03 September 2014

Idol Worship in the Holy Land

8 Elul 5774

People ask "Why concentrate on this small group (HaYovel) when there are greater numbers and concentrations of idolatrous gentiles living in Israel?" Yes, there are tens of thousands of African infiltrators. There are thousands of Filipino, Thai, Korean, Chinese (and other) foreign workers. There are tens of thousands of Xians who work for various missionary organizations and churches. There are thousands of olim who claim to be Jews, but practice Xianity and there are reportedly hundreds of thousands of Xian gentiles who came during the massive Russian aliyah, along with the tens of thousands of Arab Xians.

The 'democratic' government of Israel is solely responsible for settling those people here and allowing them to have "freedom of worship." What makes this situation in the Shomron with the HaYovel group different is the following...

They are being assisted and empowered and even legitimized by supposedly religious Zionist Jewish settlers who present themselves as leaders in their communities.

Against the halachah and the simple meaning of the Torah, they are bringing these gentile xians into the midst of Jewish communities where they are performing idolatrous worship to a false god; seeking to build relationships with Jews and break down the barriers established to prevent the sharing of their gospel message; and seeking to establish a way to make "Xian aliyah" (God forbid) and remain on the land full-time, even to claiming a piece of the land for themselves and their own posterity.

We can't change Israeli government policy, but we hoped that through education and information, we might convince other religious Jews of the error of their ways and bring this atrocity to a halt before it costs Jewish lives in conversion, assimilation, intermarriage or Hashem's righteous anger.

There's no convincing the Israeli government. Its stated goal is to destroy Torah Judaism. We need Mashiach for that. But, we thought we could appeal to our fellow religious Zionist Jewish settlers on the basis of the Torah which we share in common. We had given these errant Jews the benefit of the doubt and assumed that they were just good-hearted people who did not fully understand the missionary mentality or theology or penchant for lying. We had hoped to close the door that other religious Jews had opened - we thought - by mistake. But, after years of appeals and every sort of proof imaginable, it must be concluded that lack of understanding is not the problem here.

See for yourself. The HaYovel volunteers freely admit that they are performing Avodah Zarah (worship of Yeshu) in this Holy Land.

There is still hope that an appeal to the residents of the affected yishuvim or an appeal to kashrut certification organizations or a general appeal to the religious Jewish public not to purchase wines made from the affected vineyards might still yield the desired results.

These efforts have been undertaken for several years by a small and dedicated group of sincere, observant Jews in Eretz Yisrael. They act purely leshem shamayim - for the sake of their fellow Jews, for the integrity of the Holy Torah and our Holy Land, and for the Honor of Hashem's Name. There is absolutely no financial gain, but a lot of ridicule, insult and threat.

Please note that Jewish Israel, which is always linked under "Resources" on the right side of this blog, acts as a database for all the information available on this subject. You can even contact them for someone to speak to a group if anyone would like to organize a meeting.

Meantime, please try to attend the conference in Ariel on September 10th if you can.


  1. Thank you for your vigilance and words of truth. That so many religions and cults are so focused on trying to uproot and usurp Judaism should give us renewed strength to remain absolutely steadfast in our loyalty and non-compromise.

  2. Thanks for the support, Elliot.

  3. Thank you, Sharbano. That video is called The New Christians and I agree that it presents some excellent material.

  4. All very disturbing and frightening. If we really look into the background of the setup of the State, we can see clearly that this was the ultimate goal of the bolshevik zionists - to integrate the Jews with the non-Jewish world, chas v'sholom. These so-called 'religious' settlers are not religious and that word should be stricken in describing them. The first two commandments of the Esser Dibrot are about H' being One and is the basis for everything else. Hakol Hevel chutz m'Yirat Shamayim. These people haven't a clue of the meaning of Yirat Shamayim. The Jews must wake up to the problem of goyimm in general, in E.Y. and especially, this horrific makah of missionaries in EY. Amcha (the Jewish citizens) must do everything in their power (showing to H') that this cannot go on (just as in the time of the evil Hellenists in our Chanukah history). Am afraid that the only answer is Moshiach Now, because we are at that stage of history, but we must at least do our part, hishtadlut. Praying for much Hatzlacha at this upcoming conference.

  5. Thank you very much, Anonymous, for the chizuk.

  6. I happened upon an interview with Waller from Aug 29th. that lasted about an hour. At one point it was mentioned that Rav Melamed was giving Rabbinic supervision to HaYovel, after Waller was questioned on missionary activity. Isn't this giving legitimacy, in effect, to All Xtian groups. Wouldn't this legitimacy encourage other groups to further a missionary agenda.

    The host, formerly of A7, said the Wallers are fulfilling Yirmiyahu 31. I wonder, was he referring to Xtians being Ephraim, which many profess. The more I hear the more abhorrent it sounds. One thing the chapter does mention is Betulat Yisrael. Therefore, is Yisrael playing the virgin or is it playing the harlot.

    Waller said the Jewish identity is important, not only to the Jew but also the Xtian. (Is this Not the words of the messianics). He further states "his" purpose is to strengthen that identity, because there has to be a purpose for him, "as a Xtian" and to GO to the Jew and tell him, because "this is something we have traction with". He seemed to avoid any direct evidence that he is not furthering a missionary agenda.

    It has been said that the videos posted with Waller were from 10 years ago and he has changed since then. It can be said that Xtianity has changed its goals. Today it is the "Control" of the Jewish soul that is the goal and in so doing can maintain his Jewish identity.

    In the past I've asked Xtians who have said they are not in favor of missionary activity if they would instruct the fellows Not to engage in such activity and work to prevent such activity. None has taken such a pledge. At no time did Waller say he would not support missionary activity. This question should be directed to any Xtian organization. If they will not support the prevention of missionary activity they should not be allowed in the country. This is the only true test.


  7. Sharbano: Yes, they should NOT be allowed into Israel, at all. Rabbis who sit and dialogue with them should be thrown into cherem. In a past era, no rabbi could have gotten away with this heresy, without being excommunicated from the nation of Israel! This pc behavior is unacceptable in Torah Judaism; it undermines everything that the Torah stands for.