15 September 2014

"Don't Let Go of the Rope" - Questions and Answers (Conclusion)

21 Elul 5774

Communication with Binyamin - Questions and Answers concluded
 23 Menachem Av 5774

Question: What control they have in the world! Really amazing...

Answer: They have control, but then again they don't. They have until a particular point. There's another thing, that among themselves - they don't have so much 'shalom bayit' with one another. Good, we'll see how it works out...

Question: The street is the scariest. The falsehood is getting more stifling from day to day...

Answer: Right. Good, what can I say, it's something that is simply unbelievable that we've reached a situation so low in the whole world. And to see the Jews, that they are going after all This World, with all their restaurants, and with all their immodest clothes, and with this that also the Chareidim have all kinds of sins with modesty, G-d help us, that never was, certainly among the Chareidim, and if so - then some one individual who wanted to run away from HKB"H. But, today, it's possible to be 'Chareidi' - and produce a mamzer. The street - is very dangerous. And Hashem is sending us the Arabs, who are sometimes stabbing people with knives, because He wants to tell us that the street is not for us at all.

Question: And all those vacations, that people run to them like they're gripped with a ravenous hunger...

Answer: Yes, all the vacations. Before, there were 'bombs' upon our heads, now they've forgotten all the bombs, and they're running with jeeps and swimming pools and etc. Tragic, tragic, all the swimming pools of the Chareidim, the open ones.

Question: On the other hand - now, all the big lies are exposed and it's a thing that helps to open eyes and to see truth...

Answer: Right, but we're not always understanding what's truth and what's not. Only someone who is close to Hashem, who makes efforts to be close to Hashem, and is not submerged too much within materialism. We have to have basic materialism in order to live, but when we become submerged deep within the materialism - it damages for us the vision of the truth and we become dependent on these things, on these toys. But, whoever is closer to Hashem, he has more of a chance to see the truth as it is. He's not afraid to reveal the lie. He's not afraid that he won't have all his materialism. He wants to rid himself from it. And the lie with the Zionists - it's only materialism, there is nothing to this idealism. Only money. And all 'This World' - it all depends on money. And without money - they have no possibility to be with them. They have to at least be like them.

Question: But, also those who aren't friends with them, nevertheless, are creating a designation in common with their lifestyle...

Answer: Right, but it all belongs to or is connected to materialism. And all their thoughts are also materialistic, it's the materialistic look of the world. There's no spirituality in it. None. It's all just materialism. And there's no materialism without money. It's all gashmiut-gashmiut-gashmiut. 'Taste-of-life' with coca-cola, with a 'hechsher'. And in America, it's the peak of it. Exactly. 

[Devash: It sounds to me as if they are alluding here to "religious Zionists" and I'd just refer you to the fact that Naftali Bennett is the head of the National Religious political party - "Jewish Home" - and is a multi-millionaire whose vision of a prosperous Middle East is not far from that of Shimon Peres. And his main argument for herding Chareidim into "full employment" is for a flourishing economy - in other words, monetary gain.]

Question: And all the trips that are about 'holy purity'...

Answer: Trips, trips, trips, all over the world. It doesn't matter if it's dangerous now, nothing matters. The main thing is: The Trips. They're ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of trips! For the sake of materialism. What world-class stupidity. So, that's it, what's to be done, what's to be done... This is really a very hard descent. But, there will be Jews who will rise up.

Question: How did this terrible fall happen?! It's terrible...

Answer: You understand that it's like with Eliyahu HaNavi and the altars, and that the fire has fallen on the altar of the priests of Ba'al, as it's written in books, and that's exactly what is happening now. And Baruch Hashem, because it shows that we are very close to the redemption.

Question: Were we not cast into a situation like this now so that we would need their defense against the Arab missiles?

Answer: Look. I will only tell you, the situation is the situation, and we don't need the Zionists in order to 'help us'. We don't need anything. We trust in Hashem, and the Zionists will do what they will do and the Arabs will do what they are doing. And that's the situation that they have created. And they created it with intention - the first Zionists. And that's everything - their program to bring the final solution, to finish religion, and Jews, G-d forbid. And this is the whole plan of Medinat Yisrael - to turn it into a country like all the countries. And because of it, Lapid can say that he cares if his children will marry gentiles... And it's exactly going with all their idealism, that exactly thus will they finish all of Judaism and the Jews, G-d forbid. They're making them all so many not-true-converts that already it's all gentile. But, Hashem won't allow it!

