06 August 2014

The "Rising" Wave of Antisemitism

10 Av 5774

This is how we tend to view antisemitism - as if its existence is the aberration. I don't think that's true. I think antisemitism is the norm in this world and, in fact, its the suppression of antisemitism that's unusual. It's an outright miracle when Jews are allowed any respite from antisemitism in this world.

Visiting Jerusalem rabbi attacked at Australian mall


  1. Absolutely spot-on! I'm always shocked and surprised when we read in Jewish newspapers how shocked and surprised people are at some anti-semitic incident. It's more realistic to be surprised when people are not anti-semitic.

  2. From Nechamah Sarah...

    I wanted to send you was an article about Aussie Muslims threatening a girl's school us, shouting "kill the Jews". Drunken anti-Semites threaten Jewish girls: 'we're going to cut your throats!' Children, parents left traumatized. (See it here.)

    My comment is that this A-S is pushing the Jews to feel threatened, and should make immediate plans to leave their diaspora country and move to Israel. Because of the escalation of events in the recent two months, it is now an imperative to come to Israel BEFORE more world fireworks begin, i.e. the speeding up of the Geula.

    Kol Tuv