30 September 2015

Binyamin Golden on Current Events

17 Tishrei 5776
2nd Day Chol HaMoed Sukkot

(Excerpted from "Yankele, Get Up! The House Is On Fire!" - 7 Tishrei 5776)

Q. We're two days before Yom Kippur - how can we 'understand the message' that Hashem wants to give us, and to change our whole life to the right direction?

A. In Israel, we feel problems much more than the Americans, the Jewish Americans. Here, we feel "the sword on our neck", it's not just that there are so many Russians in Syria, and the 'generous' Putin said in his goodness that he's ready to take responsibility for guarding the gas facilities found at sea, he'll protect this whole facility with his soldiers and he'll also want to invest in it. So what does this say? It says that he wants to take over here. And aside from this our government is together with them, but it's also, in general, not our government, as there are Jews who are already seeing and feeling. Because there are those who are simply confused, not paying attention, and now are beginning to feel that it's not just that they erred. And also, there are so many financial problems already, and all over the world - it's all shaking financially, and you don't know how hard it's going to be in the world, how difficult will be the largest financial downfall that ever was in history. So, whoever will approach to do teshuvah in a serious way, we just need to arrive to the beit knesset, or at home for women who don't go, and just open our heart, to speak with our Father, to begin to cry, to allow a possibility, to try and at the moment that we try - Hashem will open our heart for us, and then we will cry, and we will feel how the tears bring down the barriers, dissolve the barriers, and then a person can come very close to HKB"H. And He will give us this possibility this coming Yom Kippur. And by next Yom Kippur - the world will be turned upside down, it will be turned completely upside down, something else. And not by next Yom Kippur, by Kislev - let's say, I don't know exactly when, but it's another little bitty bit. It won't take much time. And we won't have many opportunities to do teshuvah like this. One of the possibilities - it's now on Yom Kippur. Afterwards, there will also be times that Hashem will accept it, but it appears to me that for the majority it's until Hoshanah Rabbah.


  1. Binyamin also said, when asked about the earthquake in Chile: "There will be still more and there will be tsunamis and there will be really big natural disasters, Hashem watch over us."

  2. i'm sorry to say it but for the first time i have doubts about these messages, that they are exaggerations.

    1. You're allowed to have doubts. It's not Torah miSinai.

    2. Well I too am confused, because if some major disaster is slated for Hoshana Raba, what difference does it make re: financial collapses? Financial issues are a piece of cake in comparison. Finance is fake anyway. Also wondering where Planet X plus predicted pole shifts come into the picture? Way way too many predictions for me to get a handle on. Perhaps Daniel or Moishela can clarify, and tie up all the predictions? By the way, I found the video Back To The Future just as confusing. For the life of me I cannot fathom the mindsets of those who thrive on complex symbolism. For example D.B. equalling 42. What's that all about?? And wormholes, tunnels, tornadoes, nuclear-funnels? I guess I'm dumb. To me, most action-movies are ridiculous, including the Matrix. I'm named after my grandma who, when asked if she enjoyed the Tom Sawyer movie, commented something like "all I saw was a barefoot boy running around, big deal".


  3. Mo'adim Lesimcha!
    I don't want to burst anyone's "bubble" but I think all he's referring to is the famous times of "din/teshuva" - Yom Kipuur, Hoshana Raba and some add Zos Chanuka. And "all it sounds" like he's saying (I read the hebrew version) is either that according to MOST opinions Hoshana Raba is the last chance, or MOST people have until Hoshana Raba. What I DON'T think he's saying is that something big is planned for Hoshana Raba. Just my two sence.

    Ami (using my wife's account :))

  4. I have no idea where Hurr. Joaquin will hit on Hoshana Rabbah, but the following is abundantly clear:

    It seems that a Hurricane that is about to hit on Hoshana Rabbah, some say around the vicinity of New York City, is named after the last undisputed King of Yehudah (Yehoiachin) who was most assuredly the ancestor of Mashiach ben David.....If this is true, this is truly awesome. Hurricane Yoaquin? I doubt it is named after Joaquin Andujar, the One Tough Dominican pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals who starred in the 1982 World Series. It seems to be named after King Yehoiachin, the last undisputed King of Yehudah who sat on the Throne of Yehudah and who was/is most assuredly the ancestor of Mashiach. He was let out of prison by Babylonian King Evil Merodach, 37 years after being exiled to Bavel. At that time he had 7 sons. His first born Shealtiel became the ancestor of the Exilarchs in Galut. His third son, Pedaiah fathered Zerubavel, who made Aliyah with the 42,000 to rebuild Yerushalayim and the 2nd Temple. Of those two, Shealtiel or Zeruvbavel, there is a dispute over who is the ancestor of Mashiach, but with Yehoiachin, there is no dispute.

    The last few verses of Sefer Melachim make that obvious. Cursed by Yirmiyahu to remain childless and to have no children who rule on the Throne of Yehudah in his lifetime, Yehoiachin is let out of prison 37 years after being exiled and summarily gives birth to 7 boys, any one of whom can be the ancestor of Mashiach ben David.

  5. Except that Moshiach ben Yosef is supposed to come first.

    According to one of the autistics, MBY is supposed to be based either in Tzfat or Tiberias, and some from the IDF are supposed to defect and join up with him.

    It was somewhere on Devash's blog.