein of the Diaspora Yeshiva on Mt Zion recently told a group of visiting xians there:

“...Mt. Zion is the only place in the world that accepts all three religions – Jews, Muslims and Christians,” said Rabbi Goldstein. “On this one hill, there’s a synagogue, a church and a mosque. Everyone is welcome.”

...The seminar was the first session of a program which Rabbi Weisz is working to establish called “Yeshiva of the Nations.” Working with Christian activists and organizations like Eagles’ Wings, the Yeshiva of the Nations will offer opportunities in Israel for Christians who want to learn more about their religion and how it connects to the Holy Land. 

And we wonder why we're losing Kever David HaMelech?

Rabbi Yehuda Glick speaking about the Temple Mount from two months ago:

...We need to unite to get the Temple Mount opened to all people and all forms of prayer. Everyone needs to express a zero tolerance for violence on the holiest place on earth. The more people visit the Mount, the more we will strengthen its importance for all people. We need to push public opinion that the Temple Mount needs to be accessible to all. The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation uses its donations towards this goal. People should write letters to their government representatives and demand that Israel allow prayer on the Temple Mount from all religions. The Israeli government is very sensitive to world opinion and this will have an affect. Arabs will eventually learn to understand that we are united for the good.

And we wonder why Jews are attacked when they ascend the Temple Mount?

We must resist these calls to unification for all we are worth and follow the instructions of the sages from our past - before the Erev Rav took over every leadership position...

Excerpted from the book The End of Days by Shmuel Raber:

"During the First World War many came to the Chafetz Chaim and asked him is this is the 'End of Days' and the war of Gog and Magog. The Chafetz Chaim answered: 'After this war there will be a pause and then there will be another war and then another pause. Then there will be another war and with that war the Mashiach will come...the last war will be the beginning of the redemption, and a Torah-true Jew who is completely separated from the non-Jews will not be subjugated, as we find that in Egypt when two people drank from the same cup, one (an Egyptian) drank blood and the other (an Israelite) drank water. This shows that in fact there is no rule whatsoever over a Jew who is separated entirely from the non-Jews." (Rabbi Aharon Kotler, in the name of the Chafetz Chaim, Leket Reshimot Channukah by Rabbi Noson Wachtfogel, p.40)

"I have a tradition passed down from one to another in the name of Maran HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Lieb Diskin, z"l, that in the final war before the arrival of the Mashiach all of the righteous Jews will be saved. Who are the 'righteous Jews'? Those who are separated from the non-Jews! It does not mean that they must be one of the 36 righteous individuals, rather they must be separated from the ways of the non-Jews and have no contact with their culture! Not with their newspapers, their music and books; to be entirely separated from them. Then Hashem will say: You are Mine and you are under a different authority so no one else will rule over you" (Ibid., p. 41)

As the Torah tells us... "For the Lord, your God, is testing you, to know whether you really love the Lord, your God, with all your heart and with all your soul." (Devarim 13:4)

Hashem admonishes us "Be holy!"  Holiness denotes separation, just as the six mundane working days are separate from the holy Shabbat which is elevated above them. Nothing from those six mundane days is to brought into the holiness of Shabbat, not even mundane thoughts or speech!