06 August 2014

Faked Alien Invasion - The Last Step in the NWO Plan?

10 Av 5774

In reading what Binyamin said that the near future would be not only hard and fearful, but "strange" or "weird" (muzar) and his talk about "confusion", even among the well-informed, as well as his mention of the "new religion," I got to thinking about something I heard a long time ago and I looked it up.

Here are some videos which explain it.  It's a huge, huge subject, but I hope you will take the time to see the following videos all the way through. They're short. They provide a lot of very important and useful information. There is nothing to say that these plans will come to fruition, but there is no doubt that the plan is in place. Hashem will utimately decide how far He will let the global elite go with them. 

Just the awareness of the possibility will prevent confusion on our part if it really does come to pass. So, just be informed. No fear, no confusion. Fear and confusion have been used as weapons against us for too long!






  1. this is the best explanation of ufos that i have heard

  2. I've been feeling like we're getting "prepped" for some kind of alien event for a couple of years now. I'm glad you're addressing it.

    I remember reading in some standard British newspaper, maybe the Daily Telegraph, a survey question: "Would proof of aliens affect your religious beliefs?" Or something like that. And I remember thinking what a bizarre question it was and wondering why they were emphasizing that. And then stuff gets pumped up in the media about us "not being alone out there" and how we really shouldn't search for aliens because they will probably bulldoze us. And so on.

    A proven alien encounter is an effective way to destroy people's religious beliefs. (The survey results indicated that most people would drop their religious beliefs in the face of aliens.) It makes sense within the context of Chazal saying that the End of Days will be like trying to hang on to a rope being shaken as hard as it can; only those with the strongest emunah will be able to hold on. Alien invasion would certainly give everyone a hard shake!

  3. our sages have said that we were not the first creations of hashem. In fact, sanhedrin mentions that there are 30k year periods of time in which hashem creates and destroys worlds. So there have been 'others' before us, 6 times in fact. So the possibility of alien races is certainly not disproving religion. Would be interesting however to see what kind of torah hashem would have given said aliens :)

  4. Puleeze: G-D fearing religious JEWS do not believe in aliens from outer space. By now, why doesn't everyone realize that this is all part of the agenda to break down religion, bring fear upon man, etc. etc. Sure, non-Jews, many of them, believe in such nonsense and, r'l, there are secular Jews who also fall for this. Sorry that we have to even discuss such heretical stuff. What's happened to our people???

  5. Somewhere, Werner von Braun is quoted
    as saying that an "alien invasion"
    will be the last of several fake threats.
    take it for what it's worth ....

  6. my apologies. I have no video here
    so I didn't see the von Braun caption.

  7. "G-D fearing religious JEWS do not believe in aliens from outer space."

    That's actually not quite true. The Zohar haKadosh and the Midrash tell of two-headed people from other planets/dimensions who sometimes visit Earth. I read in an essay by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan that the passuk in Shirat Devorah (Shoftim 5:23) "Cursed is Meroz... cursed are it's inhabitants" that some mepharshim bring Meroz is another planet. Even Wikipedia mentions this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meroz#Meroz_in_the_Talmud

  8. Israel Tachlis: Sorry, cannot agree.
    There is such a thing as 'interpretation, interpretation, interpretation'. Jews do not follow these things. The inner Torah is infinite. We need to worry about matters pertinent to the Jewish world and the world at large here on earth, according to Hashem's Laws. (Citing Wikipedia?)

  9. Anonymous - did you not see my comment before the link about numerous sources from Chazal? I just included that link because it was an easy offhand source but if you would like a mareh makomot to see it for yourself on the "inside" let me know and I can try to track it down. As far as the Rav Aryeh Kaplan source it was in a collection of his essays and speeches published as "Immortality, Resurrection, and the Age of the Universe" in the introduction. I gave my copy to a relative so I can't check at the moment but if I remember correctly I think he sites Rav Sadia Gaon on Meroz being another planet (please check for yourself as I don't have it in front of me and am going off memory). If you want me to try and look up the other direct sources please email me at israeltachlis@gmail.com

  10. That being said, when something is brought down in Torah sources you can't just wave it away as "interpretation." True, if Hashem made some strange species on a planet millions of light years away that may have no direct bearing on my day to day relationship to Shulchan Aruch and therefore I don't need to worry about it so much. However if Chazal talks about something you can't just pretend it doesn't exist just because you might think it sounds weird. If you start to delve deep enough into Kabbalah and Chassidus you start to uncover ideas and concepts which at first glance may seem very foreign to Judaism and indeed if you don't have a solid grounding in Halacha and emuna then it might put you in danger of coming to some incorrect religious conclusions, however on the other hand you can't claim that our Chachamim were lying or didn't know what they were talking about when they say discuss such things.