24 September 2014

Moishela: "We Are The Chosen People"

29 Elul 5774
Erev Rosh Hashanah

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Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
24 Elul 5774 (Sept 18, '14)

We Are The Chosen People

I want to say to everyone, to explain to everyone what we have to do to save ourselves, what Am Yisroel has to do to be Zoche to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu. As I told you before, there are going to be great and terrible happenings in the near future, things that we never dreamed of, things that are very frightening. The fear is already upon us. There are so many, so many fearful things happening in peoples’ daily lives in the world at large etc., but soon in order to survive, we will have to hold tight, so-to-speak, to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, hold tight to the rope, the spiritual rope that connects us to Hashem. If we could only see it, if we could only feel it, that rope that brings us close to Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

The greatest test is yet to come and we as Jews are going to soon be persecuted openly, and when that happens only one thing will save us, because we can’t fight a physical war against the Reshoim. It won’t work. We’ll have to fight a spiritual battle. We have to hold on to our Yiddishkeit and refuse, absolutely refuse to go down in any way. We have to cling together, grouping together, closing ourselves off to the world at large. We have to keep the Torah in the strictest way so as not to fall, not to be afraid of the cruel enemy. We have to know always that Hashem is with us, and that we are ready even to die, but not to do, Chas Vesholom, what the Reshoim want us to do, and that is to leave our Yiddishkeit behind, to become like them, to become nothing, to become cruel creatures like they are. They will persecute the Jews. However they plan to kill nine tenths of the world population. Jews are certainly not nine tenths of the world’s population, so mostly they are going to kill non-Jews. However their anger will be at us. They can’t stand us because we are for sure The Chosen People and that rubs them absolutely wrong, and makes them irrational and wild, and wanting to get revenge on us because Hashem chose us. They want to rule from Eretz Yisroel because they know that only from here you can rule the world, but what they don’t take into consideration is that Hashem will never let them do it, because truly we are The Chosen People, no matter what they want to believe, and truly Hakodosh Boruch Hu will wipe the evil ones off the face of the earth.

We are a small downtrodden people that have wandered for almost two thousand years from place to place being harassed, being killed, having to live without sustenance, sometimes being able to survive in a place and become rich, only to lose our wealth to the wild Goyim that were so jealous of us, and are still jealous of us. This Golus has been hard and bitter, even though we’ve had a respite here and there to gather our strengths together.

However now is the final battle. We are weak people physically. We are very small in number, but Hashem is Hakol Yachol, and He will be with us, and with Hashem we outnumber them a billion to one, or even more, because they don’t have a chance in the world, because Hakodosh Boruch Hu is the Ribbono Shel Olam and the Hakol Yachol, and He will defeat them in, so-to-speak, a blink of the eye. What we have to do is take courage and refuse to bow to them, refuse to do what they are going to ask of us to do and they are already asking of us to leave our Yiddishkeit. They are already putting rules and regulations in Medinas Yisroel to destroy Am Yisroel. They have a plan all set and they think they are winning. However, whoever laughs last laughs hardest, and we are going to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, even though it will be very very sad, but the only way to defeat them is not to leave our Yiddishkeit, not to leave Hakodosh Boruch Hu, to always be His sons, His loyal sons and daughters always forever. We must teach our children that we must stay loyal to Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

We are a spoiled generation that has no idea of sacrifice, but we are going to have to sacrifice. We are going to have to do things that we thought only the former generations had to do. We come from an “enlightened” generation, but now we see it’s definitely not an enlightened generation, definitely not. It’s as dark as any of the darkest ages that were, and as furious and as mean and as bloodthirsty as any pogrom that ever existed. We must, must close ourselves off, close ourselves off from the world, and not let the Tumah come in. If they demand from us things that we are not willing to do, we must not do them. If they want to take away our Bris Milah or something of that sort, we must do it anyway. This is worse than communist Russia. This is worse than any of the situations Yidden have been in throughout this bitter Golus, and we have to stay strong. We have to stand strong, and not give in. I’m afraid that many Yidden will give in Chas Vesholom. It doesn’t mean they are Erev Rav. It means that if they are true Jews they will come back. Hashem will force them back, but it will be with a great amount of pain. Those who stay steadfastly loyal to Hashem will have very much less pain. It will go much more smoothly for them, even though there will be much fear and anxiety, but still it will be easier for us.

