05 August 2014

"They Are Worse Than Animals"

9 Av 5774
Tzom Tisha b'Av

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 25 Tamuz 5774

I've very much awaited this day, this moment, and I'm glad everyone has waited. It's good that you've waited, because really-really the near future is about to be difficult, fearful, strange. A situation that will bring us to a not so simple confusion. Those who are close to the truth and to HKB"H - even they will be a little confused, but just a little.

Always look for the thoughts, the plans of an "evil mind" and not the logic of the righteous, and then see how it's nothing, how superficial and idiotic it is, and how those who supposedly create these plans are unable to succeed. Because, they're not so smart - only by a miracle can they succeed! And since it's only HKB"H who does miracles, so the fact that they are being sucessful now, Hashem yishmor, it's only with God's help, so this in itself gives us a lot of strength.

Because, Hashem is the Almigthty. Hashem is all good. So, it's clear that he will wipe out all those who are driving the world crazy, who are about to make harder and harder sins against the Jews, against Judaism, against the Torah, against HKB"H, Hashem yishmor. Do you understand?... They're idiots!

You want an example?... Please, I'll give you an example. Those who brought down The Twins. Idiots! They so didn't hide it, just superficially. Because they're sure that everyone are 'dummies', that they can scare the whole world with some kind of show with not-at-all-successful actors...

Question: We want an example from now...

I'll give you an example. The example - this dummy, Lapid, who is trying to tell us and all Israelis that all the laws that he wants to pass, and he has already passed part of them, and all of it is really against Judaism, really against the Torah, against HKB"H, and he's trying to explain to us that it's for the good of Am Yisrael...!  And the great majority believe in this...! It's really idiotic, because everyone who understands a little, knows that throughout all of history, all those who did such things, and who tried to take over - they fell. And not just fell.

And what's with the "Iron Dome"?... The so-called 'Iron Dome', according to most of the seculars who are speaking from the government, and on radio, and on television, and in all these places, who simply 'forget' the miracles. According to them, the Iron Dome is the 'miracle'... And since supposedly a person himself created the Iron Dome, then this person is the one who brings the miracle...

But this is really idiotic! Every person is a bit logical, even if he doesn't believe - he can see clearly that it can't be that 'Iron Dome' is what is saving us. It's simply not logical at all, in any direction. There were miracles that did not belong at all to Iron Dome. And even only with the fragments that fell and didn't hurt anyone, because also Iron Dome is dangerous. But all this doesn't do anything. Yes, here and there it destroyed something, but not beyond that. Enough examples...?

Question: What is the lie of this war?

The lie of all this war - it's simply that we have here a script that the evildoers have created in order to wipe out the Arabs and also the Jews. The Arabs - they wanted to wipe out majorly, and the remainder would be slaves. And the Jews themselves, they want not just to kill them, the Jews, but to turn them into gentiles. But, really. Not that they will turn them into Christians, and not into Muslims, there's to be a new religion. And this new religion - they believe, it will be very attractive, especially to the seculars. Because it will be a bit from this and a bit from that. But, it will be idolatry, and it will work on their urges. And since the seculars are much more superficial and their urges are much more developed - then they're sure that it will speak to them.

But, they're idiots. Because, if Menasah, King of Israel, did teshuvah - then any Jew can do teshuvah! They're forgetting that when they're taking the farthest away Jew and saying to him that he needs to turn his religion from being Jewish to being a practitioner of idolatry or 'it doesn't matter what' - he is likely to say: 'That's it!' It could be that his Jewish soul will wake up and say: 'Enough'! 'Enough'! 'I'd rather die than do this, I will die and I won't do it'!

How many Jews throughout history chose to die, chose to kill also their children and also their women and finally themselves, so as not to stand the trial of temptation to convert to Christianity for the sake of not dying. They worried in advance that there wouldn't be any possibility that they will stumble in this. And they did this. Hundreds of thousands of Jews did this with joy and didn't regret it. And in Heaven -  they have a special place that they enter straight into there when they are arriving to the World to Come. Straight to Gan Eden.

