01 September 2014

Xians Don't Change Their Spots, They Just Disguise Them

6 Elul 5774

Despite premature reports of its demise, replacement theology is alive and well and running rampant all over the Holy Land. 

Xians believe, based on the claims of their book, the so-called New Testament, that those Jews who rejected Yeshu as Savior/Son of God/Messiah were like branches who were broken off of the olive tree of Israel and were "replaced" by wild branches (the gentile Xians) who were then grafted into these spots. They are taught that they are the true seed of Abraham and his spiritual children and, as such, they are entitled to all of the rights and privileges of inheritance that the status accords, including the promise of the land.

While we've always had to deal with their best efforts to convert us, not since the Crusades have we had to defend our land from the grasping hands of Xians. But, today, so-called lovers of Israel and the Jewish people* have set their eyes on our holy land and they are coming to claim it.

It's interesting how the very people who are most threatened by their aims - the Jews of the settlements in Judea and Samaria - are their staunchest defenders and allies. (See previous post.) 

The Waller Family and the HaYovel volunteers are a perfect example of the modern-day crusader: they want to "witness" to you of the gospel in hopes of saving your soul while at the same time attempting to gain a foothold in the land with the hope of taking it over at some not-too-distant time.

Whenever we make these claims, their Jewish defenders and enablers jump up and yell "Where is the proof?!" 

Well, here is the proof.

Quoting from Esav Exposed: "Mike Clayton is a 'Hebrew roots' teacher (formerly called 'messianic'). He served as a spiritual advisor and teacher to the Hayovel group while they were in Israel in 2012 and 2013. He believes, as do Hayovel volunteers and other so called xian zionists, that he is part of the people of Israel and that the land of Israel is his home and inheritance.

Below, find a partial transcript of a video which you can view in full here of Mike Clayton (with Tommy Waller in attendance) making these points specifically to the 2012 group of HaYovel volunteers:

"We are grafted in and adopted into the nation of... " [pause for the audience to respond with] "...Israel!"

[Standing overlooking the Temple Mount and speaking on the too-soon return to their homes in America] 

"...the reality is...for now, we are gonna have to go to a foreign country because now, here is home, here is home." ["Amens" from the group] "Wherever you live in the world in the Diaspora, that's now gonna be a foreign country."

[Quoting from the NT - Yeshu accusing the city of Jerusalem of having unjustly stoned the prophets God sent to them] "Now, this is not everyone, ok? Don't lump everybody that was in this city into this. This is religion that did this, ok and it's still doing it today." *

[Continuing to quote from the NT on Yeshu's admonition to his followers:] "...you need to be my witnesses" and it goes on and says uh, you know in Tulsa, in London, uh, and it says uh, I think it's like uh, Judea and the Shomron and then to New Zealand [big grin on his face] Right? But, it has to start where? [Pointing to where he is standing overlooking the Temple Mount] Right here! Because the message is right here! The root is right here! Alright?..."

You'll notice I starred (*) two places that I wanted to refer back to here at the end. It must be understood that despite the fact that these new crusaders profess to love Israel and the Jewish people, it's not what you think. They find commonality with the State of Israel because it is an appendage of Xian America at the current time. As soon as it ceases to be a western-style democracy and becomes instead a Torah-based state as God intends, this "love" will quickly turn to animosity and then outright hatred. You can see a hint of that in his remark "it's still doing it today." He is referring to those Jews who in the name of Judaism oppose them. 

Which brings me to my next point. These new crusaders find common cause with religious Zionists living on the land because of their obsession with laying claim to their land inheritance. They imagine themselves sharing the Jewish settler's love of the Land of Israel. However, they bear no 'love' for either the "liberal" materialistic American Jew or cosmopolitan European Jew or equally, the black-hatted Chareidi Jews. Because it is not Jews that they love, but the similarity and commonality that they find with the religious Zionist Jews. And not least because they think the settler Jews are the ones most likely to convert to Yeshu.

Finally, the remark that it was not, after all, inidividuals who rejected Yeshu, but a religion that was to blame, only serves to emphasize that while they claim to love "Israel," they still have the antisemite's hatred of Judaism.


  1. I dated a xtian gal who said she was done with jesus. wanted to be jewish. so convert?
    but no. turns out she believes jesus.. is the jewish messiah. and that jews are wrong in believing in our oral torah. and blah blah. turns out her and her group kinda hate jews really.. thats the bottom line reality. as such, these people are false and dangerous.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience anonymous. What many people fail to comprehend is that this blurring of the lines and breaking down of the barriers and building bridges between "faith communities" is a recipe for assimilation which, in the end destroys the Jewish people just as surely as wholesale conversion.

  3. Ketivah vachatimah tovah!

    Great post and thank you for exposing them! I ran onto this group about a week ago while browsing online. It smacked of replacement theology! After looking around their website for a little while I found they were xians of which I suspected.

    I have often said that once Yisrael is under Mashiach's rule and all the idolatrous people, places and things are eradicated from Yisrael, xians will suddenly lose that loving feeling they claim to have for us Jews.

