21 September 2015

Days of Awe

9 Tishrei 5776
Erev Yom Kippur


  1. I've heard this story about the Magid miMezeritch. He met a friend that told him: "We were born at the same place at the same time, we learned together in the same Heder, the same yeshiva and the same Rabbis, at the same level. .. So how do you explain that everybody knows who is the Magid and don't know at least that I exist?" The Magid asked him " During the day, when do you feel at your highest level of closeness to Hashem? " He answered " Obviously when I'm davening, during the Amida, like you"
    "And after,how do you feel?"
    "I decompress until the next tfila"
    "Here is the difference between you and I : no matter what is your level all our work is to maintain the flame at the same intensity until the next peak and then to start from this point to the higher level"
    No doubt that this is the time of our final redemption, with more peaks of hope every week.
    May Hashem seal redemption with mercy to all Am Israel.
    Thank you Devash for your important work, I'm sure that it's not easy everyday to maintain the flame but you do it with talent and devotion for many of us benefit .
    שנה טובה וגמר חתימה טובה
    יצחק. ירושלים

  2. Definitely interesting stuff.

    I remember, though, when you reminded us that a rainbow isn't such a good sign. You said that a rainbow was not seen during the life of Rashbi, I believe.

    What are you thoughts on the rainbow appearing to begin at the twin towers site?

    1. Rav Richter brings all that down about the rainbow being a bad sign in his Part 2 shiur (see above right). Following is the comment I left over there:

      It's ironic that the same day the crane fell at the Ka'aba, there was a double-rainbow over NYC. All the xians were cheering the death of arabs and what they perceived to be a blow to Islam as a false religion. But, they erroneously interpreted the rainbow to be a sign of blessing on THEM - even a double-'blessing' so to speak. Through the holy rabbi's words, we see the truth about what that double-rainbow really symbolized.

  3. I didn't see any reports of damage to the Ka'aba. Did you? Are they hiding it?

    I heard once that there are statues hidden in the Ka'aba, with one "Allah" being the victor/strongest, imitating the midrash of Avraham's destruction of Terah's idols.

    I have no idea if this is true or rumor.

    1. I didn't pay that much attention to the reports, but my understanding is that the crane fell in the plaza where the stone is located.