06 June 2024


29 Iyyar 5784
44 Days of the Omer 

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Following the massacre of Oct. 7, it was widely reported thousands of younger charedim RAN to the IDF enlistment station and VOLUNTEERED to be recruited into the IDF.

2 months ago the Knesset's Research and Information Center published recruitment rates by population groups - and it happens to include what happened to those 4,000 charedim who tried to join the IDF…

3,120 of the 4,000 ultra-Orthodox youth were found "unfit", mostly due to medical reasons. Has the army stopped recruiting low-profile soldiers for combat support units, for intelligence, training, computers and command?

And that's not even the worst.

Out of the 880 ultra-Orthodox youth who were found eligible, only 540 were recruited. That is, out of the 4,000 ultra-Orthodox youth who asked to enlist, the IDF recruited only 13.5%, and even among the 800 ultra-Orthodox determined to be fit for service, only 61% were recruited.

These numbers strengthen the claims that the army is not prepared to recruit mass ultra-Orthodox and actually does not want to.

(( Could this be changed - yes. But currently the IDF for the most part literally doesn’t want them. ))

Via @ramonhaim - Haim Ramon

[The foregoing, in its entirety, was taken from the latest Israel Realtime Updates report - June 6, 2024@ 10:22 am.]


  1. I read this too. I don't want to hear any more complaints that haredim don't serve, and don't even try. This is proof that all the stuff I hear about my friends, teachers and other people I know is BOGUS!!!

  2. Divide the nation and conquer it...

  3. Sickening....this is a twisted game to divert attention from whats really going on. The failure of the top military brass and Israeli Intelligence organizations, as well as the pathetic failure of a unity government, to protect the the populace on October 7th and then the subsequent and ongoing failure of a war in Gaza. So to divert attention from all of this trot out the same pathetic old inflammatory issue of the charedim not serving, when multiple sectors of Israeli society, including leftists themselves are conscious objectors to serving in the military. This is all a diversionary tactic to inflame the public and create a massive divide...and its infuriating and sickening. They know people are wide awake and watching the pathetic tactics of the army to deliberately lose the war, even as we lose precious soldiers every day, and there is a very real possibility that the next coalition could be headed by a strong right with either smotrich or ben gvir leading. people are frightened, and finally conscious of the fact that the people leading them are traitors and cannot be trusted. So they deviously throw the charedi issue out to the public as if thats the most pressing issue to try to drive a wedge and create a schism between the secular and religious, and the centrists and right wing. The truth is the gap is more narrow then ever before and we are in the perfect place to see a hard core right wing truly nationalist party. Hint... think Yonaton Pollard as a unifying figure between the moderate left and rightwing factions.

    1. You are both entitled to your opinions. No reason to start an argument.

  4. nothing,

    "...be headed by a strong right with either smotrich or ben gvir leading..."

    These two clowns are not our saviors and won't solve anything. They are actors, acting.

  5. Tonight from Israel Realtime Updates...

    ▪WHILE ARGUING OVER CHAREDI CONSCRIPTION.. IDF Human Resources allows retirement of head of IDF rabbinate and kosher services without a replacement. With an increasing number of soldiers demanding kosher, and much more as part of reserve duty, HR is reducing the ability of the IDF rabbinate to take care of them. (Israel HaYom)

  6. Thank you for posting on this important issue. Here is my expanded take on what has really been going on:

    An Important Revelation about Haredi Conscription