"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

03 August 2014


7 Av 5774

Psychological Operations (United States)
Psychological operations (PSYOP) or, as it has been known since 2010, Military Information Support Operations (MISO)[1] are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.
The purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce behavior favorable to US objectives. They are an important part of the range of diplomatic, informational, military, and economic activities available to the US. They can be utilized during both peacetime and conflict.
Or alternatively, why are Bibi and Obama playing a game of Good Cop/Bad Cop?

No, tell me you didn't buy into this headline: "BIBI TELLS WHITE HOUSE: 'NEVER SECOND GUESS ME AGAIN'"

What? You thought the Prime Minister finally grew a backbone overnight? Not when you see that the one alongside it says something like "PM Netanyahu Doesn’t Want to Get Stuck in Gaza" and "IDF withdraws majority of ground forces from Gaza."

Sirens are still ringing. Terrorists are still infiltrating and attacking civilians. New tunnels are still being discovered. So what is really going on here?  Well, I've been trying to figure that out for a few weeks now, but I may have finally stumbled onto something. You be the judge.

If we use the clues that the autistic kids have given us...

  • That the visible leadership, i.e. PMs and Presidents work to fulfill the goals of a higher globalist agenda
  • That everything else, especially if it appears to manipulate public opinion, is part of a "show"
  • That the current overriding goal is take possession of Jerusalem and make it into an international city, as was their stated goal back in 1967, probably governed by the Vatican

And if we take into consideration the statements made by those in our own government whom we know to be working outright for the globalist agenda...
Shimon Peres: "In diplomacy, there is one rule: legitimacy. Gaza belongs to Mahmoud Abbas, he is the only one with legitimate authority, and the agreement was signed with him. Gaza was stolen from him. The best thing to do is return it to him. He has proven that he knows how to lead, and he can save Gaza, with the help of Egypt and the Arab world."
Tzipi Livni: "We need change in Gaza. It could be through international agreements which discuss demilitarization and the return of (Palestinian leader) Abu Mazen to the Strip."
HAARETZ: Maybe after the war, Israel will move toward peace
...Livni believes that, along with the unilateral conclusion of military activity, the diplomatic activity should be multilateral. The United States, Egypt, the PA, the United Nations and the major European countries must be sitting around the pot when the process is cooked up. But not Hamas. After all the participants agree on the principles of the process, the plan can be turned into a binding UN Security Council decision. That would be a diplomatic achievement that would serve the interests of Egypt and the PA.
...The hottest name in the cabinet discussions in recent weeks was that of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Communications Minister Gilad Erdan, who in the past year described him as not being a partner for peace, are suddenly pointing to him as a major partner in any agreement in Gaza. And the Palestinian reconciliation government, which until recently was described in Jerusalem as a terror government, has become a body with which Israel wants to cooperate.
Netanyahu and many in his government came to their senses during the war in Gaza. They now have a profound understanding of the difference between Abbas and Hamas. Saturday night, Netanyahu said that when the battles are over, new diplomatic options will be open to Israel.
This may be the first sign that, after the war, Netanyahu will turn to peace – and this time with greater determination and seriousness.
You see, the Israeli public did not respond as desired to the carrot (Kerry's 9-month Peace Initiative), so we were rewarded with the stick (The Kidnapping, Subsequent Missile War and Tunnel Scare). Quite a production! 

And there's no doubt that this demonstration was not just for our sakes, but for Abbas' and his people's as well. (See How the Israel-Palestine Peace Process Collapsed)

Everybody got carried away and thought they were real leaders of real sovereign nations. Everyone needed this slap-in-the-face wake-up call. We've all been roughed up by a bunch of gangsters!

Mark my words, this will end with another not-so-subtle push in the direction of "The Two-State Solution," (with the internationalization of Jerusalem) unless Hashem intervenes on our behalf. The only real wild card here is the Islamic Fundamentalists. Eisav thinks he can control them, but I'm not so sure...

Anyway, all my personal opinion. Take it or leave it.

A separate question: Why is the international press promoting The Times of Israel by referring to it so often? If they like it as a source, there has to be somethtng wrong with it from my perspective.


  1. I think it's important not to judge our brethren as Zionists. Some of them do not know the beauty of the Torah principles and I think we should strive to teach them. Everyone means well. They are trying to protect the State to the best of their ability during a very difficult and unfavorable time. We don't have to agree with them, but labeling them Zionists is not helpful.

