08 September 2014

"Don't Let Go of the Rope"

13 Elul 5774

Communication with Binyamin
 23 Menachem Av 5774

"Don't Let Go of the Rope"

I want to say to you all: Don't be afraid! There's nothing to fear. What can they do to us, chalilah, take off the head, chas v'shalom...? They won't take off our heads, b'ezrat Hashem. So, what can they do to us?... For whoever trusts in Hashem - it doesn't matter what happens - the Jew will be okay. Maximum, he'll go to Olam Haba. He won't feel any pain and he'll get through it quietly, and he'll arrive in Olam Haba.

But, I also want to say that to die would be easier, and to live will be much harder... Why will it be harder? Because, to live - it's to live with heartache, with the feeling that the world is full of lies and impurity, and to feel that we, people of truth, are so few, and that it doesn't appear how we are going to come out of it at all.

But, those who trust in Hashem, they know that Hashem will take us out from it, and all the evildoers He will erase from the world. And whoever goes with this knowledge and depends completely on all the prophecies and depends upon HaKadosh Baruch Hu, because He's the Almighty, and He loves His people, and He wants to protect every Jewish soul, whoever feels this - won't be afraid. And He knows that we are going only for the good, it doesn't matter what will happen around us, we're going only for the good.

And like we already said that it will be, the world is going more and more to sheker (lies). The light is going to become less and less and it will be more and more dark, until it's almost a problem to see where you're going. There are threats from all directions. A threat in the house, a threat in the street, a threat wherever we go. We want a vacation, we travel to some vacation spot, then also there, there's a threat. All over the world, there is fear.

Once, people would go up in an airplane without fear, and now - everyone is so happy when they land, because it's really a question whether they will arrive in peace... G-d help us. All the taste of life has disappeared. All the taste of the materialism of life and even the taste of spirituality. Because spirituality - it's also hiding from us, at least some of it. And only those who really trust in Hashem - won't lose the spiritual taste. Only they are not losing this taste. But, all those who are a-bit-of-lie-and-a-bit-of-truth, they're going to lose everything. Because there's not 'a-bit-of-lie-and-a-bit-of-truth' together. It's not called 'achdut'. The good and the bad together, in one place - it's not considered achdut. 'Achdut' (unity) - it's only the real Jew with soul, that's all truth, with HKB"H. And that's achdut. And not anything else. 

And therefore, whoever wants to be in unity with Hashem and with Am Yisrael has to take out all the sins from within himself. All the goyische things he collected during these lives, and throw it all in the trash bin and burn it and remain clean. Then, it's possible to powerfully feel HKB"H. And it won't at all be a problem to hold fast on the rope, on the spiritual rope that connects us to Him, with Hashem.

But, if we think that it is possible now to hold on to materialism as well as spirituality - it won't go. Won't go! And as can be seen, a person like this, who in his stubbornness, takes hold of these two things, and he's sure that a bit of spirituality is enough - then, this person, as can be seen, is Erev Rav, and he'll disappear from the world.

World chaos, confusion. Even all that the heads of state are relating, why there is suddenly some army of cruel Muslims who are controlling Iraq, more or less, suddenly, and they are relating to us all kinds of stories about 'from where they came and how they suddenly came to be'. And it's all a lie. And there's example after example now.

And now, we're worried... In fact, not worried, the Jews are happy, hearing sounds all over the world...  They're sure it's the shofar... I never heard a shofar with a noise like this... It's more like a horror-movie, or some siren before an explosion... that's how it sounds. It's not like a shofar. All over the world, in every place they are hearing it. And I heard now that already they're hearing 'marching' together with the sounds... So, who are these marchers...? Then, surely they want to tell that these are the creatures from outer space who want to come and rule over our world...

It's all nonsense. It's not a shofar. When it will be the real shofar - we will know. It will be so strong, but it will also be quiet. And it will enter straight within our heart. And the sound - a sound of momentary silence. And it will penetrate within our heart and soul. And even, perhaps, it won't enter us, it may be that it will go out from within ourselves! But, it will be clear what it is, will be clear that it's holy. It's holiness. And it will come straight from Heaven.

So, what I'm saying to you now - I'm saying it so you won't fall into the trap. So you won't think it's true, while it's entirely false. The evildoers will base all kinds of things on our prophecies, and try to make up, and to create also a sense of vision, and also smell, and also in hearing, something that it will be 'like Mashiach', in 'skin of Mashiach'. And many will believe in it, because they want to believe in it.

They have technology that is capable of bringing and creating all kinds of mirrors, within the air, without the need of any screen, a spectacle within the air, three-dimensional, that we will be sure it is real, really real!... And it will all be a lie, every bit of it will be a lie. They will make "wondrous things", like things that a person was never capable of doing, but it will all be a lie. All sheker.

