13 August 2014


17 Menachem Av 5774

I fear for Am Yisrael because it seems that the majority...

1) Have no idea what the Torah has to say about how to live in this land;

2) Have no interest in knowing or doing the will of Hashem as it pertains to how to live in this land;

3) Will likely actively fight against anyone else who does.

Some gentile Hollywood celebrities are being touted as "supporters of Israel" against Hamas. (And many Jews seem to relish this validation.) The reason given is...
"In the Gaza conflict, it's Israel that best represents 'truth, justice, and the American way,'...."
"The American way," ...Hashem yerachem!

However, when we cease being Bnei Ya'aqov, the twin brother of Eisav, and begin to act like Bnei Yisrael, under the leadership of Mashiach, this will no longer be true. 

What will they say then? What will you do then?


  1. One might also like to read "http://www.jewishpathways.com/jewish-history/jews-and-founding-america - from whence came the once applicable "truth, justice, and the American way".

    All this has changed rapidly in the recent several years, especially excelerated by the current US President. However there are some who still linger on the wishful thinking that it is still relevant. Even Glenn Beck has pronounced it has died.

  2. Neshama, I agree that America started on good principles. Parts of John Adams's diary read like that of a yeshiva bachur. Or his wife Abigail, who felt that a cholera epidemic was Divine punishment for slavery.
    I also agree that foundation has been long-gone. I don't know everything about him, but Calvin Coolidge was probably our last decent president. It has been all downhill from there.

    Devash, thank you for your clarity and willingness to state it. This post and the previous remind me of many in the pro-Israel camp who emphasize that Israel is the only place in the Middle East with freedom of religion and the freedom to engage in forbidden acts between men, freedoms which are totally against Torah and actually harm us.
    How terrible that we allow and even encourage missionary schools, forbidden worship, temples, forbidden relationships and all that. Obviously, I am not for killing or torturing anybody, but I AM for education, truth, and spiritual guidance. And limits!
    Also, along the lines of your posts, I did wonder at many of the pro-Israel celebrities -- Jewish or not -- who live and speak counter to Torah and support issues that bring terrible decrees into the world. It seems to me their pro-Israel stance is more sentimental (most of them are over 50). I believe they remember Israel's wars and the PLO & fedayeen terrorism and when being pro-Israel was "cool."

  3. Dassie: You 'wonder' at these celebrities; it is because of the likes of them and those at the top, that the Israeli youth were brought up, with their so-called values and eithics so the 'State' is no better than them. They have secularism in common.

  4. I don't want any one to be killed or tortured either but I do want and can't wait for the day the foreign houses of worship - churches and mosques are torn down. Many Orthodox Jews recoil at the idea. It's our obligation to show the world through our actions there is one G-d. I'm also tired of hearing how Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East. Democracy is a disaster.

  5. To anonymous 6.06

    Rabid or what. Will you be shouting a Jewish equivalent of 'allahu Akbar' when you see the tearing down of these churches and mosques!


  6. The main thing is we should pray to know what to do and how

  7. To Anonymous 5:20--
    Your insight into why otherwise corrupt celebrities support Israel (because they see it as secular and hefker like themselves) makes a lot more sense than mine. I really couldn't figure out why they were willing to go against the grain on this one issue while enveloped in their otherwise rabidly Liberal bubble.
    Thanks for your input.