09 September 2014

The Coming World Religion - Part 2

15 Elul 5774

A reader has referred me to the following book which provides useful information for understanding and identifying what's coming...

The Rainbow Swastika - A report to the Jewish people about New Age antisemitism. Welcome to one Jew's analysis of a kinder, gentler Final Solution.

(Excerpt from the Introduction)

...The premises of New Age, sometimes called the New World Order, are most clearly mapped out in a religious society called Theosophy (founded 1875 by Helena Blavatsky), which coined many of the "code words" found in this material and which remains a prime source for piecing together New Age foundations. Most if not all of New Age concepts predate Theosophy, as its founder freely admitted. They borrowed heavily from classical Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, with large doses of Gnosticism, astrology and other occultic power-quests. So despite the name "New" Age, we are surveying an ancient system of worship, found in various forms around the world (Babylonian, Egyptian, Norse, Atlantian, Pan/animist, American Indian, and other religions dependent on empowerment from various spirit-guides). This is why New Age teaching is so easily adapted to so many cultures. Alice Bailey, the next major New Age leader, "channeled" the extensive directives for the framework of the New Age -- what she called the New World Order -- and fully subscribed to Theosophy as well.

(Excerpts from Human History According to the New Age)

...The term "New Age" refers to the (astrological) Age of Aquarius which is about to begin, as soon as there is a "critical mass" of "initiates" or enlightened ones ready to make this leap to the next subrace.

... The "old age" being replaced is named by Alice Bailey as the "Age of Pisces", which ushered in the "Christian dispensation". Conservative Christians are creating an obstacle to mankind reaching this critical mass, since they are unreasonably attached to their old dispensation, and their influence must be neutralized. The Jews, who refused even to leave their "Age of Aries" (the time of the Torah) to enter the Age of Pisces, (to merge with Christianity) are doubly behind in their evolutionary development (Bailey, _Reappearance of the Christ_, p.81) - and as a result, double trouble is caused by the lingering influence the Jewish religion has on society. [Enacting a solution to this is central to the New Age Plan]

...A necessary preparation for the leap upward is the isolation, refinement and preservation of the top 10% of humanity as the new "seed". The major New Age efforts at indoctrination are therefore designed to get the other 90% of humanity to accept this elitist selection as necessary and just, and if possible to secure their cooperation in the purge.

...High on the list of those 90% which must be eliminated are the Jews who insist on Jewish identity: "When humanity has solved the Jewish problem (with the understanding and cooperation of the Jew)... it will do so by fusing the problem in one vast humanitarian situation. When that happens [the dissolution of the "Jewish race"], the problem [the presence of "separation" and "hate" in the world] will be rapidly solved and one of the major difficulties will disappear off the face of the earth. Racial fusion will then be possible... and then there will be peace on earth." (Alice Bailey, _Externalisation_ II, p.77) In other words, the entire fusion process which is to further human evolution is on hold until the Jews disappear as a group. She named this as one of four major "world problems" that must be solved within "the next two centuries" (the other three are humanity's attachment to old-age notions of national territory, sex and death). When Jews forget that they are Jews, "we shall see a very different world." (_The Destiny of Nations_ p.34-35)

And what of Jews who have concluded that their offense to humanity is simply the ancient Jewish religion? Their solution is to exchange the Sinai-covenant-based identity for one based on the Holocaust legacy, or Zionism, or Jewish culture and ethics, in the conviction that the "family of man" will have no objection to a non-religious Jewishness. [Such "progressive Jews" are advised to wake up and smell the coffee: each one of these substitute identity-anchors is being attacked today with the same vigor, and with the same objections, as the "outmoded" religion they discarded. It is clear that NO basis for Jewish consciousness will be allowed in the New Humanity - religious or secular. ...Actually, the possibility of a secular Jewish identity independent of the Jewish religion is debated among Jews, but not among New Age philosophers. Bailey distinguishes between two subgroups, "the Jews and the narrow-minded religious devotees", acknowledging that secular and religious Jews have different reasons for "regard[ing] themselves as the Chosen People"; yet she concludes: "The world problem [of Jewish identity] is essentially a religious problem." (_The Destiny..._ p.35) We may logically conclude that for Bailey disciples, any kind of Jewish identity whatsoever will be considered a religious obstacle to human evolution, a matter to be resolved in the planned global purge.

(Excerpts from Gods of the New Age)

Lucifer is personally in charge of human evolution.  As such, he presides over the coming "planetary initiation", the ultimate goal in the New Age "Plan".

(Excerpts from Views on Jews and Judaism)

...New Agers sincerely do not consider themselves antisemitic, since in their view this means hatred of the Jews. They do not hate the Jews any more than we would hate someone who is severely deformed or mentally deranged.  It's just that one doesn't allow the spiritually unbalanced to assume leadership, or to run about unrestrained, damaging the spiritual potential of those around them - especially if they can be sent to a "better place" where they will get help and be happier. 