Question: For sure, the government wants to bring here foreign soldiers...

Answer: Of course, they will bring foreign soldiers. Without a doubt. And with it, we will be a while under the rule-of-gentiles, and the truth is, we are already under the rule of the gentiles. What, they're not gentiles?! Don't they treat us worse than gentiles?! An army that requests, that invites the wicked to come and to participate in the army, how can you send a young man to the army that requests that all these 'feigelach' will come?!...

Question: Now, because of the 'victors' and their arrogance - it's only made it more dangerous, exactly like in the time of the birionim who fought with the Romans, it actually brought the cruel destruction finally...

Answer: Right. There's no possibility, since they began, establishing the State, there's no possibility to stop it. It will roll around and thus Hashem will make it, and it will roll around - until it reaches the end. Hashem is already putting an end to it. 

People don't understand. We don't at all need for them to be 'our protection'. We have HKB"H, and He can kill all the haters - and finished. But, the average-Jewish-Chareidi looks and says: 'Wow, they're all around us and they're so strong! So, of course, we need an army, because how will we survive without an army...,' And the real-Jew says: 'There's already nothing I can do, I can't stop Tzahal, and I can't stop the Arabs, so Hashem will save us. And that's all.'

Question: So, really, all this reality is only bringing us to leave all these things, and to be occupied exclusively with coming closer to Hashem...

Answer: That's it. To be close to Hashem.

Question: What can be said about the tragic disaster that happened here with the Yerushalmi avreich Rav Wallis, z"l, on the eve of the Tisha b'Av fast...

Answer: Good, clearly, clearly it is a message to everyone. It's a message that came to say to everyone where we need to be. He was a true warrior for the sake of the truth. He was killed, and Hashem forced all those who were against him to come and to tell good things about him, and to appear by the masses at his funeral, even though they were very against what he did.

Question: But, despite this, there were those who continued with the talk and the stories against him...

Answer: I understand that they said various things. But, it doesn't matter, Hashem forced them to come and escort him to where he needed to arrive, they had no choice. In any case, it was very difficult for them, and it made them really bad to get there, and even with all the stories that they told - it wasn't enough. They hated him so much. But, they had to stand there like good children and give him honor. And for them, it was really like eating gravel...

Question: We're approaching Rosh Hashanah. Once, you all said about the year 5775 that it's after everything...  'תשע"ה' is like 'תשעה' (The letters representing the year 5775 spell out the number 'nine'.) - nine months of pregnancy...

Answer: That's what I said. Very clear, that we will have the Beit HaMikdash, b'ezrat Hashem... On motzaei shvi'it... It's all a process... And the Mashiach will come, and I hope to see him more with G-d's help and afterwards on motzaei shvi'it, everything needs to be built already, with G-d's help. That's what we said. I can't say more precisely, because Hashem is the One who decides, and He can decide something else suddenly, but it's close-close, no doubt at all.


  1. how is an autistic person able to engage in such a rapid fire give and take about politics?

  2. How do you know how long it took?

  3. While I was not personally at this session, because I cannot follow "such a rapid fire give and take about politics" when done in Hebrew, as the father of Binyamin I know he can respond very quickly. My son was only out of our home for a couple hours for this session. Why does Israel wonder "how is an autistic person able to engage in such a rapid fire give and take about politics?"

  4. All that Binyamin says, I agree.
    The best and only thing for all who believe in Hashem, Noahides too, is to just depend on Hashem, to do Teshuva, and not look to the so called leaders of this world.
    Hashem is in charge and in control.
    May Hashem help all those who are seeking H-m in earnest. Amain.

  5. Thank you for commenting, Mr. Golden.

  6. Thank you very much for this translation. I am glad Binyamin's father see's the comments - I would love to thank Binyamin for being the shliach tova of much chizuk!

