21 September 2014

"Go Up to the Island and Don't Come Down"

26 Elul 5774


Communication with Menachem
Jerusalem, 15 Elul 5774

I'm so, so jumpy, so, so suffering, I know that all of you are suffering, too, every real-Jew is suffering. It simply can't be otherwise, it can't possibly be otherwise. The world has already turned upside down. The world is completely crazy. This whole world is a giant hospital for the insane, and like Rav Dessler, ztz"l said, the caregivers are also crazy. The whole world is crazy, the whole world. 

But, still, it's not nothing, it's just the beginning. Because, waiting for us in the near-future is something so hard that it's impossible to describe it. And we will suffer and suffer, and there's just one answer: to hold fast, so to speak, to HKB"H, to this spiritual rope which connects us to Him.

But, the world is full of evil, and the evil is coming out of every single hole. It's a flood of evil in the world, and we, the real-Jews, have to create an 'island', island-of-truth, and go up to the island, and not leave it. Go up upon this island, and build for ourselves real-lives of Torah and mitzvot and good deeds. An island of closeness to truth, to HKB"H.

And then we will cross over the bad, difficult and dangerous water without it reaching us. But, we have to go up on this island, we have to. We have to separate ourselves from the liars, from the evildoers. And we must, must separate ourselves from false-messiahs, and from the goyim who are trying to destroy Judaism, and we must separate ourselves from the Jews, the same Erev Rav who try to dilute Yiddishkeit, whose only goal is reach a situation where there already won't be Jews, chas v'shalom. But, we will remain upon our island and we won't allow any of these things to tire us. And Hashem will protect us and we will get through it all without harm.

And now, we have to begin the construction, to go up on the island, and to build our lives, simple lives, lives with almost nothing, but it will be for us everything, because it will be: us and HKB"H.

But, woe to us, woe to us. What a situation, what a situation, what will be, what will be. How will I describe it...

In the near future, we have Rosh Hashanah, and in the near future, already a bit before Rosh Hashanah, we will see the most difficult things, things that will scare us even more than what's happening now. And don't forget that it's the evildoers, and don't be afraid. Just be with HKB"H. Don't fear. That's the secret, to be with HKB"H - and, not to fear. And we, again, will go up on the island and it won't harm us. What will this island be? The island - it's the faith and the trust in Hashem. And we will build there our houses and our communities. Indeed, these will be very small communities, but it will be the future of Am Yisrael. And we'll get through the time between today and Rosh Hashanah and on every day there will be new news, bitter news, confusing, news of violence, and blood.

But, we will continue and not fear. Because we will hold fast to HKB"H. But, Rosh Hashanah will arrive - and we will cry, we will cry like we've never cried before. And we will cry with many hot tears. And even those who think that they already don't have any tears - it will come. And these are the real-Jews. And the rest, the rest of the 'so-called' Jews, the Erev Rav, they will be cold like ice. They won't feel anything in the heart.

But, we will cry and cry and cry. And we will crown HKB"H. He is the King! He is the King for us, the King! And we will get through the ten days of repentance, again, crying. Again, in difficult news. And then, we arrive to Yom Kippur. And then, the real-Jews again will cry, and they will hear the shofar, and will cry still more. And those who are very much with the truth, will be able even to see Eliyahu HaNavi inside the synagogue, depending on how close they are to HKB"H.

And after this, the whole year will be chock-full of hard things, until we, the real-Jews, will feel that we have no more strength, no strength. But, with G-d's help, we and our families will get through it. But, we will arrive to Purim, and on Purim, this is the time of Haman's fall. Then, the wicked one who was placed over us, he will also go away. He will go away - and not bother us any more.

And then will come the Pesach holiday, and Pesach will bring us to Leil HaSeder and we will sit broken and sad. We will sit beside the table with a few matzot, not much, and we will cry and cry, and we will beg of HKB"H to finally take us out of Egypt. And on the same night, real-Jews will see Eliyahu HaNavi with their eyes when he comes to drink the wine.