The "Jewish Force" 
In addition to the Big Three Energy Forces which comprise the Logos, Bailey notes a powerful fourth Energy working alongside them, but not in cooperation: "The Jewish Force". (_Externalisation_ II, p.89) Although discussed as an impersonal energy source, the fact that "It" is ranked equal with the Logos implies that, like the Logos, there is a Personality or "Manifestation" by which this Force relates to humanity - the G-d revered by the Jews. ...the Jews "wield most potently that peculiar concretisation of energy which we call money. They constitute, in a strange manner, a unique and distinctly separated world center of energy." (p.76)  In this way, the "sin" of "separateness" is viewed by New Age as originating with the Jews and afflicting them in a unique way, akin to an "original sin" which they are born with. [This is important to remember in decoding a favorite mantra in New Age circles, eliminating "separatism" in the world.  While the masses think of an abstract concept or behavior, the enlightened ones focus on the Jewish race as "constituting"  a "world center" of Separatism - the sin personified.]

...We are told that the "Jewish problem... is so old and so well known" that the Masters find it difficult to express it in a way "that will not arouse in the Jewish reader above all an undesirable reaction."  Nevertheless, for the next ten pages they (dictating to Bailey) proceed to list the many faults of the Jews "in a spirit of love". (_Problems of Humanity_ IV, p.96-106)

Since Jews typically identify "antisemitism" with "hatred", the New Age can thus claim to be on high moral ground - the Jews are not hated. They are simply recognized as a problem to be solved in a loving way.  Bailey elsewhere comments that "Jews frequently lower the atmosphere of any district in which they reside."  This too she insists is not an antisemitic statement but simply "an absolute truth". (_Unfinished Autobiography_)  Moreover, she does not claim credit for this idea; the Hierarchy related to her in vivid detail why the Jews do this, and how they can rectify it.

The "Jewish Problem" and its Effects 
In outlining the four world problems which must be solved as the New Age begins, the "Masters" had the most to say about Number Four, the "problem of the Jews." After analyzing the influence of the "Rays" on the Jews, they explain: "The Jew, with his emphasis upon his position as one of the 'chosen people,' has stood symbolically throughout the centuries as the representative of the wandering, incarnating soul, but the Jewish people have never reognized the symbolic mission with which their race was entrusted, and they have taken to themselves the glory and the honor of the Lord's elect. The Jew made this mistake and, as an Oriental race, the Jews have failed to hold before the Orient the divine nature of mankind as a whole, for all are equally divine and all are the Lord's elect." (_The Destiny of Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today_, p.34)  Translated from mysticalese, this means that the Jews were originally taught the concept of chosenness symbolically, in order to teach it to all of Humanity; they somehow misunderstood it as literally applying to themselves. The idea of "bnai ha'brit", the Jewish people being recipients of a Covenant made with the most high G-d at Sinai, is considered a fabrication from beginning to end.

The "Jewish Problem" Expressed as Zionism 
If Jewish religion (covenant-based identification) is evil, then Zionism, or identification with Israel, the ancient Land promised through covenant, is doubly evil. [Combine the two into the religious Zionist, and we have manifold evil! This implies that the Israeli settlers, so thoroughly group-bashed by global media for vague "crimes against humanity", are being viewed as transgressors on levels that go beyond political correctness.]  The Holocaust, which justified a Jewish homeland in the eyes of the world, for Alice Bailey only had the unfortunate effect of bringing the Jews "under the control of a glamour" which encouraged them to expect a land of their own.  She categorically states, "Today the Jewish people are engineering trouble.... They are claiming a land to which they have no possible right." Moreover, the motive was "greed and not any love of Palestine behind it." (emphasis hers) [Although I have to admit, showing "greed" for sand, rocks and swamp which didn't interest anyone else indicates a rather deficient understanding on the part of those said to be human symbols of "greed and selfishness".]  And not only that, but "the Zionists prevented the displaced Jewish persons (only 20% of the whole) from discovering how welcome they are in many countries throughout the world." (_Externalisation_ IV, p.615) [The Evian Conference, which a few years earlier made it quite clear "how welcome" the Jews were, must have escaped the notice of the "Masters".  These Wise Ones also forgot all about "the problem of WHY the many nations, from the time of the Egyptians, have neither liked nor wanted them."

