06 September 2014

Damning Evidence of The Real Agenda

12 Elul 5774
Motzaei"sh Parshat Ki Teitzei

This 2014 video makes clear that the HaYovel Ministry is not working in the Jewish vineyards of the Shomron out of a purely altruistic desire to assist Jewish farmers.

Find more videos like this on Jewish Israel

If you are in Israel, please make plans to attend the conference against missionary infiltration of the Shomron hosting many prominent rabbanim.


  1. A while ago I left a detailed talkback on Rav Melamed's, shlita, blog. Unfortunately it was not published. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in the subject check out the website lausanne.org, all the information about missionary tactics are there. I even followed part of the course for missionaries to better understand their methods. Everything that is happening at Har Bracha follows their game plan.

  2. Devash, in reading all this stuff about infiltrating Christians, I am left astounded and disgusted. I really had no idea this was going on until I read all your articles. I've never (knowingly, at least) seen this kind of thing since I've been here. To me, it is bizarre beyond belief.
    It's also yet another example of how we are being attacked both from the outside and from within.
    May we all rise to the occasion.