And after this, I can't tell much. I can only tell that with G-d's help - motzaei shvi'it Mashiach comes.

Question: What's with the Beit HaMikdash?

Answer: Motzaei shvi'it - it's a whole year. Together with it, I can't tell you a date, I know that we will know, and we will see. And it will clearly be for us Mashiach. What I said to you now - it's only a part, for the sake of giving you a direction. Clearly, before shvi'it already we will see the Mashiach, and there will be the wars, and all that we need to go through after it, but it will give us a lot of chizuk, and already we will see great, huge miracles, I only ask of you, don't break, don't break.

Question: At which stage will be the ingathering of the exiles?

Answer: I can't speak further, but we will see the big things, and we're already seeing big things. We also need to get used to seeing big things, because they're so big that it stops the breathe. A person can die from a heart-attack when he sees these huge things. Therefore, Hashem accustoms us slowly-slowly to see all these things. And we will already see the Mashiach.

Question: About which wicked one are you saying won't be on Purim? There are a lot of evildoers, so of whom are you speaking?

Answer: It's written that there will be a wicked one who will rule here nine months, then we will see his downfall, b'ezrat Hashem.

Question: You said we will be saved, we and our families... Is that despite that in the family are those who are not in the ideal or desirable situation?

Answer: It's not pertinent to what their situation is now. They are victims. But, there are Erev Rav - and there are victims. There are Jews who are simply victims of the society, of the situation. And these children, these people, Hashem will drag them back. They will suffer, because He will drag them powerfully, but he won't allow any Jewish-neshamah to remain. And if they don't have the souls of Jews - then, even their relatives won't miss them.

Question: People are hearing shofarot... They don't want to believe that it's artificial...

Answer: Right, there will be all kinds of false and lying things, because at the end of the thing, the evildoers want to bring their 'false messiah'. So that the whole world will come and will do all that he tells them. And they will do all kinds of 'miracles', but it will all be technology, and not more than that. And the Erev Rav will believe in it!... But, the real-Jews won't believe in it.

But, you need simply to prepare, because right, this that we see them taking off heads in great numbers in various countries at the hands of 'animals-in-the-form-of-persons', it also makes us feel less sensitive to the reality that will be around us, because it's impossible to digest it all at once. It's too hard, especially for a Jewish neshamah. So, slowly-slowly it accustoms us, because even if we don't see the pictures, just thinking about it puts us in these situations.

And it's really very interesting that exactly in these days, on the one hand, these Arabs, the 'wild-animals', these taking off people's heads, and in amazing timing - the black man in the United States is ordering guillotines for the sake of killing people! So, who belongs to which side?... Is it not a bit odd?!... Suddenly, the United States is ordering guillotines! And I really want to know who exactly is the manufacturer of the guillotines. And where is its factory, and to whom else does this manufacturer sell...

Question: We're speaking now about thse viruses in the United States that they don't know what it is...

Answer: Oy, don't pay attention to it... It's to scare people... I will tell you something, I don't believe that they will create bacteria that are capable of killing let's say a million people, chas v'shalom, because it endangers them themselves and there's no control over it like this. But, to scare - they can scare.

And they're beginning to bring out various statistics about the 'ebola', shelo neda. Right, there is such a thing, but I think that the main reason that they're dying from it in Africa - because the filth there is greatest. The hospitals aren't clean, and if they take them to the United States, like they took two doctors who supposedly got the disease, and they came out of the illness healthy and whole... So, what?

And with the 'SARS' in China they did the same thing. Everyone in China went with masks, from fear that they won't be infected. But, in America, a few people became infected from it and no one died... So, that's how it appears to me. But, however it will be - there's no need to fear. Whatever will be with us - it's what needs to be. And if we will succeed in reaching to Mashiach, then good. And if not, G-d forbid - then, in the World to Come, there will also be good for us. But, we're already very close, so I hope that all of us will arrive to the complete redemption, with G-d's help.

Question: In the last years, we saw that every time they did the 'impurity parade', immediately thereafter difficult things happened. In the week ahead, they're planning to go 'impurity-parading' ...in the center of Jerusalem, Hashem yishmor...