Bailey (more accurately, the Hierarchy) was horrified when the State of Israel was actually established, blaming the American Jews for coercing the UN into this "mistake". In fact, the Zionists single-handedly "lowered the prestige" of the United Nations and "made its position both negative and negligible to the world." (_Rays and Initiations_, p.681) 

...All in all, Bailey knew that the specter of Zionism filled all New Age disciples with "a deep discouragement and a sense of futility and hopelessness." Nevertheless, they must make "the effort to expose the truth and clarify the problems which must be solved. The opposing forces of entrenched evil must be routed before He for Whom all men wait, the Christ, can come." (p.615-616) [Here we understand by implication that Maitreya can only come to a post-Zionist world in which the nation of Israel has been in some way neutralized, either politically impotent by UN occupation or spiritually impotent by total conversion to the New Age mentality.  There are now pressures on both of these fronts: witness the increasing calls for international intervention in the Palestinian war on Israel, as well as the intense New Age misionary efforts underway in Israeli society. At any rate, it is in preparation for the coming of Maitreya that the UN has steadfastly barred Israel from any meaningful activity in that world forum which is to be the mouthpiece of the Hierarchy.  And by the way, don't be fooled by the brief fanfare surrounding Israel's recent "admission" to one of the UN Regional Groups - it was a hollow charade, probably enacted to defuse annoying public pressure.]

The "Jewish Problem" as Racially Inevitable 
But we are not to think that only religious Jews and Zionists are the evil separatists. After Bailey identifies the "Jewish people" as a problem, she [or the "Tibetan Master"] hastens to add, "What I say here has no specific reference to any individual; I am considering the world problem, centering around the Jews as a whole." (_Externalisation_ II, p.74, emphasis mine) By calling it a "world problem" she means that (a) the Jews' unique and collective "racial karma" ... will trouble the entire world until the race itself disappears; and (b) it is in the world's interest to put an end to the separate and distinct identity which Jewish people cherish.

The Hierarchy's Solution for the "Problem" 
Bailey earnestly insists: "There has never been a time when the Gentile world has been more keen to do what is right by the Jew or more anxious to solve his problem and make restitution for all he has suffered." (_Humanity_, p.105)  So what does the New Age expect from today's Jews?  "Changed inner attitudes are needed on both sides, but very largely on the side of the Jews." ... "Release from the present situation [will only be achieved] when the Jew forgets that he is a Jew." (_Externalisation_ p.267, emphasis mine)

Judaism is Evil 
The "Tibetan Master" minces no words: "[I have sought] to indicate the evils of Judaism.  The present world faiths must return to their early simplicity, and orthodox Judaism, with its deep seated hate, must slowly disappear; all must be changed in preparation for the revelation which Christ ... will bring." (_Externalisation_ IV, p.543)

The Coming of the Messiah
In orthodox Judaism, the arrival of G-d's designated king and Torah teacher par excellence; a direct descendent of King David who will rule Israel and the nations in righteousness from Jerusalem. ...Must be redefined as the appearance of Maitreya the Christ ...who will overshadow a human host (most emphatically not a Jew this time); as the "World Teacher" and "the Head of all religions of the world" (by which time Judaism will no longer be recognized as a religion); he will restore the ancient Mysteries beginning with a Luciferic Initiation; mankind will be prepared for his coming by Master Jesus and others who will direct their disciples (including "the Church") to follow him. "A great deal of reactionary stupidity will have to be eliminated before He can come... as the new generation assert their hold over human thinking." (_Externalisation_, p.576) 

The Serpent in the Garden
In the Jewish Bible, the creature who sabotaged man's Paradise by tempting Eve to transgress G-d's command; he was justly punished for his act, as were Adam and Eve for their disobedience. ...Must be redefined as the heroic Lucifer who offered godhood to mankind in the Lemurian age; their acceptance was not a "fall" but an "ascension". The Jews hopelessly muddled the story and transmitted it as the first sin, while the Christians used the Jewish story to portray man as sinful and unworthy; both versions short-circuit the path to godhood and slander the "God of Humanity". 

Atoning for Sins
In the Jewish Bible, requires a substitute sacrifice specified by G-d to be offered by the sinner, who has already renounced his/her deed and made whatever restitution was possible; in post-Temple orthodox Judaism, the sacrifice was dropped out of necessity, but is mentioned in penitential prayers as a memorial before G-d and as a practice to be reinstated. ...Must be redefined as service in order to pay off karmic debt, often extending into future reincarnations; no substitute can be accepted under any circumstances, and no sin can be "forgiven" by simply repenting from it.

I think you get the idea. There's lots more than you can access via the link at the beginning. That's all I can manage right now. 

Review what the autistic kids have said on this subject:

Here...    But now, since beginning the last 100 years, the world is being ruled by gentiles and Jews, big evildoers, idolaters, the richest, who want first and foremost to finish off all the real-Jews, because they, the real ones, will not allow those who are attached to the lie of the Golden Calf, the snake, the Satan, will not permit the evildoers, those who will take off even 'ki hu zeh' from the Jewish religion, the life of Torah, and mitzvot, and good deeds, the life of love for HKB"H.

