02 September 2014

Path to Intermarriage and Assimilation This Way

7 Elul 5774

Ask any Orthodox religious Jew if intermarriage or assimilation is allowed by Torah and I'll bet 100% would answer correctly - a resounding "NO!"*

But, when it comes to taking the path that leads to intermarriage and assimilation, at the end of which is waiting the shmad of the Jewish nation, many Orthodox religious Jews have decided that it's ok to go a little ways down that path a long as we control how far we go and stop just in time before the forbidden happens.

Any sane, logical, reasoning person who is interested in self-preservation needs no book or source or authority to tell him that if the end of the path is to be avoided, do not start down that path. That is the purpose of erecting "fences" around the Torah. But, these people are tearing down every fence and barrier and they're skating right on the edge.

Unfortunately for the Jewish nation, it appears that we are riddled to our core with insane, illogical and unreasonable people who insist on taking this risk and putting their neighbors at risk as well. Who can understand their motivation? Regardless of what it is, it is wrong, wrong, wrong and cannot be condoned. In fact, they must be opposed at every turn.

Because, you see the HaYovel volunteers are not just working in the vineyards. They've been invited to join in and participate in social and religious activities among the Jews of the Shomron:

HaYovel volunteers attend hachnasat sefer Torah in Itamar

HaYovel volunteers attend Sukkot celebration in Har Brachah
(One young member of their group was a featured speaker at the event)

HaYovel volunteers dance with the vineyard owner Avigdor Sharon
(Read his "love" letter to HaYovel. And yes, the practice of Avodah Zarah is still attractive and feels very good. That's what inspires people to engage in it.)

As a follow-up to Xians Don't Change Their Spots, They Just Disguise Them, I'm including here further proof of the real agenda which was written as a comment to a different blog post.


Artist in Christian Testimony International website lists the Waller Family with the following description of their ministry: "We are dedicated as a family to sharing the gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) by serving the people of Israel within the agricultural settlements and Kibbutzim. We believe that we are living in, what has been prophesied as, the end times. When the Spirit of Elijah will be poured out on the earth. My wife Sherri and I have 11 children. It is with this (Elijah) anointing that we are to help build a bridge for others who are going to come and serve."


Tommy Waller, with the help of gullible (greedy?) Jews built a bridge and the Bowling Family came across. They've been in Israel with HaYovel volunteering for several years. Here is how they described the work they did during one of those tours...

"We spoke to many people and told them about Yeshua. We still have ongoing outreach to two of the people we met there. ...I have spent over 35 hours sharing with Gabriel [a shopkeeper in Jerusalem] Pray that he will receive Yeshua as his Messiah." (And they give several other similar examples of proselytizing)

This couple, who have their own ministry in America, were handpicked by Tommy Waller to replace him and his wife one year as leaders of HaYovel. On their ministry home page, the first line says: "Yeshua is Yahweh King of Kings, the Creator of the Universe." (Mark 16 Ministries)

In the Torah it is written: "You shall not intermarry with them; you shall not give your daughter to his son, and you shall not take his daughter for your son".1

In the Prophets it is written: "And that we shall not give our daughters to the peoples of the land, and we shall not take their daughters for our sons."2

In Jewish Law it is written: "The Torah forbids a Jew to enter a marital relationship with a non-Jew; be it a Jewish man to a non-Jewish women, or a Jewish woman to a non-Jewish man".3

It is evident (both in theory, and statistically) that when Jews marry non-Jews it is unlikely for there to be Jewish continuity. The Torah is a "realist". Thus, as part of its mission to guide Jews in perpetuating Judaism, the Torah prohibits intermarriage.

1. Deuteronomy 7:3
2. Nehemiah 10:31
3. Maimonidies laws of Forbidden Relationships 12:1

(Source: Ask Moses)


  1. Suggestion, maybe if the 'real' rabbis in Israel would put a cherem and excommunicate these particular communities (all who are participants of this horrific sin), these idolators would become an outcast and if they are determined to go down this evil path, then they have no Jewish souls to begin with. As long as the gov in Israel allows these outright missionaries into the Land and there are no mass protests by the Jews against this abomination, then Moshiach Tzdkeinu will deal with them. Hashem y'rachem, that Jews @ this time of history and, of all places, in EY, are committing such an outright chilul Hashem, is a sure sign that Moshiach is around the corner.

  2. I don't know how much you actually know, but Tommy Waller has his kids living in Israel, learning Hebrew in ulpan and giving birth to their next generation. This is also how many messianics who live in Israel got started. Pastors serving as missionaries had kids who grew up like secular Israelis and intermarried with Jews and now they are some of the most antisemitic people you've ever heard.

  3. Anonymous - Sounds like the Sorko-Rams of Maoz Israel Ministries?

    See more here.

  4. Doesn't this mirror/reflect the JC era, when Jews were drawn into that new phenomenon, that the Rabbis were so petrified about losing Jews they devised a "Plan" to divert them. There were many Jews who fell for their appeal. It was a very chaotic era. We are also entering a very chaotic era, and I believe re-experiencing those same threats. However, this time, Jews need to refuse to fall again.

    That's doing teshuva.

    You're put in the same situation again, but you do teshuva, and don't repeat the sin.

    DEVASH: MAZAL TOV on your family's birth. And such fun with the nachas generation! Also, hatzlacha in your job search.

  5. Anonymous at 5:11 pm - Who are the "real" rabbis? To get to anyone of consequence, you have to get through the wall of people who suround them and then it takes time they can't spare to become familiar with the case and to see all the evidence and to interview the witnesses. They're not up for that. The communities themselves are trying to deal with it, but the good Jews are outnumbered by the Erev Rav and the Erev Rav are the ones in position of power to make the lives of the good Jews just miserable if they make waves. It's definitely a test - a BIG test - and people are trying very hard to do the right thing. That's why they've organized this conference to inform others. I hope you'll pray for them.

  6. Anonymous at 5:45 - There is such a fund. The Jewish Agency handles it. I know it's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. It can be done, if you really want it. You must be persistent and not take 'no' for an answer and then they will see that you are so determined that you are worth the investment. But, the vineyard owners are not paying anything. The labor they are getting is free for them.

  7. Neshama, I don't know what you mean by "Plan", but the rest of it makes sense. Thank you for the good wishes. :-)

  8. Here is a great book called Power, Faith, and fantasy: America in the middle east by Michael B Oren. From 1776 to the present the book talks about America's involvement in the middle east affairs. As early as 1837 there were evangelical missionaries in Eretz Yisrael.

  9. Devash, firstly, Mazal Tov!!! Also, hatzlacha rabah for you personally with employment. Agree and hope that the conference will yield good results by exposing these sinners; but I think they should emphasize that those who are participants of this idolatry should be "ostracized" from the Jewish community of Israel, if they will not do teshuvah. Also, all this might be what is meant by 'cleaning house'. Those who will stick with these missionaries are not part of the bnai Yisrael and it is a clear sign of the coming of Moshiach T'zdkeinu. raizy