"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

26 August 2014

We're Moving Into a New Phase of the Conflict

30 Menachem Av 5774

I don't know if you've been keeping up with the matzav today, but, as could have been expected for Rosh Chodesh Elul - damage and injuries have increased to a level not yet seen on this side of the conflict.

The morning began with a direct missile hit on a house in Ashkelon which injured 59 people.

A rocket landed in an Ashdod kindergarten playground. Six people had to be treated for hysteria.

A rocket exploded on a road in S'derot damaging a number of cars in the area. One person was treated for hysteria.

A rocket struck a house in Eshkol killing (updatedtwo and injuring six - two seriously.

That's as of 6:50 pm. And those are just the missiles that scored hits. 

A few minutes ago, it was announced that Israel has agreed to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire which is scheduled to go into effect "tonight." All this time, Israel has been negotiating under fire.

However, it's not over until HASHEM says it's over. With the month of repentance just beginning, I'm guessing that it's only gonna get worse from here. People are gonna wake up to the fact that it was HASHEM protecting us all this time and not Kipat Barzel!


  1. Isn't this (or some development that happens REALLY SOON) when we start crying, "HaShem, where do we go, where can we go???" and HaShem says, "Don't worry! I'm doing all this FOR YOU"...?

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  2. I don't think we've reached that point yet, but I think we may get there soon.

  3. Anonymous, I agree. How much longer can this matzav last ? I feel we're in the last part of the last straight line before the finish line, geulah.