Therefore, Hitler, who was one of the guys in the group, tried to destroy and annihilate the Jews completely from the world and he failed. Indeed, there are enough antisemites left, even great ones, but he won't succeed. There has arisen today a group that is again trying to destroy us, and they belong directly to the snake, they belong to Edom, they belong to the Satan himself. And again the same war. But, on a larger scale. Very. And this time it will be the final decision! Hashem will slaughter the Satan, the evil inclination, and we will go out free men and we will be few, but upon them will be built the next world. Without memory of the evil inclination, without any memory of the Satan, without memory of all the evildoers who were born from it.

And here...   It's a plan so sophisticated, so amazing, I'm also using this word, which it doesn't appear that they can carry it out at all! But, Hashem will allow them, by a miracle, to carry it out.

You should understand that they've already been planning these things for at least two hundred years! That is to say that several generations of these contemptible ones have passed, from generation to generation they transfer the desire, their aim. And a man who knows that he won't see it in his lifetime -  and nevertheless, he is ready to work toward it til the end of his life and pass the baton to someone else to continue! These are from the top - it's certainly not from father to son, because they're not getting married... But, it's passed to another contemptible one, another contemptible one who is younger...

...They really sacrifice their lives to the Satan, like you're saying, and in general, as we see, sacrificing also other people to the Satan... 


  1. Their plans are the epitome of 'pure unadulterated EVIL'! EVIL is always temporary but causes all the chaos. May its end come very soon.

  2. They might not consider themselves anti-semitic, but they are the super anti-semites. This hatred for the Ivri (Avraham Avinu) is thousands of years old. Their battle is against the Creator so they can have the power and permit all evils/sins. There is a missing ingredient in their thinking/mindset where they actually believe they will win against the One Who Created them.

  3. Why do you post such irrelevant garbage?

  4. I very strongly recommend that you read the Peirushim to the 8 Pesukim in Parshat Noach on the Dor-HaHaflaga.

    Not to miss are Malbim, HaEmek Davar, Kli-Yakar, Chidah etc.

    But the Peirush of the Alshich HaKadosh in an absolutely MUST READ.

    Relevant to understand on a deeper level what you have just written, and the various patterns in time, and the mindset of the left.

  5. What she is posting might seem abstract or irrelevant, but the effects will be coming soon (and have already come!) to your neighbourhood soon.

    Biometric database? Beware. Soros funded NGOs that ultimately affect the politics, mindset and policies of our country. Beware. Dangerous disease that will sweep the world and the answer will be an inoculation. Be vary wary of what you will need to do to get that inoculation and what will happen to you if you refuse. New banking rules?...

    The noose is being tightened as we speak and too many are not noticing or not giving the matter the attention it needs.

    Also in the 1930's the Jews in Germany did not want to hear or notice until it was too late. No one wanted their life to be so upset, no one wanted to leave all their possessions, no one wanted to see such ugliness for what it was....until it was too late.

    We will face this test, also. Wake up.

    "You'll think I'm crazy, but listen to me: Hitler will bring us to a catastrophe. But his ideas, once they have been transformed, will acquire a new strength."
    -Josef Goebbels to his aide-de-camp, Prince Schaumberg-Lippe

  6. "This may be the most important blog post I have ever written. Please pay close attention."

    I agree! I haven't thought about the "New Age Movement" since my time in Washington State in the early '80s. I remember they had, at that time, weaseled their way into ever aspect of society...

    wow and Thank you!

  7. Yosef - Yeah, right? Me, too. And even then, I never heard anything with regard to the Jews. This is all brand new material for me and wait until you see what Hashem dumped in my lap today. Coming up, iy"H.

  8. Yehudi Yerushalmi - Is there any way at all that you could share these sources with us? I could publish it as a guest post. I don't have access to them.

  9. With the Bnei Yishmael and the New Ageists, we are stuck between the 'devil and the deep blue sea!'

  10. Devash,

    To say that those Peirushim are extremely interesting is a gross understatement. I would not mind sharing them with you and your readers.

    Unfortunately I have no time at all, as I have three special-needs kids and a baby.

    Perhaps in the meantime I can scan in those parts of the Alshich HaKadosh and the Kli Yakar (or find online digital versions) and send them to you or post them?

  11. I'm sure any of that would be very helpful. Thank you. Or I can also search online sources, but it would be very long in coming. I'm also overwhelmed right now. Maybe even another reader would volunteer to look them up???

  12. Seems as though there is no online source for the Alshich haKadosh. Books are for sale, but no text source like Mechon Mamre or the like.

    I also looked up "perushei parashat Noach" and found nothing of value.

    Are all these in books, or is any of it online? Perhaps I don't have the proper search terms?

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  13. I'll scan in a few pages. Perhaps I'll have a little time on Sunday.

    It should really be studied together with Rashi and the other Peirushim I mentioned (at least), to gain a better understanding.