07 September 2015

About Extremism and "Extremists"

24 Elul 5775

There are a lot of headlines these days that include the word "extremists". It's a label that few people would gladly bear. It's a label that marks one an enemy of polite society and cultured civilization. It's one step short of being a "terrorist". And from my perspective, it is actually the worst extremists who are labeling all those who stand apart from the majority as "extremists".

Who gets to define what is extreme behavior or extreme views? It appears from the current references that the world, at least the journalistic world, is defining everything outside current accepted western societal "norms" as extremist. But, that means the definition is changing as western "norms" change.

Take the case of that Kentucky County Clerk for example. She's now in jail for contempt of court in refusing to issue a marriage license for a "same-sex couple" to marry. Only a few decades ago, the union of a same-sex couple was felony under some state laws.

However, what masses of people fail to understand is that the Creator (whom most of them do not acknowledge) did not place in man's hands the authority to make his own laws, but only the ability to enforce the G-d-given laws. See, it is the Torah that sets the standard for balance in the world, and only whatever deviates from that - either to the left or to the right - qualifies as true extremism.

This is a critical distinction because a very uncertain fate awaits those deemed "extremists" by The Powers That Be...
Russia's Putin calls for international coalition against terrorism, extremism
..."We really want to create some kind of an international coalition to fight terrorism and extremism," Putin said. "To this end, we hold consultations with our American partners - I have personally spoken on the issue with US President Obama."
No doubt the Pope will introduce the world to the new religion which decries and sets as its primary goal the abolition of "extremism". This proposal will have very broad appeal as evidenced by these words penned by a so-called Evangelical who re-connected to his "Hebrew roots"...
...What we forget is that before God gave Moses the Law, He had declared Abraham righteous by his faith. Faith, or complete trust in God’s voice, is the true ‘religion’ of Israel.
...I believe the biggest revelation coming forth from this restoration of Jewish/Christian fellowship in our day is discovering that religion is what has been keeping us apart. Each side thought unity and sanctification could only be realized by observing the tenets of their religion. And we were both wrong.
Only [by] living a life of faith...and walking in love can true unity be found and the promises realized....
This is the final move on the chessboard - the most difficult one - where anything can happen. You can eliminate the boundaries between currencies and erase the borders of countries, but when you start trying to break down the walls between religions, it's a very risky project. However, The Powers That Be have prepared well and they oviously think they can succeed. For a long time now, a subtle change has been taking place. Religion has gotten a bad reputation and the 'enlightened' among us have already replaced it with "spirituality". 

I think this is what the Pope is going to speak about before Congress and the UN in a matter of days. He will appeal to humanitarian aspects of religious conflict around the world and he'll use the "peace" code word and play on emotions and mankind's natural bent for rebellion against God's sovereignty to launch the new 'religion' of spirituality, unity, peace, love, cooperation, etc.

The War of Gog and Magog will be the ultimate religious war - Mankind against God and anyone who stands solidly with their Creator.

You should be preparing yourself now to withstand this test of faithfulness to Hashem and His Torah, because you will likely be judged an "extremist" unworthy of living freely under the New Order. 


  1. I have a slightly different take on this and will post later. Nevertheless, this is a dangerous trend. Anyone who is faithful to G-D is an extremist ...... in their warped vision.

  2. "You should be preparing yourself now to withstand this test of faithfulness to Hashem and His Torah, because you will likely be judged an "extremist" unworthy of living freely under the New Order."

    Perhaps I was in the right place (for me) at the right time last night, as you will see by my post here. If we wait any longer to express our values, they just might get taken away from us.

    In that vein, Devash, would you like to be part of a group of Israeli bloggers that would advertise Temple Mount-related events as they come up?

    1. Sorry, CDG, I oppose ANYone going onto Har Habayit at this time.

  3. At ANYtime, until Moshiach's arrival!

    Sarah G K

  4. And thanks for the article above. I was thinking for a while now, that I should very casually prepare my little ones (and big ones) without scaring them outright) for the time when a person needs to be Mekadesh Shem Shamayim. Our lives are so pampered that we forget that this can happen in our generation too.

    Sarah G K

  5. Well, nobody predicted zero visibility - this from Lebanon:

    NNA - Scientific and Agricultural Research Authority Director Michel Ephram told National News Agency Correspondent that the Sandstorm shall last three weeks, and will intensify as of tomorrow night accompanied by significant invisibility.

    Ephram also urged citizens not to leave their houses with suffocating rate expected to reach 90%.


    Meanwhile in Israel - the skies are intensely yellow - people being urged not to venture outdoors.