21 September 2015

In The End Of Days - Gog uMagog

8 Tishrei 5776

It looks more and more like Russia is going to turn out to be Magog allied with Persia, etc. and that even now they are positioning themselves for an invasion of Eretz Yisrael. Of course, they could sit there for awhile before they make that decision. But, there is no denying the implications of what is happening there right now...

Netanyahu in quick summit with Putin under cloud of Russian S-300 anti-air missiles for Syria

On Saturday, Sept. 19, just two days before Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the presidential dacha outside Moscow, troops at the Russian base outside the coastal Syrian city of Latakia were seen preparing to deploy batteries of advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. Their presence in Syria will raise major questions, one of which is this: against which air power are they deployed, given the fact that the Islamic State has no air force.

...The Russians say they are building up military strength in Syria to fight ISIS. But neither ISIS nor any other regional power poses an air threat to the Russian deployment. So the state-of-the-art air defense missile delivered to Syria, to which Iran too has access, does pose a threat to Israel’s security.

Its deployment in Syria appears to signal that Putin has a long game for his military buildup in Syria - far-reaching that it would appear. Each day brings news of more Russian forces arriving in Syria.

אחרית הימים!לסרט המלא - הכרטיס לחיי הנצח!---> https://youtu.be/yLuiUiTtHqM
Posted by ‎הרב יוסי מזרחי Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi‎ on Sunday, September 20, 2015