And it will confuse the nation, and it will confuse the people of this world, and the gentiles - will accept it by the multitudes, and the Jews, to our great sorrow, they also - by the multitudes they will accept it. And it will all be a lie. 

We need to be careful in all the news. From all the news that we're hearing - the majority is false. And it's based on lies. We need to check for ourselves. We need to look in the prophecies, we need to read the prophets so we'll know what's the truth. We need to pray so we won't be deceived, so we won't be confused with this enormous lie. Because they know how to persuade. But, whoever knows the truth, whoever is connected to HKB"H - he will know, and it will be clear to him that it is a lie.

Also, today, those who are closest to Hashem - see falsehood. There is falsehood so great here in the State of Israel - the lies of the Zionists. And how many Jews are falling for it! Look, there's a young guy in prison. He's not going in the army. Baruch Hashem, he has strength! And I bless him that he will always be strong. But, how many chareidi-Jews do want young guys to go to the army, are interested that Jews, even chareidim, will go to the army! And even though the army is full of filth, and they can't at all, only in a giant miracle like the miracle of Yosef Hatzadik, go out from there in holiness - no matter what. 

The rabbis, many rabbis still want us to pray for the army. The army - it's an army of disrepute spiritually. And all the groups-of-chareidim are bound to fail, at least in thoughts. They're fighting, correct, and a portion of these young guys, they're not from the best, but they're Jewish souls, and it's forbidden to encourage it. Indeed, only because they are Jews - is it possible to pray for them to do teshuvah, and see the truth, and that they won't be injured. And about all these who aren't so-called 'chareidim' or 'dati'im', pray for them that they will do teshuvah and stop with all the dirty things that today already they're presenting it as a natural and desirable thing.

I am very, very surprised that Mr. Lapid from the Knesset said that he will not allow his children to marry Arabs, or with gentiles, or with I don't know what he said exactly. It's very interesting... He won't allow them to marry with gentiles, but it doesn't concern him to turn Judaism into goyut, so that they will have more choice of who to marry...

[Someone comments: Good, he wants the spouse to be Jewish...]

Really, that's such a poor situation. When did Am Yisrael reach to a low such as this...? There were always Jews who were going down from the path, they strayed and arrived to threatening things, but the majority of Jews, even the seculars, didn't go down to such a low level, usually. Anyway, the family - there was family, there was some kind of morality. But, now, there's nothing. There are always exceptions, but there's already almost nothing.

But, these are the 'Zionists' of the right. On one hand, they speak of 'Medinat Yisrael', and about how the Jews are an 'Am Segulah' and the Land of Israel belongs to them, but, on the other hand, they become mixed up with gentiles, and they're doing things that are really against the law, clearly, and they're doing it before the eyes of the people. They've reached a level lower than animals. And they still want to destroy, to take apart, the chareidim, so that there won't be anyone to give them mussar...

And then they will say: "This is Medinat Yisrael . We're Jews. Come! Whoever wants to be with us, to be Jews like us - come! There's nothing to it...! Enter a bit into the swimming-pool, immerse a bit, and come out Jews! Enter as gentiles - come out Jews. Chik chok!" Circumcision...?! Not necessary. But, if you want - then with a doctor. It's much more sanitary, and much more secure. Not with these dirty chareidim... Something clean, sterile. And they're all 'sterile'. They become sterile. Many of them are sterile, and their whole life is sterile. And that's the end. It's going to fall apart completely, and it's already begun to fall apart.

With all of the war that there was now - everything falls apart. They have their back to the wall. They can't do anything. And also, they don't want to do anything. And the Pope will come to settle here, and he will begin to dictate what-can-and-can't be done, they'll bring a new religion, and they'll rule here, for awhile.

And we, the real Jews, will have to hide, and not go out, and not look upon them, and not do what they want us to do, and Hashem will protect us, and He will allow us to pass through it in peace. And then, Mashiach will reveal himself, and we will get through all the tribulations of 'before Mashiach', before the building of the Third Temple - we will get through it in peace.

And only one thing we have to do: To hold fast to the spiritual rope that connects us with HKB"H. And no matter how much He swings us - don't let go of it. Don't let go of it. Don't let go of it.

[Questions and Answers to follow, iy"H]


  1. Hi. I love these posts. One thing though- I at times find it hard to relate. The posts about the end coming- well he has been saying this for years now. So. The posts about the nations coming for Jerusalem, I don't live in J'lem or in Israel. The country I live in has its own issues. I have my own personal issues re parnassa and family. Just saying.

  2. Anon: Every Jew and every person will be affected before Moshiach's coming. Those who hold fast and strong with Hashem will be saved. The world has become small and never has there been such global evil as this time of history because it's not only a physical war against humanity but even moreso a spiritual war against HKB'H, His Torah and His people. May HE have mercy upon every emmesser Yid and the righteous of the world.

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