14 March 2015

The Worst Possible Scenario

24 Adar 5775

This is the week of the elections for Israel's 20th Knesset. Imagine the worst possible scenario and you probably will not be disappointed.

We are so close to Mashiach now, there is no more time to play these games of politics. It's time for Am Yisrael to grow up and understand that her mission and her destiny are far greater than a "democratic" system of government can accommodate. This election is going to be about proving this to Am Yisrael, of breaking her faith and dependence on human institutions, and bringing the Erev Rav down once and for all. Before He overthrows His enemy, HKB"H first brings him up very high. 

They will think that they have gained the ultimate victory, but it will only be the prelude to their ultimate destruction.