  4. Excellent article. All who read this should share it with other Jews so all these naive Jews who believe all this 'love' (reminds one of the chazer fiesel, showing the hoof trying to fool that it's kosher) will, hopefully, learn the TRUTH.

  5. Devash,

    I have a lot to say on the topic of Xianity, and a lot of experience to back it up - 11 years' worth of time in a "messianic congregation" that I regret to this day. But I would have to quit my job to make use of it all. It is interesting to see how the terminology they use has "developed" over the last 20+ years.

    After 26 years away from it, I still have sensitivities (maybe spiritual allergies?) to certain things - like the concepts of emunath chochamim (faith of - or in - Torah scholars and the Sages?) and an hour a day in hitbodeduth (reminds me of the "devotions" the Xians used to push on us - even the hour-a-day detail!) are essential to our connection to HaShem.

    Perhaps if I had heard about speaking with HaShem alone every day and having a rabbi for a counselor before I had lived with the Xian versions of these things, it might not feel so bad or seem so wrong to me now. I have a really hard time actually choosing a rabbi to make for myself - I tend to find too much fault with any rabbi to want to obey their every edict/psak halacha, and the terms of commitment (as I understand them) overwhelm me. And, I do speak with HaShem all the time, but not for an hour necessarily all at once!

    I have one thing to say to any Xian who thinks to argue with me: Man cannot be G-d, and G-d will not be man. Period, end of story!

    Thanks in advance for letting me vent a little.

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  6. ...while they claim to love "Israel," they still have the antisemite's hatred of Judaism...

    Emet, this is a perfect story for Elul, Teshuvah.

    Take a page from Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi's book and examine their writings.

    Their own leader said, except you teshuvah you shall likewise perish.

    Luke 13:3 I tell you, no; but unless you teshuvah you will all likewise perish.

    And the prodigal son... Luke 15, read it like this, the older brother is Judaism the younger xianity. The older brother never left the Father, the younger ran off with harlots, false teaching, Jezebel, etc...

    31 “And he said to him, ‘Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours. 32 It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for your brother was dead and is alive again, and was lost and is found.’”

    xians are dead until they return/teshuvah, the only thing they can say to a Jew is 'how to I do teshuvah!'

    Judaism never left the Father, and Father is mentioned 12 times in the story of the prodigal son.

    Return! Teshuvah via Torah!

  7. CDG, Devash,

    I could write a very large book on this subject. I know the Wallers personally from when we both lived in Perry County Tennessee, I was in Linden, TN and they were in Lobelville, TN. They have a very good heart, however they are extremely unlearned especially about Torah She Bal Peh!!! I tried to teach them when they were in Lobelville and I have also tried to contact them through their website but they have never responded.

    I left xtainity and converted to Orthodox Judaism in 5763, largely because I learned from the misa of Dovid and Batsheva that only the guardians of Torah She Bal Peh have the emes!!

    I could speak about Dovid HaMelech for 5 hours straight and NEVER stop to breathe!!

    My xtian ex-wife still lives in Linden. Me and my new family live in Lakewood. I learned the truth and value of the Chachamim from listening to Torah Shiurim on the Internet and from many personal experiences. I will give you just one example. When I was first megire, I took on the name Ezra. However, about a month after my conversion, my Rav, Rabbi Eliazar Robinson, called me on the phone and told me out of the blue, "we changed your name today" "Your new name is Yisroel" I asked for the reason, and I was told that it would improve my mazal and would help me to find a Shiddiuch. 8 years later, I married my wife who had four children, the youngest was Ezra! When the Rav changed my name, my Step-Son wasn't even born yet!!!!

    I started a website; Torah Media Atlanta.com for making Torah shiurim available to others since I gained so much from audio files online. You can watch a video I did at the "about" tab. Feel free to contact me and I will give you a thousand reasons to make for yourself a Rav!! (Perkei Avos 1:6).

  8. They don't need to learn the Oral Torah, they need to give up the Yashke business and learn the Seven Noahide laws which pertain to them. And even before they do that, they need to go home and stay there and stop trying to introduce the Jews to Yashke and understand that they have no part with us in this land. It is not theirs and will never be theirs and the wine being made from the grapes they are picking is never going to be served at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb with them in attendance. Ain't gonna happen!

    And I have a rav, thank you.

  9. i understand that the christian wants to replace Israel... and is doing it in a deceitful way to "make" it happen, ... but not all people who leave christianity are trying to do this....

    There may be a very few, but... they are out there. They believe that Abraham's family was Blessed by Hashem to be the Light to the Nations, and that promise to him will never be taken away and given to another. HaShem has promised to never never break that Covenant with Israel and turn to another... no matter what Israel does...

    We left christianity... at first we thought that Israel just did not even know that jesua was the messiah, and we'd tell them... but NO... YOU told US the Truth. We will never never go the way of the christian belief again.......but pray that christianity will be exposed for what it is... and people will find the Truth of it all... it IS an idol worship religion... that is trying to replace Israel... but it will never happen.