So let me tell you Am Yisroel, we are going to have to prove ourselves, even though we come from a very spoiled materialistic background, from a world that never knew more Gashmius than the world of after World War Two, and we will have to take courage and remind ourselves of who we really are, and never let go of that spiritual rope that connects us to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and if we do that our reward will be the greatest ever, and we will be eternally Hashem’s chosen ones.

I also want to remind Am Yisroel of the love Hashem has for every Jew that helps another Jew in any way. Hashem loves those who help His people, His children, and He is the kindest and the most forgiving of those people, but the Chessed has to be Leshem Shomayim, Mamash Leshem Shomayim, from caring really inside for every single Jew. Every single Jew is born with that spark of caring for another Jew, but that feeling that another Jew is like a person’s family that you must care for them. This generation with its Gashmius has made so many Jews bicker and fight with each other, speak Loshon Horah about each other, speak Motzi Shem Ra about each other in a terrible way, and this is because of all the jealousy that comes out of too much Gashmius, and we must, must pull up that love that is inborn in every single Jew, that’s natural in every single Jew, and do Chessed wherever we can for whoever we can, and don’t forget Chessed starts at home. Your first Chessed has to be to your wife or to your husband, your children etc., to your parents, and after that to Am Yisroel as a whole.

I want to tell you also that you don’t have too much time to prepare yourselves, to prepare yourselves spiritually, so you won’t suffer so much. We will be void of money. We will be void of luxuries. Life will come down to the bare necessities, but Hashem won’t let us starve, and He won’t make us die, Be’ezras Hashem. He will give us what we need. He won’t let us be thirsty or hungry. We will live Be’ezras Hashem, but we have to do ours, and not be afraid and not give in to the evil ones who will try to bend us to their ways.

I want also to tell you that each person has a mother and father and you must honor them truly, and love them. You must respect them and do their will, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your Yiddishkeit. You must revere your parents especially the parents that are Ma’aminim (believers) and Shomrei Mitzvos, because they, even if they give you trouble, are still your parents and you still have an obligation to them to always have respect and treat them in a kind respectful manner. Don’t forget this. This is very important.

Also I want to say that too many of our Yidden lie. They lie to each other for all kinds of materialistic reasons, lie to their families because they want to do things their families probably wouldn’t like. We lie about our age. We lie about our backgrounds. We lie about everything. We’re full, riddled with lies. That has to stop. Lying is a terrible defect and we have to tell the truth, because if we don’t tell the truth we can never understand a world of truth. We can never even fathom what truth means. So please do away with the Sheker. The Sheker is killing us, the Sheker that we love to believe. We want to believe the Sheker because it’s easier. It seems easier, but it’s not. It’s not easier at all, so please Am Yisroel please look for the truth say the truth even though it’s not popular. Say the truth the way it is. Say the truth. For example, when you see a woman that is not Tzniusdik, you’re supposed to say the truth - that she looks like a street urchin, and not a Frum lady, that she looks like she’s not married with her fancy Sheitel. That is truth, but you can and must say that it’s forbidden, because if more people would say it’s forbidden, it would disappear and more people would become closer to Hashem. There are many examples that you could talk about. I only gave one, but we have to tell the truth. Always tell the truth. Always want the truth. Always want to live the truth, and Hashem’s name is Truth with a capital T.

I want to say that we are very much like the Dor Hamabul, so many dishonest people among us and even if we aren’t thieves and haven’t stolen millions of dollars. Still we often steal less than a Prutah here and there. It doesn’t matter who we’re taking from, the State, our friends, the bank, whatever. We have no problem with being dishonest when it comes to filling out official forms for example food stamps in America or Bituach Leumi in Israel, forms that don’t show our whole and truthful financial picture. Thievery has become almost a way of life in this generation as we can see from the news about so many of our leaders who are being accused and even are sitting in prison for this same Aveira. There are people who are very Makpid on being honest and there are people that are not. Therefore a few people that actually make very much money on taking what’s not theirs, even though they look like the model Jew that are helping other Jews so much. I warn those Jews that are dishonest, they are going to pay a high price for it. There are those with Jewish Neshomas that have made mistakes, but they are going to suffer in order to come back. I beg you Am Yisroel don’t pretend to be great philanthropists, great Baalei Chessed when most of your money is gotten through dishonest means.

