17 September 2014

"And If the Jews Won't Understand the Message..."

23 Elul 5774

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem,  25 Menachem Av 5774 

"And If the Jews Won't Understand the Message..."

I want to tell you all: We have just one thing - and that is, our connection with HKB"H. There's nothing more real than this. Not our friends, and not husbands and not wives, and not our children. Everything varies from lifetime to lifetime. But, one thing remains eternally, and that is - our connection with HKB"H. We are the children - and He is the Father. We are His people - and He is the Almighty. We are just the receivers of the Truth - and everything is from His Torah. There's nothing else.

And that's all we need to learn from history, from Adam HaRishon until today, and until the geulah shleimah. This is what Hashem wants to teach us: 'There's nothing besides Him'! There's nothing. We have nothing - only our connection with Him. Not with our houses, not with our cars, not with our hobbies, not with our job, not with any relative, and not with our friends. It's all temporary and will disappear. What will remain - it's just us and HKB"H. Nothing more.

And whoever understands this, and learns it, and internalizes it, and it becomes a part of him, and he's sure of it a million percent - he gets the most spiritual enjoyment straight from HKB"H. And only a person like this will get through the troubles that will come upon us, Hashem yishmor, in the near future, and which have already begun. A person like this will be able to get through all of these troubles, and come out with a smile on his face, straight into the World-to-Come of Mashiach.

And the remainder of the real Jews who don't feel this, Hashem will bring them to much suffering, until they will understand that ayn od milevado. That's that. "Ayn od milevado!"  And when we will arrive to the world of Mashiach - this will be our life, without questions, without materialism to confuse us. And it will be for us all that we need. But, we will only want our connection with HKB"H. There will be no other goal in life, only this thing: to reach more truth, and more truth, and more truth, without end. For eternity.

Question: The question is, how do we reach this relationship, this feeling?

Answer: I can't tell you exactly. I can only tell you once more: nothing belongs to us - not the people around us, not the relatives around us, not houses, not one material thing, and not one personal relationship. Only HaKadosh Baruch Hu. And if you want a connection with HKB"H - then, please, make a connection. Seclude yourselves, speak to Him. And you see that if you speak and request from Him - there's an answer. And it doesn't take a lot of time until the answer arrives, usually.

Question: Which means that we need more and more to cut ourselves off from other things...

Answer: Detach oneself from all the emotions. Emotions - that's the hardest thing. And it's full of the Evil Inclination, but we need to detach, to neutralize these emotions. We need to love our children, and our friends, and etc - but to understand that this is temporary.

Question: A synagogue was destroyed in the shelling, and also, there were fatalities,  what's the message?

Answer: Very clear. First thing, Tzahal needs to do teshuvah. Second thing, the government needs to do teshuvah. Third thing, all the people need to do teshuvah. To understand that now, they are alive only by a miracle, not more and not less. And if it's a miracle - then only need to say to HKB"H: 'Thank you'. Not to Tzahal, and not to 'Iron Dome', and not to anything. Only to HKB"H.

Question: And the fact that it was a synagogue that was  hit - what does that mean?

Answer: A synagogue - if shrapnel or a rocket fell there - then it's very clear. Apparently, our prayers are not so real. And if, G-d forbid, G-d forbid, the situation will worsen - then woe to us, if we don't get the message.

Question: Chareidim, mostly, won't get the message, so for whom are we waiting?

Answer: I believe that every true Jew - will get the message.

The communication continues with Aharal'e:

I want to say that if the Jews will not do teshuvah and won't understand what Binyamin wrote, then Hashem will bring them to this understanding, Hashem yishmor, that they will understand that ayn od milevado. Nothing. And if, G-d forbid, HKB"H begins to show us that we have nothing, just Him - then, it won't be easy. It'll be the most difficult.

I advise Am Yisrael to do teshuvah quickly. All this war - it's the beginning. It's just the beginning. There are still more things that are about to be fulfilled. And it's worth it for us to understand now that 'there's nothing besides Him', that He gives us everything and He's the Almighty. 

And if the government, including the Chareidim there, don't understand this - Woe to them. Woe it will be to them. And whoever believes that Tzahal is "the Almighty", G-d forbid - Woe to them. And whoever believes that the health funds can restore health to everyone - Woe to them. And whoever believes that the State will protect the residents - Woe to them. And woe to us with all the falsehood, woe to us with all the sheker.