    If there was any way for me to apologize for all that christianity has done to the Jewish people, i would do it... my part in it all, i truly ask for forgiveness for even thinking along these lines, It is wrong, and abominable to think that HaShem will ever break His Covenant to ISRAEL and turn to another to replace Israel... WRONG WRONG WRONG thinking....

  10. SBS Yisroel,

    I do understand that having a Rav is important. I just have trust issues with some, and theological issues with others, that's all. I know and get along with quite a few rabbis, including my husband's Rav.

    Mainly, in those areas that seem the same as I noted above, I would like to know the difference between Judaism and Xianity.

    I will check out your website, be"H, b"n.

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  11. Yasher Koach, Dvash

  12. CDG, I love your comment Man cannot be G-d, and G-d will not be man. Period. That is what I said, too, but not so elegantly! :) Wanted to let you know there are many great rabbis and Rabbi Kin has addressed that very thought in a lecture. He said that rabbis, even good rabbis, are subjected to the yetzer just like we are. Devash, there are even xtians that are converting Conservative, coming to Israel, and then converting Orthodox, that have NO intention of being Jewish. They are pretenders and are doing it to prosletyze.

  13. Anonymous, I appreciate your sentiments, but the Waller Family and their volunteers aren't in the same ball game. They give no evidence of leaving xianity.

  14. Devash, you hit on a hot topic by the number of responders. Maybe you should do another post taking it deeper? Maybe mentioning the Jews/Rabbis who are on the cusp, so to speak. Just a thought.

  15. CDG - I feel for you on the confusion - there are such a plethora of Rabbi's out there today each pushing something else. Some are trustworthy while others are unfortunately not. And even amongst those who are L'shem Shemayim how are you to know who is your best fit? One of the best recommendations I have is to do your best to look inside on the sefarim yourself. As far as hitbodedut - while in truth this is a practice with sources all over Torah, it is most explicitly discussed in Breslov chassidus. Try learning the sefer Hishtapchut haNefesh. If your Hebrew isn't so great then they have English shiurim on it here: http://www.breslovtorah.com/ or you can read it in English titled "Outpouring of the Soul." Not sure if the English version is a literal translation or just based on the Hebrew. In general hitbodedut is very hard to get into - it's like working out in the gym it's hard at first but once the muscle gains strength it becomes much easier and more enjoyable.

  16. My sincere thanks to every one of you who has commented. I regret that I can't respond to each one personally. We've had a birth in our family, B"H, and I'm taking care of grandchildren. Also, after eight months of unemployment I have a job interview that I need to prepare for so this blanket "thank you" is the best I can manage right now. Not sure when I'll have time for the next post either.

  17. Devash: MAZAL TOV! And hatzlachah rabbah.

    I keep thinking about CDG's post because I feel the same with regard to having a rav, emunat chachamim, etc., and have had experiences that made me question who I can really trust. But I guess Israel Tachlis summed it up like I would.
    What really helped me was to hear an old saying of Yerushalmi women: "Rabbanim are for chickens."
    Meaning that if one has an actual halachic question (like if a chicken is kosher), then one asks a rav (which it sounds like CDG and everyone else here are already doing). But the Yerushalmi saying also implies that if you have a question that needs advice, then you use your own brain, ask a trusted friend/relative, and daven/talk to Hashem. Jews, especially women, did not traditionally consult rabbanim to the extent that people (especially baalei teshuvah) are pressured to today.
    I used to be very into having a rav, but after being burned enough times, I got out of it and just turn straight to Hashem (except for an actual halachic question) -- which I guess is what Hashem was trying to get me to do in the first place. Why else would He have sent me such disappointing experiences?

    If one is lucky enough to find a rav who is genuinely wise AND truly understands you and can relate to you, then great. Go to him for aitzah, halacha, everything. It works well for people who merit this special mazal. But if you don't? Well, Hashem brought you this far! He's not going to drop you now.

    Regarding hitbodedut: Unfortunately, it has become known as specifically "Breslov," but it is recommended repeatedly throughout the Pele Yoetz, also Mesillat Yesharim recommends it, etc, and it is referred to and demonstrated throughout Tanach. But I think if you are already talking to Hashem throughout the day, you are probably already doing it.

    I guess Rav Arush's books gave me a loose structure (Gratitude, Confession, Request) that really helps. I don't always do an hour and sometimes I get distracted by other thoughts and everything goes out the window. Sometimes I read someone else's hitbodedut (like Ezra's or Nechemiah's) as if it's my own. And sometimes it's really successful and I get amazing insights and results. I guess that's how it goes; nothing's perfect.

  18. Thank you, Dassie. And what you've written here is beautiful. It is an honor and a privlege for me to receive such heartfelt and well-thought out comments like these that have been left here by all of you.

    My thanks to all my readers and supporters!

  19. I also want to thank everyone who has read and commented on my comments to Devash's post. Every one of them has been helpful in one way or another and I intend to collect them and read them all again.

    This is turning out to be quite a special Elul! We should all read D's next post from this one - an alternative to Facebook has been created!

    CDG, Yerushalayim