03 September 2015

Picking A Fight

20 Elul 5775

Is the United States trying to pick a fight with China? And if so, will China accommodate them?

A very wise person once told me, it's impossible to know what's really going on, but one thing you can be sure of - it's not what they're telling you. So let's look at what they've been telling us...

Hacking Charges

First the US accused China of hacking its databases...

REUTERS, Jul 9, 2015 - Millions more Americans hit by government personnel data hack : "Data breaches at the U.S. government's personnel management agency by hackers, with suspicions centering on China, involves millions more people than previously estimated, U.S. officials said on Thursday."

China is responsible for US economic woes

And then, they implied that China is the cause of the falling US stock market...

CNBC News, Jul 21,2015 - Here’s what could bring the US market down : "The decline in the U.S. market was triggered by China, so our market followed their market lower."

Recently, expert economist Peter Schiff explained how he was contacted by a major media outlet about doing an interview regarding the stock market correction. They indicated to him that they wanted him to discuss China's responsibility and when he told them China had nothing to do with it, they cancelled the interview.

Four factory explosions in China

Is all of this somehow connected to the explosions across China in recent weeks?

1) Jul   12 - Ningjin

2) Jul   16 - Rizhao
3) Aug 12 - Tianjin
4) Aug 31 - Dongying

Some people think so...

DAILY MAIL, Aug 18, 2015 Did the U.S. bomb China using a weapon launched from space? Were the explosions covering up a plot to kill the president? The bizarre Tianjin disaster conspiracy theories revealed 
  • Bizarre conspiracy theories have been circulating since the Tianjin disaster
  • Some believe the U.S. is behind the explosions which killed more than 100
  • Others think it was an attempt to assassinate Chinese President Xi Jinping
  • One theory is that one of China's supercomputers nearby was the target
Regime Change?

Is it possible that what we're seeing here is the same standard US model of destabilization leading towards regime change as we've seen across the Middle East?

...The Tianjin disaster also exposes a major fault line in Chinese society. A growing middle class largely signed on to the Communist Party’s post-1989 social contract: You don’t question our power, and we will make you prosperous and secure.

For more than two decades the Party has largely kept its side of the bargain. But an economic slowdown and the costs of official corruption could shake its legitimacy. As people become more prosperous, they value more highly the benefits that come from an accountable political system. (Source)

That's not to say that what this article says is not true, but could someone be trying to capitalize on the facts written here in order to fulfill a different agenda? Would the US really be crazy enough to try to take on China?

And is this a sign that China doesn't intend to take it lying down???

Five Chinese Navy Ships Are Operating in Bering Sea Off Alaska Coast
Chinese naval presence off Alaskan coast appears to be a first


Last summer, it was US meddling in affairs between Russia and Ukraine. Will this make Russia sympathetic to China's plight? Will they team up against the US? With China on it's West Coast, is the US preparing for Russia off it's East Coast?

TCAS, ADS-B Unreliable on East Coast During September

ADS-B surveillance and some TCAS operations in the airspace over Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida might become unreliable as of September 2 at 1 a.m. EDT, according to a Notam the FAA issued on September 1. The outages are due to events the agency labeled as “late notice from the Department of Defense of military exercises.” ...The outages are scheduled to last until midnight October 1. In addition to the areas of concern noted in domestic airspace, the FAA said the outages might well extend up to 200-nm offshore....

Is this what triggered this unplanned sudden "drill"?

U.S. Shadowing Russian Ship in Atlantic Near Nuclear Submarine Areas

U.S. intelligence ships, aircraft, and satellites are closely watching a Russian military vessel in the Atlantic that has been sailing near a U.S. nuclear missile submarine base and underwater transit routes, according to Pentagon officials.

The Russian research ship Yantar has been tracked from the northern Atlantic near Canada since late August as it makes its way south toward Cuba.

...One official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the information, said the ship is a concern because it is equipped with deep-sea surveillance craft and cable-cutting equipment.

However it all shapes up, WW3 could be just around the corner.

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