04 September 2014

Zionism as Religion

10 Elul 5774

An IDF Muslim poster boy. Can you believe it? And what about that strange statement - "Zionism is more than a religion." Where did that come from? IS Zionism a religion? 

More coming on this subject soon, iy"H.

Meanwhile, the new world religion of the globalists is getting a push forward...

Israel's Peres pitches "UN of Religions" to pope

Retired Israeli President Shimon Peres has proposed a new global peace initiative to Pope Francis: A "United Nations of Religions," given that most wars today have religious, not nationalistic, undercurrents.

The Vatican said Peres pitched the initiative during a 45-minute audience Thursday in the Apostolic Palace. The two men last met when Francis invited the then-Israeli president and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to pray for peace together in the Vatican gardens on June 8.


  1. To those who have read somewhat on this new world avodah zorah, it is not at all surprising that their representative of the church in Israel is pushing this - it was his next task. This is why there is so much demonization of religion, in general, Judaism, in particular, at this time of history (as the neviim have predicted) that athiesm, et al will be promoted and that is why the world is confused. It's just like Moishele wrote about how it's all scripted (long ago) for the takeover of the world. More people are beginning to be aware of this chilul of chilulei H' and are not so surprised. That's why your recent articles are so imperative to be publicized as much as possible. Many unaware, unknowledgable and confused Jews out there, unfortunately.

  2. The Brisker Rav said, "Two things are certain: 1) Zionism is idolatry, and 2) every Jew living in Eretz Yisroel stumbles in Zionism." (Uvdos Vehanhagos Leveis Brisk, v. 4 p. 197)
    The Satmar Rebbe related that he spoke with the Chazon Ish about the question of yeshivas and chinuch institutions accepting money from the Zionist government. The Chazon Ish said, “There is no heter for this.” When the Rebbe pointed out that there were some rabbis who took money, the Chazon Ish replied, “They are not rabbanim; they just daven Mincha and Maariv.” (Tiferes Yoel v. 1 p. 56; v. 3 p. 102)
    The Chazon Ish said: Who keeps mitzvohs in our time and is still considered a non believer? Anyone who claims that it is the fault of the rabbis that 6 million Jews were murdered in Europe, and anyone who celebrates Independence Day (Reb Aharon Roter)

    Yisroel Tzion

  3. With all due respect wouldn't it be a better idea not to be so pointedly divisive right now and not, G-d forbid bring a negative light onto Rav Kook?

  4. Apropos to this are the comments to articles about the passing of Jewish commedienne Joan Rivers that are all over the internet today - Jews praising her as a staunch ally and defender of the Jewish State. And yet, by her very public rejection of the laws of our Holy Torah (she "presided" over toeivah "marriages"), she removed herself from Klal Yisrael...

    6 Of Our Favorite Queer Joan Rivers Moments

    Jews who are faithful to our Torah and mesorah can no longer sit by silently while Zionism presumes to define Judaism!

  5. "Religious Zionism which is as idolatrous" [they don't follow the Torah?]
    "Rabbi Kook persuasion" [this is not clear, what do you mean here?]

    I need a bit more elucidation about your above wording? I have been reading your recent posts -- maybe it didn't jump out at me before.

    re the vulture: I'm so sick of seeing his face in the papers, worming his way into everything ….! Why doesn't he retire? Oh, yes, I forgot, he did retire??

    Good erev Shabbat

  6. The State of Israel was supposed to be the antidote to assimilation.
    Today we have assimilation within the State of Israel; how ironic!

  7. Neshama, the sad fact of history is that while many Jews followed the Torah, they added to it against the Torah's own clear command not to. I'm referring here to the practice of SOME (who call themselves religious Zionists) to idolize the land (separate and apart from why it was given), the army, the government, etc. We've been hearing such accusations from the chareidi public for many generations. I think it's time to look into it more closely to see if they have any basis.

    Others were confused also by what I wrote, so I've removed it for now, while I flesh out these thoughts and look up sources and write a more coherent treatment of the subject. I hope to have it up next week sometime, including why I made the reference that I did to the yeshiva known as the "Kook" Yeshiva - Mercaz HaRav. I,in no way, meant to cast any aspersions against Rav Avraham HaCohen Kook of blessed memory!!

    I'll welcome your input on this new topic next week, iy"H.

    Shabbat shalom!

  8. Thanks very much for clearing that up, Devash. (And thanks to Neshama for requesting the clarification.)
    I, too, was wondering what you meant about Rav Kook, who has inspired me so much, but seems to be misunderstood/misrepresented by some of the very people who claim to follow his hashkafah the most.
    Looking forward to your fleshed-out thoughts....