  7. “Rope concept” is very well explained in Tanya (Igrot Hateshuva, Chapter 5). Here is the summary:
    “The source of Godly soul and its decent In our world in order to clothe itself in the body starts from the inner part of the Supreme Speech, so to say Supreme Breath, which corresponds to the lower ה of the Holy Name. “…and He blew in the nostrils a soul of life and man became a living soul”
    “It says that the portion of Hashem is his people, Yaakov – portion (חבל) of His inheritance. The Yaakov is compared here with a rope, where one end is tight to the above and another is to the bottom.
    The literal sense of the phrase “and He blew” gives an example, that when a person strongly blows his breath but if there is an obstacle which obstructs the flow of air, his breath will not ascend and will not reach its destination. Same can happened if there is something which obstructs connection between person’s body and Supreme Breath. In reality, there is nothing in material and spiritual which can be an obstruction for Him, Bless be He, because Hashem fills all the worlds.
    So, Isaiah tells us “only your sins separate you from your God” and the reason for this is separation between person’s desires and Supreme Desire. And that is called karet (כרת), which is to cut, to chop a rope. So when the rope is cut or chopped, the stream, which comes from the name Havaye, bless be He, from the lower ה is blocked. It says in parsha Emor “and destroyed (chopped נכרתה) that soul in front of Me, I am your Lord”
    There are other sins which are not punished by karet, but the damage to the soul very tremendous. And that is called “damage” (פגם) from the word “notch (פגימת) on the knife”
    You can compare this to the thick rope which is made up of 613 thin threads. This rope is comes from above and combined of 613 commandments. So when person breaks one of the Laws of Torah, God forbid, he cuts one thread and that thin thread becomes broken.
    Even those, who were sentenced to karet and death sometimes have an impression from his Godly soul in their bodies and because of this they still can live up to 50-60 years but not more. Arizal explains, bless be his memory, that person becomes an entrance to the different forces and it is not relative to the physical life of the body.”
    As we are in the month of Teshuva, think about what brought us all to such a terrible situation we are in right now.
    דמוקרטיה - DEMOCRACY
    דם – BLOOD
    ו - ROPE
    כרת - KARET
    יה - HASHEM

    In order for us to help ourselves, we have to get rid of democracy and all that nonsense, people brainwashed with and proclaim Hashem to be our King, to state His laws and obey them and then Mashiach will step in our reality.
    Have a Sweet and Meaningful New Year, that we all be inscribed in the Book of Living.

  8. "how is an autistic person able to engage in such a rapid fire give and take about politics?"

    I've worked with people with autism. Now there are many levels of autism, some where the person cannot speak at all, others where you have to look very hard and know what to look for.

    Let me say in general, I believe that these aided communications are real and I say that because the truth just rings like bells from their words. They hit the issues that are way too subtle for most people or clouded over by the media. The constant references to tznius are right on. So are the depictions of the rich stealing all the money. Most people are clueless about this.

    But this particular conversation seemed to really require familiarity with numerous current issues, not just the essential problems. And the back and forth seemed quite rapid. So maybe he is a much higher functioning person. But if so, then I'd wonder how he can get so many truths so clearly.

  9. yes, mashiach will come. SUDDENLY. and NO ONE will be ready for this. ESPECIALLY the "religious". who knows? maybe he's here right now!

  10. Thank you to Mr. Golden for the comment and explanation.

    I value every message and was especially glad to see the emphasis on the divisiveness withn the Dark Side. Those serving the Dark Side (whether as leaders or as unaware serfs) look so friendly and united; they speak so convincingly about good relationships and unity. It is quite deceptive.

    The Torah and Chazal stress that only tzaddikim can be truly united; rashaim cannot.

    We see so many examples of this.
    The Muslim world loves to talk of "Muslim brotherhood" and "pan-Arab" and calling each other "brother" or "sister" while they are killing and tormenting each other, sometimes within their own home to their closest family members.
    One of many examples in the West is the not-so-hidden animosity between the Obamas and Clintons. And even within their marriages, there is lack of shalom (and even basic fidelity).
    The peace-loving kumbaya singers suffer a high divorce rate because they can't get along with each other on an individual level, let alone a global level.
    This does not even touch on the the rabid lashon hara the most liberal social activists use casually with each other.

    It helps me to remember their innate disunity when I see or read of their smooth smiles and pretty words.

  11. Dassie, excellent points.