15 December 2011

Merry Xmas, Bibi!

19 Kislev 5772

There are actually some people who think that Bibi Netanyahu is the incarnation of Mashiach ben Yosef, G-d forbid! There are a lot of duplicitous losers in the Erev Rav regime, but some are better at it than others. The best become Prime Minister. But, Mashiach? No way!!

Take for example, Netanyahu's political machinations with the vote to expell Jews from their homes in Gush Katif:

Netanyahu: Gush Katif One Expulsion Too Many

... His support for the expulsion plan, known as the 2005 Disengagement, was critical until the Sharon government had enough backers, allowing Netanyahu to vote against the program after its execution was assured.

Or what about what he's doing today? The right-wing elected Netanyahu to build Israel and got a Leftist Defense Minister who knows only how to uproot Jews, but not the enemies of Israel.

Ketzaleh: PM-in-effect Barak Continues to Demolish
National Union Chairman MK Yaakov Katz responded to the Mitzpe Yitzhar home and goat pen demolition. “The PM-in-effect, Ehud Barak continues to trample the Judea and Samaria Settlement Movement. PM Netanyahu, elected by the Zionist nationalist majority must stop this policy, demonstrate leadership and fulfill the wishes of his voters. The outposts have legal resolutions, and the PM should act according to them.
Don't hold your breath Ketzaleh. Bibi is carrying out the will of his masters. In fact, a case could easily be made that Bibi Netanyahu is the American (Western) choice for Israel's Prime Minister, to ensure that American (Western) policy (peace process, settlement freezes, expulsions, etc) is carried out in the halls of Israel's government. There have been hints that he was "groomed for leadership" while still a student.

Brief Bio

Benjamin Netanyahu was born in 1949 in Tel Aviv... He spent his high school years in the US, ... Returning to Israel in 1967, Mr. Netanyahu enlisted in the IDF and served in an elite commando unit, ....

Mr. Netanyahu received a B.Sc. degree in architecture and a M.Sc. in business management from MIT. He also studied political science at MIT and Harvard University. Between 1976 and 1982 Mr. Netanyahu worked in the private sector, first with the Boston Consulting Group, an international business consultancy, and then in a senior management position at Rim Industries Ltd. In 1979 and 1984 Mr. Netanyahu initiated two international conferences that emphasized the need to fight terrorist organizations and regimes that provide them support.

...In 1982 Mr. Netanyahu assumed the position of deputy chief of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC. In 1984 he was appointed Israel's ambassador to the UN,....

Returning to Israel in 1988, Mr. Netanyahu was elected to the Knesset on the Likud party list and was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. During the Gulf War he served as Israel's principal representative in the international arena. In 1991, he was a senior member of the Israeli delegation to the Madrid peace conference and as such, participated in the first strategic cooperation program between Israel and the US. [
This was the beginning of "Oslo."]

In 1993 Mr. Netanyahu was elected Likud party chairman and served as head of opposition until his election to Prime Minister of Israel in 1996....During his term as Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu implemented policy that combined fighting terror with advancement of the peace process.

In the economic realm, Mr. Netanyahu led the liberalization of foreign currency regulations, accelerated privatization of government-owned companies and reduced budget deficit.

...After the completion of his term as Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu served as a business consultant to Israeli high-tech companies and was a popular speaker on the global lecture circuit.In 2002 Mr. Netanyahu returned to politics, first as Minister of Foreign Affairs and then, in the course of 2003, as Minister of Finance. He initiated policies that encouraged growth by reducing the public sector and strengthened the private sector. ...These steps, praised by the US administration, credit rating companies and the IMF, ....

Under Netanyahu's influence, the Americanization, or Hellenization, if you prefer, of Israel, has accelerated.