  2. This was a great post!

    You connected the dots very well. This all makes, and this level of the plots against Israel was not the rocket science I thought it was.

    Regarding Zionism, with few exceptions, I just don't think that those calling themselves "Zionists" really are, even the ones with kippas.

    Zionism is simply a part of the Torah. To be a Zionist, one must see that the Torah touches every aspect of our lives.

    The term was hijacked ages ago.

  3. I agree with you that the term was hijacked, Esser, but, except for Hebrew, language is as much about the current, common understanding of a word as it is about it's traditional meaning. I still like the term Revolutionary Zionism.

  4. OK. I understand.

    In a not so related story, it is said the the previous Belzer Rebbe stated that he was "more Zionist than the Zionists." He then began reciting every verse from the Tana"kh (in order I believe), with the word Tzion in it,...from memory.

    So, he also had it partially right.


    Thanks for the reference.

  5. Here's a scenario:

    Netanyahu will turn to Abbas as a more reasonable alternative, as someone the Israeli govt. can 'work with.' Abbas will put on a real act of really wanting to extend his hand for peace 'this time.' Abbas will seem to work miracles as he is able to negotiate with Hamas to stop the rockets. One of the conditions of course for this great accomplishment this sacrifice Israel will be willing to make for real genuine peace - will be the official transfer of sovereignty to, and international recognition of East Jerusalem as the capitol of the Palestinian people - the borders of the state yet to be determined.. No pressing need to know exactly what the borders will be. They still need a capitol.

    Gaza will be rebuilt and restored for 'humanitarian reasons.' The goodies will pour in. Once again Israel is tricked by the Yismaelim. Oh how the nations will rejoice. Oh how Israel will weep. The humiliation will be great as the leaders of the world pour into the new official Palestinian capitol to congratulate and pay homage to Abbas including Barack Hussein Obama. Now emboldened, more demands will be made.

  6. How many more miracles must happen, Devorah, before you see that this war, or for that matter all Israeli wars, have taken us further and further into the Era of Redemption, so that your worries, while for the individual potential victim is justified, for the nation as a whole - it is not.

  7. Instead of the above, had they quietly allowed G-d to fight the war for them, the world would have seen the miracles happening right before their eyes and people would have done teshuvah and would have begun to believe in G-d. Not only that, but they would have understood that Israel belongs to the Jews.

    What we did was divert their attention to the Palestinians.

    G-d is fighting our battles for us all over the world. We have to let Him fight them in Israel, too.

  8. True, H' yerachem! But do not understand how there are so many amongst us who believe all the tripe coming out from the so-called leaders of the world. This has been preplanned and manipulated long ago. There will not be a two-state scenario. There is one goal here of destroying Israel as a Jewish state and internationalizing Jerusalem. This is a war against
    G-D. The PM is just another actor in this play. The so-called zionist leaders were never zionists and Esser has it right. Zion is holy and can only be referred to in a Torah way; otherwise, it's meaningless and a fraudulent.

  9. Thanks, I've been seeing this the me way, especially the part about the "Islamic Fundamentalists" and that is where all this falls apart.

    Something is already happening in the Muslim world that I have no idea how it can be stopped except perhaps by hunting the leadership down, the head of the snake, and then to continue to hunt down the new heads until no quality is left.

    The Muslim lust for blood has been unleashed. While mass killing was usually relegated to systematic and national military operations during war, we now have until of para-military organizations who have no country/bureacracy to back them up and then restrain after some war or operation, to send the vets back to the 'real world'. We now have hundreds or who knows how many thousands of murderers active and on a permanent war to take control of the world. And not just 'militants', but rather gruesome evil people that have no regard for human life or dignity. Not even the Nazis were so disgusting.

    That is the goal, and we can't deny it. And these 'fundamentialists' are actually romanticized by the general Muslim public and its media. At some point, I also think that the Eisav bloodlust will be awakened.

    Hopefully Mashiach will come sooner, I've had enough of the sick clips being uploaded to youtube.

  10. Not sure about Times of Israel.
    It could be that they aren't actually as they present themselves. Or it could be that the government is trying to look like it aligns itself with Times of Israel ideology -- in much the same way Bibi has been making right-wing tough-guy statements of late.
    Thank you so much, Devash, for all your well-thought-out insights and your translations.