21 August 2014

"A Few People of Truth"

25 Menachem Av 5774

Reposting from Rosh Chodesh Av 5771

Continuing with the autistic messages published at Messages from Heaven:

Menachem, motzaei"sh kodesh Shlach

Everyone can see war on the horizon, a giant war, immense destruction, immense killing, blood poured out from every side. We see this. We see that it's on its way to us. It's coming to the whole wide world and also to us in Eretz Yisrael. But the majority of people don't want to see it. A majority of the people with the big party, of people who prefer to be drunkards, being boisterous without true simcha. And in their eyes, whoever sees the truth - he's like their enemy who wants to put a stop to the simcha, and to stop the party.

And who are the people of truth? First of all, they are few people in this world - the vast majority - of the Jews and also of the gentiles - want only the falsehood. ("No one calls sincerely, and no one is judged faithfully; trusting in vanity and speaking lies, conceiving injustice and begetting wickedness." Isaiah 59.4) And among the Jews - who are the people of truth? It's not always possible to know. But, usually they are those who believe in HKB"H, but don't mix in with the larger hareidi society because a majority of the hareidi society is damaged. They are in control, but not exactly according to the Torah. And therefore, the hareidi world usually tries to be part of the larger world. The hareidi world tries to introduce a lot of materialism into their lives and with the materialism, they can't introduce spirituality because they don't go together. Therefore, they prefer the materialism, the majority.

People of truth prefer spirituality and the connection with HKB"H. They want less and less materialism because it damages the world. And even among the secular there are people of truth, but not actually truth, because without belief in HKB"H it's not possible to arrive at the real truth. But there is nevertheless, seculars that are on the path to the real truth and it won't take much time until they will also arrive to HKB"H. And they are very few, all the people of truth in total.

The world is filled with falsehood. Most of what we see in this world through the newspapers, the internet or all other media - the majority is complete falsehood. It's a figment of the imagination of the evildoers who want to take over the world. And the falsehood is everywhere. Also in the daily life of the regular person, whether it's in the advertising of products or simply that it's become a way of life, lashon hara and disputes and other various forbidden things that are not refined and that infringe on each other. The falsehood celebrates now. ("Indeed, they deceive one another and do not speak the truth; they have taught their tongue to speak lies, they commit iniquity (until) they are weary." Jeremiah 9:4)

Man tries to make an impact on society. For the sake of making an impact, he must adjust himself to society's concepts. And then, he presents himself as falsehood, as something not true in order to adjust to the falsehood that's going around the street. Who can understand what I am saying? Only people of truth. So, as we see, there are not many who can read this.

But, I'm warning you! As I said at the beginning, Hashem will purify us. The real Jews He will purify - until we shine. ("And it shall come to pass throughout all the land, says the Lord, two parts of it shall be cut off. They shall perish, and the third shall remain therein. And it shall come to pass throughout all the land, says the Lord, two parts of it shall be cut off. They shall perish, and the third shall remain therein." Zechariah, chapter 13) War is on the horizon. And the liars have what to fear. And the people of truth will suffer but they will survive. And this will arrive in the near future and everyone can see this. But the evildoers won't admit it. And besides this, there will be threats from nature. Man can indeed bring about destruction - but only until a certain point. Hashem will do signs and wonders and the fear will be very great. The people of truth will not be afraid. Because they will be happy that finally the truth is being revealed.

I am very sad, I cry, I know that we are before the great birth, before entering to a new world: the world of Mashiach, the Beit Hamikdash and etc. And this is really the end of the exile, but this moment is almost the most painful of the birth - it is this moment. Therefore, I request from the people of truth: Hold on! Don't go into a major depression, because another moment - the birth! End.