04 June 2024

"The Battle For Jerusalem"

28 Iyyar 5784
43 Days of the Omer 
(Chesed of Malchut)
Yom Yerushalayim

Hodu l'Hashem ki tov, ki le'olam chasdo!!


  1. Thank you. I cried watching this.

  2. Beautiful. Thank you.
    Yom Yerushalayim falls out on chof chet -gematria 'koach'.
    May we merit Eretz Yisrael Hashleimah bm'heirah b'yameinu!

  3. Although the state of Israel was originally created to be a Socialist/Communist Anti-G-d state, I was thinking ( I wasn't born then) that many people who lived in Eretz Yisrael at that time including secular Jews had alot more Emunah than many today. The country was still very young, poor, bad economic conditions, with the constant threat of annihilation looming. I can only imagine what even the secular Paratroopers were feeling as they broke through and arrived at the Kotel. I am sure so many back then saw the Hand of Hashem in it. Unfortunately today, so many in Eretz Yisrael are removed from Hashem and western influences have infiltrated.

  4. בס"ד
    Indeed AK, "...the constant threat of annihilation" is looming larger than ever because inexplicably after all the sacrifice and heroism of the liberators, the keys of the kingdom were rejected and returned to the Jordanians., thus ensuring that tensions and hostilities would continue. October 7 and it's aftermath is a direct consequence of that tragic decision.


  5. You're right AK. But, the reason for the deterioration in emunah and bitachon is part of the general deterioration of 'society' as a whole, not only in Eretz Yisrael, but everywhere and including all the nations.
    This is also a very clear sign that we are definitely in the era of redemption.
    Since before the great mabul, never have we seen such a deterioration
    of all morality, so we need to pray that this time, Hashem will have great mercy and bring us to the complete geulah with chesed & rachamim.