Answer: This year it will be much worse, because it is a time that is so close to redemption that Eretz Yisrael can't tolerate it. I don't know what will be - but, it will be something worse than this.

Question: In Netanya, two years ago a synagogue with many Torah scrolls were burned up at the time of a parade...

Answer: Right, it can't pass quietly, but this year - it's a more difficult year, and if it will pass quietly, woe to us.

Question: Also, in the holy places, the war continues in full strength...

Answer: We will pay for it, for our silence. But, not the real-people. Because, now, it's not like the time of the Shoah. In the Shoah, Hashem took the righteous together with the not-so-righteous, and with the wicked. But, now - everyone will be exactly according to his level.

Question: The one goal: to finish off Judaism in the world, by a secret method, and especially in Eretz Yisrael...

Answer: The whole goal of the evildoers is to wipe out Am Yisrael. Because Am Yisrael is like a thorn in their side. Because we are the truth, and they know it, and they are jealous. And they want to wipe us out, these fools, they who could go to war against HKBH, the Almighty, Who created them, and created the whole world. And they're really not intelligent, how is it possible to believe in such a thing?... They believe in the Satan. The Satan - who HKB"H also created. So, what can they do?

But, 'The State of Israel', the Zionists built it with much success, because they wanted to dilute Yiddishkeit, they wanted to introduce Jews to a kind of like type of Yiddishkeit that's completely fake, a Yiddishkeit that 'makes them feel like they are strong' and that 'they are the strongest army in the world' and that 'they're dying for the homeland', and not al kidush Hashem. That they are the rulers. That they are 'the almighty', G-d forbid. And whoever believes in the State, with the lie of all the clowns who are sitting in the Knesset, then he is for sure Erev Rav, really Erev Rav. And all of it is going to disappear. Everything will disappear, all this sheker. That's it.

And also all the 'converts', they have factories, a conveyor-belt of converts, everyone can convert. To be converted and to convert. And that's exactly what they want: to dilute Yiddishkeit.

Question: And we need to understand that if so - our job is to strengthen and to arouse Yiddishkeit...

Answer: We said this, that we will go up on an island with our families, and we will close ourselves, and not allow them. We won't let them. But, there won't be many. Really not many. But, upon this will be built the whole future.


  1. Similar to Moishile. Now Moishile gave his prediction almost 2 weeks ago and warned against the coming weeks, in which it's been business as usual. The usual bad, but not heart stopping in the sense of something new. So this means between now and RH, which is a few days away, something huge will happen, if they are right. Wed. night. The days away.

  2. now is it time to test them if they have true prophecies or not?
    if nothing huge will happen till Rosh Hashana then we can consider them lost in space(false prophets), but if yes?

  3. Whether of not something happens, we still need to work on our selves and improve whatever we ned to. Hold on to our faith and remember that self growth happens one effort at a time. We should just keep trying

  4. Well,they won't ever be believed again. No purpose in all these esoteric proclamations, if not even the gist of these prophecies (never mind 'huge') do not come to pass. Ever read 'When Prophecy Fails'?

  5. As stated by Chazal,a "bad" prophesy can be changed by Hashem, so the "failure" of a bad prophesy is no proof of a false prophet. On the other hand, I remember nearly 20 years ago when before Shabbos that my son Ben (the "Binyamin" quoted here)that something terrible would happen that Friday night in Boro Park. When after Shabbos, I found nothing in the news, my son told me that something terrible did happen, but it was at a spiritual level and not a physical level. Of course, I have no way of verifying such "news." I did learn later that there was a serious problem every Friday night in Boro Park, which I pray has been rectified by now.

  6. Absolutely, Mr. Golden. Otherwise the Prophet Yonah would be a false prophet, G-d forbid!

  7. Yes, Mr Golden, and perhaps it happened but on another planet, or in another world in a different timeset. Most people understand or want prophecies to relate to the everyday world, aka planet Earth, as the average person would.