11 June 2024

Seven Weeks and One Day = Shavuot!

5 Sivan 5784
49 Days of the Omer
Erev Chag Shavuot

I just have to say right now that I have a very strong feeling that something great is right upon us.  May we each be found worthy to receive it!

I hope you enjoy these meaningful excerpts which I've taken from previous Shavuot blog posts.  

~ Chag Shavuot Sameach!! ~

The holiday is given this name because it is the climax of the Counting of Days and Weeks which make up the Sefirat HaOmerSefirat HaOmer connects Passover and Shavuot. Passover is the holiday on which we commemorate our Redemption from slavery in Egypt. That was our "Physical Redemption."

But physical redemption is not enough. It would have left us "free" people, but with no purpose to our lives. The purpose of the Jewish People is to serve G-d. The way we serve G-d is by studying and practicing his Torah. On Shavuot, G-d Himself appeared to us on Mt. Sinai to give us the Torah. By accepting it, we earned the title of "A Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation."

Thus, Shavuot is the purpose of the Exodus from Egypt. Seven weeks had to pass before we were able to shake off the feeling of being subject to our Egyptian taskmasters. The Jewish religion believes that there is no legitimate master for a human being other than G-d. This is probably the most important lesson of Shavuot.

...Shavuot and Pesach have a special relationship which makes them really, in a sense, almost like one holiday, namely, the Holiday of Redemption, Physical and Spiritual, of the Jewish People.

~ ~ ~

In one respect, the 50th is the uncountable number. The Omer period lasts for 50 days – yet only 49 are to be counted. The counting of 49 automatically leads to the arrival of the 50th. This elevated state was reached at Sinai. It truly surpassed everything that came before it. It was on the 50th day, Shavuot, that the union between Israel and God, like a marriage, was solemnized.

With this act the Jewish nation supernaturally transcended worldly existence to become one with God. Israel achieved this unity when they arrived at Sinai to encamp in a unified state: like a single person with a single heart. The names of the 12 Tribes of Israel, which were engraved upon the Stones worn by the Kohen Gadol, have a total of 50 letters, merged as one entity with their Creator.

Thus, the 50th is the point of arrival. This is where man has come “all the way.” This is the ultimate level; man has successfully completed the requisite stages of the natural passage and progressed to transcend up to the Godly level of eternity. This is the dimension of Torah, of Divine understanding, of true freedom. It is where Israel transcends to truly become one with God.


  1. What did you mean by you have a feeling that “something great is right upon us”? Do you feel that we are living in the time close to Moshiach’s revelation?


    1. It's so close you could trip over it. :-)

    2. How do you know that it’s very close? Hoping you can make a new blogpost about you feeling this way.


    3. I hope you’re right. I have 2 friends who are very special yidden suffering from emotional illness and want the geulah very badly. They’ve wanted it way before they were suffering, and have expressed that lately they feel that Moshiach feels hopeless and that there is nothing to live for anymore. They said they would end their lives soon if Moshiach isn’t revealed. They are sick of the same old galut over and over every day.


    4. And I hope that you encourage them to work on their emunah. Such thoughts, much less a public declaration, is indicative of a serious lack of faith in HKB"H, that all He does is for the good and that He provides for every need we have in every circumstance. Those doubts will not speed up the process of Mashiach. This is the voice of the yetzer hara and it adds to the power of tumah and not kedushah, as is necessary.

      All I can think about is the father of the hostage who returned to find his father had given up on him only hours before.

      As the old saying goes, when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hold on.

    5. Barry, every blog post I write is explaining this very thing.

  2. Devorah Chayah, please be careful with writing that one who suffers from an emotional illness is indicative of a serious lack of faith in Hashem. As a clinical psychologist, nothing can be further from the truth. Not everything always comes down to Emunah and Bitachon. There are many factors to the causes emotional suffering and we wish everyone to feel good. Of course, even more so to have Moshiach so that there will be no more suffering at all.


    1. Yitzchok, you are right. For whatever reason, I totally did not pay attention to the part that said they were suffering emotional illness. in fact, I was going to deny it until I went back and looked again and there it was in the first sentence.

      In re-reading it for the third time, I think the commenter would have done better not to write these things. I don't know what I am supposed to do with this information. It's very upsetting to read. Looking back, I think I should not have published it, but encouraged the commenter to urge her friends to seek professional help.