03 September 2014

Jews Open the Door to Xian Infiltration of Shomron Communities

8 Elul 5774

UPDATE: Here is the Sequel to Donny Fuch's article Esau Rising: The War Against The Jewish Soul.

It's called Esau Rising II. You are invited to join the discussion.

6 Elul 5774

You may recall that I first addressed the issue of Tommy Waller's HaYovel and its Xian infiltration into the Jewish communities of the Shomron in August of 2009 - How much trouble can be made by "unfaithful men?"  (For the many follow-up articles just search the name Waller on this blog or at Esav Exposed.)

Fellow blogger Donny Fuchs published his own expose on this issue in the Jewish Press and it has erupted into a full-fledged war - one of those famous battles for hearts and minds that we frequently talk about here. If you have the time and sechel and inclination to join in, just work your way through the following links and contribute to the discussion in the comments.

Esau Rising: The War Against The Jewish Soul
Fuchs Descending
Standing With Those Who Stand With Israel

I understand another Fuchs article is in the works, so stay tuned.

Also, for those in Israel, a conference on this subject is planned for 7:30 pm on 10 September 2014 in the city of Ariel in the Shomron at the Eshel Shomron Hotel. Already, wicked Jews have contacted the hotel on behalf of their beloved Xian friends to threaten the hotel with cancellations and loss of revenue from their Xian patrons if this conference is not called off. Your support is really needed, now more than ever.


  1. This is really enlightening especially to me. I read once an article by Israel Medad, and got turned off. Didn't know why, until I started reading Fuch's post. Now I know. He's not for emes! The same turn-off I get from hearing R' Riskin. It's the intuitive Bina in one's neshoma that lights up at inauthenticity.

  2. Is the core of this the free labor and the money poured out like water in these areas by the xtians? Is it the bottom line they are ultimately protecting? G-d help us!

  3. At first, I'm sure it was, but now, after years of exposure, relationships have been developed and the Jews, as the xians had hoped, feel a mixture of gratitude and admiration and loyalty to these volunteers. It's only one more step to applying these feelings to their false god.(G-d forbid!)

    The Jews who are mixed up with these people express a feeling of camaraderi and brotherhood and they will attack fellow Jews in defense of their Xian friends.

    The only explanation is that there is a kinship between them which they don't truly feel for us because the Erev Rav do not have Jewish souls.

  4. How can you discern who has a Jewish soul, and who definitely doesn't?

  5. Well, no one can say without a doubt, but when you see people like this who for years and years make common cause with our enemies and who act as an enemy to their own people, you can make a pretty good guess. I mean, you start out giving them the benefit of the doubt and you try to explain things to them, but when they make it clear that they are not interested in the truth and in fact, attempt to sabotage any effort to get the truth out, well....

    This Rabbi Melamed of Har Brachah who has put a kashrut stamp on this. He agreed to hear Jewish Israel out on this subject and to look at their evidence. They made a huge effort to meet wit him and when they arrived, he had sent his assistant and this rabbi never spoke to them personally. They went ahead and gave all the evidence over and this assistant, one Avraham Hermon, reportedly gave this over to the Wallers. What other conclusion can be drawn about such people?

    But, the clincher is when they will deride and condemn their fellow Jews in favor of impure, idolatrous goyim. What Jewish neshamah could do such a thing?

  6. Thanks for the explanation, Devash.

  7. RE: who has a Jewish soul and who doesn't:

    ...as they might put it, "by their fruits shall you know them." If I remember correctly, this refers to one's character traits or values, as we Jews say. And, of course, missionaries also refer to souls they win over (even Jewish ones) that way.

    Hah! And I didn't think I would remember anything they said. Perhaps HaShem is using their own words against them. ;)

    CDG, Yerushalayim