But, this is a thing that is hard to do. Our generation is weak, therefore, in the Shoah, there wasn't this choice. Indeed, there were those who did do it. Ninety-three girls who preferred to die and not to become slaves to the Nazis, y"sh, they were heroes, they were really righteous. But, aside from them and a few more - the majority went to death quietly. But, they also did their, did what they could do. Very many cried out "Shema Yisrael" before they died, and in a situation like this, this, too is heroic.

But, these idiots don't know what a Jew is. A real Jew, not an Erev Rav. The Erev Rav has so many cravings. And they won't die al kidush Hashem, but the real-Jew can do it. And he can be the farthest away, so to speak, and all of a sudden he'll say: 'That's it'! 'No more'! 'I'm a Jew, and I'm connected to HKB"H'! And that's what will save him. And nothing else.

And b'ezrat Hashem - Hashem won't ask us to die al kidush Hashem, He will ask us 'to LIVE al kidush Hashem'. This also is not simple. If they take our job because we're Jews, and we need to live without food and without an apartment and etc. - then, that resembles very much like death. A person standing as against it, says: 'That's it'! 'No more'! - That's self-sacrifice! And we don't know what the evildoers will do, they're evildoers without limit. They don't have any obstacle to their evilness. They are practitioners of idolatry!

And what are their idols?...  They project onto their idols all their lust, the most animalistic feelings. But, the animal - it's organized, it's organized in each thing, also in its sanctity, at least in most cases. It goes according to order. But, them, with their lusts - they project onto the idolatry, the most twisted feelings, and then, it's like the idol itself says to him: 'It's - to be a 'tzadik'!... All objections - permitted. And they are interested, all the idols, they would like them to do this...

And they are mentally ill, and the most twisted. And they have no problem to murder, and they have no problem to steal, and to lie, they have no problem at all to do the worst possible things. And this is our world. From time immemorial there were talented people who allowed themselves to be, according to their exterior, especially cultured people. But, since it's "Edom", so it's like the pig who shows us his feet, that it's kosher, at least its hoof is kosher, but his whole body, his whole essence - it's treif! And this is Edom. And this hypocrisy - it's the most dangerous for us.

The Yishmaelim are dangerous because they are 'pere-adam', but it's not like the Edomim. And this we see clearly with the Nazis. They were supposedly "a cultured people" who were capable of such horrible things that it's unbearable even to describe it. They didn't just do things to Jews. They went to the countries around Russia and killed people in the most difficult ways, that when they were still alive they carried out on them horrible things. So, what is this person?... It's not even an animal! Because, to an anmal there is some kind of limit, he has a way of life that he stands by. He has to stand by it because he doesn't know anything else. But, a man? - Every dream, every twisted desire, he carries out. Indeed, from the outside, he's "fastidious", in outward appearance, he's "clean", he's organized in dress, and cultured in speech... but, he's a "predator" deep inside.

And these are ruling in every place. They've taken over every place. So, therefore, we need to understand, and not to be afraid. Because we are entering deep, deep inside the tunnel that I spoke to you about. And the darkness is almost total. And those who really believe in HKB"H, then despite all this He allows him to see, at least the path. Maybe not the fullness of the path, but He allows us to see the path.

But, every single moment, at every single step, we need to be careful not to stray from the path, not to think that we need to go left or right. Absolutely not! Only straight! Straight inside the World to Come of Mashiach. And suddenly, like we're riding on a train - inside the tunnel, outside it's dark, dark, and we're sitting beside the window and seeing ourselves in the glass, and suddenly, we're out! And suddenly, there's light! And we're outside! And that's how it will be, b'ezrat Hashem.

[Questions and Answers to follow, iy"H]


  1. yes. what the nations of the world and leftists call, the new world order. thank G-d Hashem is in charge. He promised that the Jerusalem will be a place of worship for the whole world. israel will be its permanent spiritual and physical caretaker and the nations of the world will follow the 7 noahide laws, guided by israel, those who refuse, Hashem will take care of them. may this happen soon. when israel is the light to all nations. there are some hiccups now within the jewish people, Hashem will iron it out.


  3. thank you for the translation!

  4. You're welcome, Anonymous.