10 August 2014

"They Are Worse Than Animals" - Questions and Answers (Part 2) FINAL

 15 Av 5774

Communication with Binyamin

Jerusalem, 25 Tamuz 5774

Question: What is occuring in Iraq, is it dangerous for us?

Answer: It's all part of the show. I said previously. Suddenly, some army comes, that no one ever heard of, no one knows about it, and suddenly, it's taking over Iraq! How can it be?... It takes a long time to prepare an army! How is it possible today, with all the satellites orbiting around the world, to hide a whole army, to hide from people's eyes that they are preparing an army?! They need training... They need all kinds of things... So, therefore, everything - it's part of a screenplay. And it's all dangerous for us, Hashem should save us.

Question: Now, they are working in the government to legislate that any rabbi can convert whomever he wants...

Answer: Don't worry. It's a birur that needs to be. Because, also in this way - many foreigners are entering to Judaism and we need to taken them out, to vomit them outside. I'm not talking about real ones [converts] - that's ok. I'm talking about those who aren't sincere.

Question: In large complexes that they're building around here, already name signs in English are inviting gentiles to acquire apartments...

Answer: Yes, and I know that these were previously involved in establishing similar projects and, without a doubt, these buildings are not intended for Jews.

Question: But, maybe, especially because of the current situation, the gentiles will be afraid at this time to come... See, the Pope called for the Catholics to come to live in Eretz Yisrael in order to dilute us, at the moment that the war started, planes didn't arrive... the whole program became confused...

Answer: Don't forget one thing: They could plan everything, but the missiles coming down like rain, that they couldn't plan for, that there would be almost no casualties, maybe a few wounded and one killed, but no more than this meanwhile, Baruch Hashem!

Question: There are claims that now, we need to flee from the Land...

Answer: When the Satmar rebbe, ztz"l said not to come here, it was under different circumstances, in a different situation. I'm certain that if the Satmar rebbe was in this world now, and he was a giant tzadik, he himself would be packing his bags and telling everyone to come, because he was very afraid from the secularism in the United States. And he built a very-very special and closed community, but in the course of time, it also opened up, and it's not like it used to be. And it's impossible to completely close off the Jews from all the materialism there is in America, and to remain like it used to be. So, therefore - now, the world is changing, and despite this, I would advise every single Jew to pack his things and look for a way to arrive and earn a little here. But, they need a lot of faith and trust in Hashem, and it's preferable to go before the big problems begin and to arrive here.

The French Jews, for example. They want to come, but since many of them want to come now, they can't sell their houses, because the gentiles know that they can get them for pennies, because they want so much to leave, and they must have this money in order to live here, and therefore, they suffer much from this. A lot of times, one member of the family needs to remain in order to settle matters, but the gentiles understand that the Jews feel 
already that they aren't French, and that there's nothing for them to do in France. And in a little while, it will be in almost every country in Europe. And also in America, of course.

Question: Do the Jews in the United States comprehend this?

Answer: There are Jews in America who grasp it, and there are Jews who are coming to live here, many more than there used to be, but it's not a simple thing. Not at all a simple thing.

Question: After the fall of the Twin Towers, you called, Binyamin, to all the Jews in America that they should come, at that moment, to Eretz Yisrael, because, afterwards, in difficulty could they go out with their suitcases. It appears that it's coming to a situation like that now...

Answer: That's right, and not long ago, we heard about people who couldn't transfer their money here. They want to come here, but they won't let them transfer from bank to bank. It's not simple at all.

Question: You all once said that missiles will fly like rain... Is this the situation that you meant, the distress that there is now?

Answer: But, meantime, we don't even need an umbrella... Not yet. We still haven't reached the peak.

Question: Also with the gentiles, a birur is being carried out, they're supposed to see and understand the truth...

Answer: They've always seen that Hashem is with us. And they, may their names and memories be erased, it didn't help them. They have such hatred, the hatred of Eisav for Ya'aqov. Eisav was ready to do everything just to stop Ya'aqov. So, their hatred, [the hatred] of the gentiles, of the Europeans, it's the hardest hatred, and the deepest.

Question: In the current situation, do we need to separate between the regime which is striving to crush the foundations of Judaism and the simple soldier who is in danger...

Answer: Look, these IDF soldiers, they're not to blame for their situation. They feel a kind of spirituality in it, that they're going into war, and their lives are in danger, and they have some kind of 'good feeling' with all their buddies, like one guy said that he's not afraid because he's 'Golani'...  It's a kind of friendship for an important goal, to save Jewish lives, and to save the country, so to speak. But, our job is not to get into this foolishness. Our job - it's to pray for them, that they will return whole and without injury and will return in complete teshuvah.

Question: Indeed, there are those who are becoming stronger in faith, from praying...