We need only to focus on one thing: On Hashem. He's the Almighty, He - and only He - is ours. He's the Abba, He's the Imma, He's the children, He's everything. We are His, exclusively His. But, there are more things that are about to be, and we need to be with Hashem. To be with Hashem. Do you understand?...

[This concludes the communication session that was posted on August 27, 2014.]


  1. it's hard for me to understand the idea that our loved ones can be imaginary. this it's all an illusion stuff sounds hindu to me

  2. I don't think that's what he's saying at all. It's like when Rabbi Mizrachi talks about babies being old souls in infant bodies. Most people think of babies as something new rather than recycled, for wont of a better way to put it.

    Galia is today her mother's daughter, but in her previous lifetime, she was her mother's own mother.

    We read in the Gemara (I believe it is) about a rabbi whose sons die and his wife comes to him with a mashal and says that someone loaned her something valuable and has now come to collect, does she have to give it back and he says 'yes' and she then tells him that HKB"H has collected the souls of their sons which He had given them 'on loan.'

    I think he's getting more at the other aspect of 'ayn od milevado'. It's not that our relatives are illusions - certainly not. It's the idea that they or anything else in the world BELONGS to us that is the illusion. It's all HASHEM, because it all belongs to Him. We don't even have mastery over our own lives, because they belong to Hashem, too!

    I hope that helps. These are not easy concepts to put into words.

  3. "We don't even have mastery over our own lives, because they belong to Hashem, too!"

    So here's what's confusing about that. I work in an American corporation where they expect me to be so aggressive and confident all the time. They want me to "take ownership" of this thing and that thing. To be in control, to make things happen.

    It's pretty hard to do that all day long and then at the same time to believe with a full heart that I have mastery over nothing.

    And why do I have such a job? - so I can come up with the money to be frum!

    1. I hear you! Feeling the same way and not just regarding being in control but also in regards to everything Binyamin mentioned including all the value that's heavily placed on our emotions, how we constantly feel, how we look, who we're friends with, money, and immorality. Even among the more religious communities its all the same. Our lives have become all sheker. These messages give me comfort though bc it then makes sense to me that we're in the darkest of the dark in regards to the galut. We're constantly struggling to think properly and act like proper Jews. Hoping and praying haShem redeems us soon bc this is getting really hard and tiring. Ketiva v' chatima Tova!

  4. What's confusing? You live in Eisav-land and this is the world of Eisav. What's confusing you is trying to be Israel (the higher level of Yaaqov) while being forced into an Eisav-mold. Your name should be a clue to what your mission is in this life. And it's why you have the kind of job that you do. Your challenge and your mission is to rise up to the level of Israel. Now, when you get to Eretz Israel, the same choice is likely to confront you, because you can get the same kind of job here in a place that is just like Eisav-land. This is your test - to break free of Eisavian mentality and choose a lifestyle more fitting of Israel.

    Anyway, that's my read on it.

    I can't speak for the American Jewish community. I was never an American Jew, so I don't know, but I know Eretz Israel and I know that many people choose to live simply in order to capitalize on their spirituality and it is possible to be "frum" with much less money here.

    See more about this concept of "Israel" here.

  5. Mind if I ask whe you are originally from, Devorah?

  6. I'm originally from Texas, but I converted nearly 20 years ago and came immediately to Israel. I was only in a Jewish community for a year and a half in Denver. And yes, they were rich and we were not. Israel suits me just fine, thank you. ;-)

  7. I should explain further that I made a trip to Israel before making the final decision to convert because my simple reading of the Torah said that it's a mitzvah for Jews to live here. I did not want to become a Jew and immediately begin to sin by not living in the Holy Land. So, I came to check it out and fell hopelessly in love - with Hashem's gift of the Land and the Torah and with Hashem, of course! I was no Zionist. I had no concept of 'Zionism' and this was before internet. In fact, I was quite shocked to find, after having made aliyah, that Judea and Samaria were not technically part of Israel and that there were Arabs in the Knesset and that all Jews were not "religious."

  8. Israel, I hope I did not offend you.I take your concerns very seriously.

  9. Wow Devorah, thanks for answering. Didnt know you are a convert. May Hashem bless you.

  10. My profoundest thanks to Anonymous above and to Dassie - you know what I mean. ;-)

    This reminds me of something a dear friend likes to say when anyone asks him how he is. His reply is: "Happy to be with the chosen people in the promised land."

    Me, too!