14 August 2014

Part 6: The Weapons of War and the Final Victory

18 Menachem Av 5774

(Part 5)

Let us summarize. Up to now, we have identified the war, the battlefield and the enemy. In this final part, we will, b'ezrat Hashem, define our weapons and the method for attaining victory.

If one looks honestly at general warfare, it is clear to see that it is being fought at a much higher level than ever before. There is an intellectual aspect to it that was not necessary in times past.

As Torah-Jews, we are uniquely equipped to fight this war, coming to it as we do from the top of the mountain, so to speak. We started out at the top with the direct Divine revelation that the rest of civilization has been working up to for over 5,000 years.

Our single most important weapon in this war for hearts and minds is the Truth of Torah. The enemy brings lies and propaganda, whether religious, societal or political. We should not stoop to their inferior level, but insist that they meet us at the upper level of absolute Truth. There, they have no chance against us.

The Truth of Torah is wielded in two ways - through the dissemination of information and through ongoing education. Our generation has been invested with a most unique tool for accomplishing this task. It's called the internet. It allows us unlimited access to people and places and information without the hindrance of time or distance.

Our job is to learn and to know the Truth so that we can then pass it on to the people within our sphere of influence. These are the ones we are tasked to inform and educate and attempt to enlist into the battle, so that the power of Truth will grow throughout the world.

In so doing, as we cling more and more to the Truth of authentic Torah Judaism, a direct consequence of this will be the distancing of our souls from those of the Erev Rav. The only way we can unify with them is by lowering ourselves to their base level. As we ascend higher and higher in our striving for Truth, we will become very distant from them, both in our minds and in our hearts, so that the separation required to battle their reign in this world will be accomplished in the natural course of events.

This does not require us to judge anyone; to point out certain people or to name names. And it does not require us to take any physical action against those who oppose our views. 

When the Erev Rav come to bring us together and to join with the nations, we will stand firmly on the Truth of Torah that tells us we must remain separate from the nations. When the Erev Rav come to convince us that the Torah has changed since Har Sinai and needs to be modernized to fit the times, that surely when it defined idolatry it wasn't talking about the Christians of today, and other such nonsense, we will stand firmly on the Truth of our Holy Torah which is as unchanging as the G-d who gave it.

We will stand as firm and solid and confident and steadfast as Mount Sinai itself and WE WILL WIN! Because, in their frustration, they will wash their hands of us. They will move away from us to join with the nations and once they have disconnected themselves from the kedushah which has kept them alive and empowered them until this day, Hashem will remove them from this world.