"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

05 August 2014

The Price of Surrender?

9 Av 5774
Tzom Tisha b'Av

Statement By The White House After Signing Funding $225 Million Package For Iron Dome

On Monday, August 4, 2014, the President signed into law H.J. Res. 76, which provides $225 million in emergency supplemental funding for the Secretary of Defense to provide to the Government of Israel for the procurement of the Iron Dome defense system to counter short-range rocket threats in Fiscal Year (FY) 2014. This funding will ensure that Israel will be able to sustain production of Iron Dome components in order to maintain adequate stockpiles of Iron Dome interceptors and equipment, consistent with the July 22, 2014, letter from the Secretary of Defense supporting Israel’s recent request for $225 million in additional funding for Iron Dome. These funds are in addition to the $176 million requested in the President’s FY 2015 budget for Iron Dome and the FY 2015 Congressional increase of $175 million proposed in Congress to offset the costs of initiating Iron Dome production in the United States.

The United States is proud that the Iron Dome system developed in coordination with Israel and funded by the United States has saved countless Israeli lives. Continued bipartisan support for Iron Dome funding ensures Israel will retain vital defense against rockets and artillery in light of the enduring threats.

The United States has been clear since the start of this conflict that no country can abide rocket attacks against its civilians. The United States supports Israel’s right to defend itself against such attacks. We also continue to call on Israeli authorities to take all feasible precautions to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza and protect the civilian Palestinian population from the effects of attacks, and we continue to stress that all parties to the conflict must comply with international humanitarian law.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Don't trust a Government who betrayed, betrays & ignores the right of its civilians living safely! Our government lost credibility and morals .. they are more concerned about the residents of GAZA and not to harm the Terrorist Enemy State than they are for our citizens...

    IDF, MOSAD were silence for the past 5 years & they knew all about the Tunnels but Netanyahu & his Cabinet bunch of Lefty Self Hating Jews did nothing to avoid the Tunnel & Rockets Issue! Our Anti G-d Zionist Government is the Cause of our Miseries in Israel .. they Allow and sponsor GAY PARADE's in the Holy Land in JERUSALEM!!..

    They sacrifice the Life of our Young Heores for Pointless War without destroying the Enemy... in this WAR we LOST! We have to Admit that we lost since 63 Soldiers lost their lives for Politics... we could have finished the WAR with the Terrorist GAZA state in a day but they chose to endanger the life our Soldiers our young heroes by insane policy of don't shoot unless you are shot at! watch for Terrorist Civilians in GAZA and that caused 63 innocent lives.. SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT for FAILING TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS FROM THE DAILY TERROR ACTIVITY IN ISRAEL! WE NEED A RELIGIOUS ZIONIST GOVERNMENT...

    Now all the leftist in Tel Aviv can go back parading their low life secular lifestyle of being pork eaters, homos and Shabbos violates, while the border towns and cities will continue to be shelled. The government can go back to harassing observant Jews while Arabs who sit in the Kenneseth and Israeli Supreme Court laugh at these secular foolish Jinos Jewish in name only stooges. In 12 years we chareidim will take over as we will become the majority.

    The Chareidim would not have lost even one soldier. If they would just cut the water electric fuel and food supply to the gaza and watched them all die in a week. The stupid secular government worships democracy.

    All they care about is that the filthy gay SHAME parade in Israel should take place august 18. The poor idiots postponed it from august 7 due to the war. For this we need peace? To rebel against the sacred Torah???????

  2. I'm with you 100%, Anonymous.

  3. Thanks Devash

  4. Now let's not jump off the handle. Whatever you want to say about not finishing the job and destroying the Chamas, we did not lose the war and we did not surrender. We totally decimated Gaza. Yes....it would have been nice to finish the mission but the leadership did not have what it takes to keep going. But the IDF are holy soldiers and they did their job with faith in Hashem. I applaud them and hope they understand that they represented the Jews worldwide with pride!

  5. This is just a gift to american military corporations. It's corporate welfare, nothing else.

  6. i tend to side with anon. about not jumping off the handle.
    the idf did an admirable job. while hms cowards hid in rat holes and let their civilians die, the young jewish sons, kept their families safe and fought like how their ancestors from avraham to king david thro, did. the jews are always the winners. even when it does not appear to be so. Life and death are in Hashem's hands, not in hms's hands. the day we are born, our time to demise is already written. the manner in which we die is in our hands to an extent. lets not sully the brave soldiers courage .A rebbetzin, gave me this answer, on free choice and divine provident. as to how we still have free choice.

    ***She offered this as a very short summation: Ha-Shem has created all of the possible paths a person can take; the person is allowed to choose which of them he follows.

    Thus, we exercise free choice, but every possible choice which we might make has been determined by Ha-Shem.**

    Under all circumstances, Hashem is in Control. i saw clips of palesinians beating up hms Sami for causing so much damage. and the polls showed 70@
    % of the normal pal. want to live in peace.
    why is the situation so bad. blame some western govs. and the media.
    Naftali bennet stood his ground to an anchor at sky news. which is british news. and she ended with a sour grape goodbye. in this matter he did his country proud.

  7. Anonymous@7:38
    Obviously you don't live in Israel. At 7:58AM hamas launched 17 missiles before the 'cease fire'.

    IDF 'holy soldiers'? While at war, they are still willing to 'follow orders' and destroy other soldiers homes. 'Holy soldiers'? Please. If anything, they were set up to be martyrs because the government continues to supply Gaza with food, electricity and gas for free. Guess who feeds the IDF? Not the government. Guess who pays the each soldier's gas and electricity? Not the government!

    So, with all due respect... Hamas won, again.


  8. Agree with Anonymous #1 and Yosef.

    This also calls to mind Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi's mention in a recent shiur of the Israeli Lavi jet in the Eighties that the USA would not let Israel market because it was better than the USA jet and would cause the USA government a loss. And Israel bowed to the USA because of dependence on USA money.

    Israel did not need to send in ground troops. An aerial assault and tunnel detection technology OUTSIDE Gaza was all that was needed to accomplish Israel's goals.
    It wrenches one's heart to think that precious people died unnecessarily -- young men, fathers, husbands, chatanim -- but the truth is the truth.

    One reason Israel continues to accept American money is so it can defend itself to the Israeli public by blaming America for tying its hands. I used to buy this line and so many other intelligent Israel-supporters still do. But it is a lie. Ein lanu al mi l'smoch eleh al Avinu sheh baShamayim -- we need only rely on Hashem.

    There are other reasons why Israeli accepts American money -- and why America wants Israel to have it -- but it is not clear to me exactly what they are. I wonder how this latest funding will be used against us?

    However, Hashem can always turn things around. The Old City of Jerusalem was originally designated for secular artists and ended up being settled mostly by frum people.