27 September 2015

Redemption On Sukkot? We're Closer Than Ever!

14 Tishrei 5776
Erev Sukkot

My table now bears 16 fresh challah rolls, a sweet noodle kugel, a basket of chocolate-chip pumpkin cookies, and a fresh peach cobbler. A chickpea-tomato-olive salad is in the fridge and I only have lamb kabobs left to cook. That's my contribution, along with a bottle of Nin'veh wine, to the holiday meals at my son's sukkah.

Here is something to listen to while you finish whatever yummies you are cooking up this afternoon!

Chag Sukkot sameach!!

Ya'akov Avinu left this world on Sukkot and what did he want to do on the last day of his life? He wanted to reveal the keitz to his sons. "It's obvious that gilui hakeitz is on Sukkos! ...The Vilna Gaon said that Milchemet Gog uMagog would happen on Hoshana Rabbah in the last three hours!"

May this truly be our Zeman Simchateinu with the geulah shleimah!!


  1. I made my stuffed peppers today, and a plum gallete. Already made is a roast turkey breast in peach-pomegranate sauce, leftover chicken from Shabbat, salad, spinach-veggie kugel, steamed sweet potatoes .... I'm tired. On other days we love plain mashed potatoes with whatever sauce I might be serving, green beans in mushroom sauce, and I'm sure there is something else in the back of the frig. I'm gluten free so everything must be also. Hubby has his whole wheat challah!

    Chang Samayach everyone!

  2. Amen!!!