I want to tell you also that our Frum world is full of Tinofes, of dirt, of spiritual dirt. Our women, not all of them, but many of them look like screen stars, movie stars with their long fancy Sheitels, with tight skirts, short tight skirts. Bais Yaakov girls many of them don’t look like what you are supposed to look like, and even if to school they go more or less dressed in an acceptable way because they have uniforms, afternoons they dress in a much less Tzniusdik way. The husbands of today, even the Avreichim many of them are without beards because the ladies don’t like beards. Many of them wear also tight clothes that is not suitable to an Avreich, and many of them want women that look like they are unmarried. They don’t mind. They are even happy when other men look at their wives. Don’t scream at me, “It’s not true!” because it is true and it has infested almost every part of this Jewish world of ours and there are unfortunately many many, cases of adultery in our community which is an act that we once thought was only suitable to Goyim, but many of our people are guilty of it also. Even people that are not Baalei Teshuva, some of them boasting great Yichus may still produce Mamzeirim. It’s a very terrible thing. It’s a very terrible Aveirah, very terrible and they don’t only do this with unmarried women, but also with married women which is a major Aveirah whose punishment is death, but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. The Psak that’s given often is, “As long as your husband doesn’t know anything, its fine. It’s fine. You could stay together.”

I’m sorry Am Yisroel, but all this Gashmius has gone to our heads and made us not normal, made us go in the way of the Goyim. We lust after the ways of the Goyim. We want to be free, not everybody Boruch Hashem, but those who want to be free of the restrictions of the Torah are more than those who want to be under the yoke of Hakodosh Boruch Hu. So I’m warning you, to those who are guilty of such Aveiras, if you have the Neshomas of Jews, do Teshuva. Do Teshuva, but the strongest Teshuva you can do, and come back to Hashem. You can do Teshuva but it won’t be easy and the punishment is a hard one, but it will be much worse if you don’t do Teshuva.

The final thing that I want to talk about in this discussion is that we must believe with all our hearts and souls that only Hakodosh Boruch Hu is the ruler of all existence. We must believe that whatever He does to us or for us is what is supposed to be and is the best thing for us, whether we live because of it or die because of it, Chas Vesholom. It’s the best for us whatever He does for us. If He makes us paupers or He makes us rich, if He gives us fifteen children or no children, Chas Vesholom, it’s all for our benefit, and whatever we suffer through in this life, we should know it’s not forever. This kind of life is not forever. Once we have the Geula Shelaima, then we’ll have eternity Be’ezras Hashem. Right now the suffering is limited. However you must believe with all your heart and soul with all your might that there is no one like Hakodosh Boruch Hu. He is the Creator of the world. He’s everything there is nothing else but Him. His Oneness is the only Oneness and we are one with Him.

I don’t have really any more to write. I just want to say Tatti and Mommy, thank you.

Q: What do you want to tell us about the white horse that you spoke about?

A: I want to tell you that the white horse is a false Moshiach, and he will be pristine white and then he will become brown and we will know he is only a fake. He will fall very hard and become brown which means that he is not Moshiach. The white horse represents great danger to Am Yisroel. There will be a few false messiahs that will appear and try to make us believe that they are the seed of David Hamelech but one of these imposters will be extremely convincing but in the end the truth will be revealed and he will be destroyed with all the Reshoim.

What can I do? What can I do? Soon it will be over. Soon we will have the Geula Shelaima. We just have to hold on, just to hold on.


  1. Even just making a verbal commitment and then working on it step by step will help. May Hashem protect us, we should trust in Him

  2. Thanks for the chizuk, s.

    Wow, this message is terrifying. According to what he says here, I'm for sure not ready. We just really must absolutely do our best to be honest with ourselves and pour that out to Hashem; that's what this is all about.
    Gmar chatima tova to everyone.

  3. Zechariah 13:8 - " And it shall come to pass throughout all the land, says the Lord, two parts of it shall be cut off. They shall perish, and the third shall remain therein."

    Majority of Israelis support religion-state separation

    The majority of the Israeli public is in favor of separating religion from the state, and 70 percent of Israelis support public transportation on Shabbat...

    Sixty-eight percent said they disagree with claims made by ultra-Orthodox officials during the Gaza operation that yeshiva students provide protection to the nation by studying Torah and reciting prayers.

    ..61 percent are in favor of seeing religious matters separated in the state, and 84 percent believe Israel must guarantee all citizens freedom of religion.