16 September 2015

Understanding Tzom Gedaliah

3 Tishrei 5776
Tzom Gedaliah

Sometimes it's a mitzvah to speak lashon hara. We have to learn when it's forbidden and when it's allowed. The lesson of Tzom Gedaliah is that to forbid it when it's necessary can bring horribly tragic results.

Terrible Chillul Hashem Unfolds
By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for Five Towns Jewish Times

The following is a true record of events regarding an institution that is close to our hearts. The institution was located in a community where many of our children currently reside. It is a most unfortunate story.

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  1. There is such a thing that H' gave us all (to many, anyway) and that is 'common sense'.
    When I read or hear people saying 'loshon hara', loshon hara' about public figures or those in control where they are responsible for the masses and think it is proper not to speak of it, I realize how really moronic they are. Why fight anything? Those who think that way are very simplistic, non-thinking Jews, or just amaratzim shotim! Loshon hara is something completely different, it includes slander and speaking of others usually those they don't like. What they need to do is use their G-D given common sense. nili

  2. So happy I did not read it! I clicked..... read to the warning....... but I recalled in my studies of shimras halashon that at least 2 witnesses should have approached the leader to give over the info....... or something like that.