Answer: Correct, but there are more and more seculars with accounts against the government. They don't do any work for us. They're like Iron Dome. If they were doing what we would need to do - then, it's clear that we would not be in this 'failure' that we are in now. The evildoers have brought us to a war with the Arabs in order to scare away all trace of Judaism. I'm speaking about the evildoers who organize everything and they put all the nonsense into the head of these guys. What is this: 'I'm Golani'...? They need to pray, not about the leaders - but about the unfortunates, personally, that they won't have any injury. But, you should know: all this war didn't need to be, true, it has come to a situation like this, but we didn't need at all to reach this situation.

Question: The situation is very low, hard things are happening within the public, within the community...

Answer: Woe to us. I would not want them to begin searching in various cities, for all those who are controlling politics, municipalities, from our people, Hashem protect us, but, we've arrived to very low things. Especially in money matters.

So, I can only bless and request from every single Jew not to forget that there is judgment and a judge, and we will feel His judgment and His ruling in the near future, the final ruling for this world that we have.

Question: We're seeing many miracles from Above...

Answer: HKB"H wants to save His sons, His people, that's the reason it's happening. But, there will be a moment when He won't help so much, and there will also be things abroad, mainly abroad, and they will need strength to stop praying to the Golden Calf, and to return in teshuvah.

I can only bless those who are here and all Am Yisrael, and all the real-Jews, that we should all get to receive our righteous Mashiach in mercy and in joy.


  1. It seems like the Erev Rav government has been trying to dilute Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael for a while, hasn't it?
    It is apparently an important part of their scheme.
    The Russian aliyah was 60% non-Jews.
    And because the Erev Rav didn't really understand the halachic status of the Ethiopian Jews, they brought them over, too, which was Hashem's way of saving a lot of Ethiopians who have Jewish neshamas. But they also brought over a lot of non-Jews in that mix, particularly the ones who came toward the end, the ones who'd been practicing Christianity for centuries.
    And then letting in the thousands of African illegals....
    Not to mention the Liberal propaganda to facilitate intermingling between Jews and Arabs -- romantic intermingling in particular.
    And now this latest....
    May Hashem turn it on its head for our benefit.

    I also see the truth of Binyamin's words in that though Yishmael is currently acting with outright savagery (largely due to their "pereh" nature), Eisav actually hates us more. Throughout the centuries, when we have been truly frum, Yishmael treats us better. And Yishmael has usually feared our true tzaddikim, like the Baba Sali.
    Thanks, Devash.

  2. How about this:
    "What War? Christian Zionists Help Israeli Farmers in Tough Times. Despite the ongoing war with Hamas, 500 'HaYovel' volunteers from across the globe to volunteer on Israeli farms this summer. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/183949

  3. Don't trust a Government (ISRAEL) who betrayed, betrays & ignores the right of its civilians living safely! Our government lost credibility and morals .. they are more concerned about the residents of GAZA and not to harm the Terrorist Enemy State than they are for our citizens...

    IDF, MOSAD were silence for the past 5 years & they knew all about the Tunnels but Netanyahu & his Cabinet bunch of Lefty Self Hating Jews did nothing to avoid the Tunnel & Rockets Issue! Our Anti G-d Anti Torah Zionist Government is the Cause of our Miseries in Israel .. they Allow and sponsor GAY PARADE's in the Holy Land in JERUSALEM!!..

    They sacrifice the Lives of our Young Heores for Pointless War without destroying the Enemy... in this WAR "WE" LOST!

    We have to Admit that we lost since 63 Soldiers lost their lives for Politics... we could have finished the WAR with the Terrorist GAZA state in a day but they chose to endanger the life our Soldiers our young heroes by insane policy of don't shoot unless you are shot at! watch for Terrorist Civilians in GAZA and that caused 63 innocent lives.. SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT for FAILING TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS FROM THE DAILY TERROR ACTIVITY IN ISRAEL! WE NEED A RELIGIOUS GOVERNMENT...

    Now all the leftist in Tel Aviv can go back parading their low life secular lifestyle of being pork eaters, homos, and Shabbos violates, while the border towns and cities will continue to be shelled. The government can go back to what they enjoy, harassing observant Jews while Arabs who sit in the Kenneseth and Israeli Supreme Court laugh at these secular foolish Jinos Jewish in name only stooges. In 12 years, Chareidim will soon take over as we will become the majority.

    The Chareidim would not have lost even one soldier. If they would just cut the water electric fuel and food supply to the Gaza and watched them all die in a week. The stupid secular government worships democracy.

    All the Israeli government cares about is that the filthy gay SHAME parade in Israel in Jerusalem the Holy city, should take place august 18th. The poor idiots postponed it from august 7th due to the war. For this we need peace? To rebel against the sacred Torah???????