23 September 2015

Next Up - Sukkot!

11 Tishrei 5776

Mashiach must really be here if Yom Kippur at my beit knesset is anything to go by. Joy! Joy! Joy! Above and beyond anything in memory. Todah rabah Hashem!!! We love You!!!

And let the sukkah-building begin!! Sounds of Sukkot in Eretz Yisrael motzaei Yom Kippur

Motzaei Yom Kippur news: "Yom Kippur Passes Without Incident"  Baruch Hashem!!


  1. My beit knesset was pretty happy too!

    Thankfully, nothing happened today! That's the best news one can hear, except "Mashiach has been identified..."!!!

    Hatimah tovah.

  2. The day of Yom Kippur ended. Nothing happened of catastrophic with global impact. The ‘mystery of September 23’ seams more a way to despair the people’s atention in the internet. The pope Francis is in the USA with Obama. It seems, however, that this date, in Yom Kippur, was chosen as a provocation to the Jews or have some symbolic meaning. CERN also did not cause a global catastrophe. However, as you know, the war of Gog and Magog, according to our sages, will take place on the last day of Sukkot: in Hoshana Rabba. Which is the next 4 of October of 2015, CE. That is a matter VERY LITTLE SPOKEN in the Oral Torah. Must be on purpose. It can be a global catastrophe by surprise. However, the name of Obama is very clear in Ezekiel 38. But it seams that Bush is too encoded in Ezekiel 38. I am confused with all that subject. .M.7.N.

    1. I actually was not expecting anything to happen on Sep 23rd in the end because too much attention was placed on it. More disinformation to confuse people. I'm holding onto a post I wrote last week that is a possible prediction of something happening on Hoshanah Rabah but I still haven't made up my mind whether it's something to share or not. It's like some weird message encoded in the movies but it's just believable enoughbto make it really interesting. What do my readers say? Should I post it or not?

    2. yes, please post it.
      Leah R

  3. Same here. It was very Yom Tovdik and not the typical somber type of atmosphere. Moshiach is in the air! nili
    May it be a year of true joy in every way for the Yehudim with the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu, which will also bring joy to the good peoples of the world.

  4. Folks:
    כ-כה׳ חשון ----> for a potential "SPECTACULAR EVENT" to start the 9 month period before Mashiach rises up!!

    1. Daniel, you have to give us more than that.

  5. Hashem manifests Himself through nature... Through natural 'processes.' He doesn't usually do the big, Tadah! moments, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Redemption is a process. Think about our firstRedemption. There were lots of natural events occurring over time and then the parting of the Yam Suf. If we keep this in mind we won't fall into depression when the rabbit doesn't come out if the hat on the predicted day. Lots going on in nature.. Hashem is active in the world.

  6. Check out today's portion of Chumash with the news from Saudi Arabia; verse 35 'Yom Eidam'; incredible!

    1. Devarim 32 (Fifth Aliyah)

      29 Were they wise, they would think upon this,
      Gain insight into their future:
      30 "How could one have routed a thousand,
      Or two put ten thousand to flight,
      Unless their Rock had sold them,
      The Lord had given them up?"
      31 For their rock is not like our Rock,
      In our enemies' own estimation.
      32 Ah! The vine for them is from Sodom,
      From the vineyards of Gomorrah;
      The grapes for them are poison,
      A bitter growth their clusters.
      33 Their wine is the venom of asps,
      The pitiless poison of vipers.
      34 Lo, I have it all put away,
      Sealed up in My storehouses,
      35 To be My vengeance and recompense,
      At the time that their foot falters.
      Yea, their day of disaster is near,
      And destiny rushes upon them.
      36 For the Lord will vindicate His people
      And take revenge for His servants,
      When He sees that their might is gone,
      And neither bond nor free is left.
      37 He will say: Where are their gods,
      The rock in whom they sought refuge,
      38 Who ate the fat of their offerings
      And drank their libation wine?
      Let them rise up to your help,
      And let them be a shield unto you!
      39 See, then, that I, I am He;
      There is no god beside Me.
      I deal death and give life;
      I wounded and I will heal:
      None can deliver from My hand