Super-rich Israelis no longer ashamed to flaunt their wealthSuper-rich Israelis no longer ashamed to flaunt their wealth

...Those who are super-rich are no longer squeamish about displaying their wealth. One tycoon is building a 60,000-square-foot estate in the ancient city of Caesarea, along the coast between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Plans are underway for a special terminal at Ben-Gurion airport to handle the bustling traffic in private planes and helicopters. The national motor vehicle department said recently that it had to draft new regulations to allow for the import of Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins.

"Before, people in Israel were ashamed to be rich," said luxury real estate broker Meir Menahem, sipping a latte at his oceanfront office. "Even if you had money, you lived simply. Today, people are not ashamed. If they are making money, they want to live better."

His firm, Neot Shiran, is helping the super-rich find new places to spend their money by promoting exclusive residential communities along the Mediterranean Sea north of Tel Aviv, where former kibbutz-owned farmlands are being transformed into the Hamptons of Israel.

...If you're looking for that Malibu ranch atmosphere and need space for tennis courts and stables, there's sprawlingBnei Zion, where all you can see from the roads are intercoms and driveways. Land is zoned agricultural, so it won't cost as much to fill the pool or water the putting green.

But Herzliya Pituach, nestled on the seaside bluffs of the north Tel Aviv district, remains the standard-bearer for those seeking the ultimate address. This year the sale of a $36-million home, next door to the U.S. ambassador's house, broke Israel's record for a residential transaction.

It's a high-end, all-cash market that didn't exist when Menahem started in the mid-1990s. Back then, a 2,000-square-foot house was considered big and sales topping $1 million were rare.

Israel began shifting from its socialist roots in the 1980s and 1990s. Deregulation, privatization and tax cuts — which peaked when current Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu served as finance minister a decade ago — opened opportunities for a handful of the nation's richest families and recently immigrated Russian oligarchs to take over former state-run businesses. Today, Israel's economy is one of the most concentrated in the world, with about a dozen tycoons controlling a large portion of the country's banks, manufacturers, real estate firms, food producers, media outlets and retailers.

State-owned "corporations were sold off to very wealthy families and this provided opportunities to accumulate a lot of wealth," Hebrew University professor Michael Shalev said.

Binyamin Netanyahu periodically appears before his handlers to report on his progress, like on this occasion in the summer of 2010:

Netanyahu Assures CFR of His Cooperation

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu assured the New York-based Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) on Thursday that he is willing to further the council’s agenda for the Middle East by supporting an Israeli retreat from Judea and Samaria. Netanyahu further claimed that all core issues could be discussed in direct negotiations, and that if it were up to him, a peace deal between Israel and the American-backed Palestinian Authority could be signed by the end of 2011.

“If it’s up to me, we’ll have an agreement,” he said.

These are not the actions or the words of a Mashiach ben Yosef. This is a picture of the leader of the Erev Rav Regime.

Excerpted from Sod HaChashmal:

...The Zohar (Mishpatim 120A) speaks about the "erev rav" before the Moshiach will come. It connects the verse "Binyamin is a wolf that devours," to the "erev rav" that will control Am Yisrael before the Moshiach comes and says they will be like bad wolves that will eat the plenty of the Torah scholars who are like sheep. All this will only happen "in the morning will eat til," similar to another verse, "til Shiloh (Moshiach) will come." The rest of the verse, "and in evening will share the loot," according to the Zohar, refers to the Geula, that shall be at Mincha time when Hashem will share the loot of the "erev rav" between Moshiach ben Yosef and Moshiach ben David. Rabbi Yosef Sheinberger, shlit"a, added that the Zohar implies that the head of the "erev rav" at the time when Moshiach comes will be named Binyamin. This was also the name of the establisher of these days' "erev rav," Binyamin Zev [Herzl], exactly like the verse says.

Only someone with the soul of the Erev Rav, those who want to "mix" us with the gentiles, deny Judaism's unique Truth and destroy our connection to our Holy Torah, would make the following address as the leader of the Jewish nation, on behalf of the Jewish people...