19 June 2024

"C4IR Israel"

13 Sivan 5784

"The only way to win is not to play the game."

I honestly don't know what it is going to take to get the Jews to look up - beyond the political circus - and see that left and right are artificial constructs intended to maintain control by making people think they still have choice.  All you need to do to verify my words is to acknowledge that no matter which "side" takes the reins of government, nothing essentially changes.

These hooligan protesters in Israel have the right idea about Netanyahu but for the wrong reasons.  That doesn't mean he doesn't have to go, and the sooner the better, but he must be replaced by something better, not more of the same (or worse) from the other side.  The "choice" that The Powers That Be allow us is not only not working for our benefit, but they pose an existential risk, not only to the Jews, but to the entire free world!!  And it's going to be up to us to put a stop to them.

Hamas and Hezbollah, even Iran, are just the tip of the iceberg.  We got a glimpse into the reality that lies beyond what we normally are allowed to see during COVID.  Has everyone so soon forgotten how Netanyahu arranged with his good buddy Pfizer head Albert Bourla to be first in line to get the whole population of Israel injected with an untested experimental "vaccine"?  [See: Pfizer CEO hails ‘obsessive’ Netanyahu for calling 30 times to seal vaccine deal.]

Across the board, from the staunchest chiloni to the "modern" chareidi, Jews looks admiringly at Israel's hi-tech, start-up nation reputation and feel a swell of pride in it, as if the Prophet Yeshayahu had written: "The Technology will go forth from Zion and the word of AI from Jerusalem."  What an unrivaled blessing we've become to the world, such a "light unto the nations."

Well, think again!  Think again!!  Because while engaging in this love affair with the god Technology, the noose has been slowly but surely closing around all our necks!!!

While we have been 100% distracted with war and politics, TPTB have been reducing the number of farms around the world.  (Do you think it is a coincidence that agriculture in Israel has taken one of the hardest hits over the past nine months?)  [See: The number of farms in the world is declining, here’s why it matters to you; Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why?]

How else are they going to convince people to buy the lab-grown beef and the lab-grown chicken and the lab-grown fish?  Reduce the amount of animals available for slaughter and push the prices so high that the poorer you are the less access you have to real (healthy) food.

And Israel (Hashem yerachem!) leads the way...

And just as a side note...
As Queen Esther (7:4) would say: "For we have been sold, I and my people,..." Which brings us to The World Economic Forum (WEF) and C4IR Israel...
The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Israel is an initiative established by the Government and led by the Innovation Authority.

The centre aims to create and share knowledge, experience and best practices related to innovative technologies’ regulation by establishing collaborations between governments, leading corporations, the private sector, and experts from around the world.

Launched 19 September 2019
Host Institution Israel Innovation Authority
Centre Head Daniella Partem
C4IR Israel
Program's Description

The world is in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution – a period during which technological breakthroughs and industrial disruptive technologies are blurring geographical borders and challenging existing regulatory frameworks. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and autonomous transportation are rapidly changing our lives, creating new risks and opportunities, and raising ethical issues. Government regulations must keep up with the rapid pace of technological changes and bring progress to Israeli citizens.

To help government regulation adapt to the rapidly changing technology, the World Economic Forum founded a network of Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR). This network aims to create and to share knowledge, experience and best practices related to innovative technologies’ regulation by establishing collaborations between governments, leading corporations, private sector, and experts from around the world.

The C4IR network began operation in San Francisco in 2017 and operates centers in China, Japan, and India. Alongside the official centers, there are other countries that joined as ‘Affiliate Centers’ including South Africa, Colombia, Brazil, the UAE, Norway, and Saudi Arabia.

In January 2019, as part of Government Resolution No. 4481, it was decided that the State of Israel would join the C4IR. Accordingly, in August 2019, the Innovation Authority established the Israeli Center for Regulation of Innovative Technologies that serves as an Affiliate Center in the C4IR network.

Participation in the network will enable to advance the readiness of the Israeli market to new technologies, specifically innovative disruptive technologies that will significantly influence life in Israel. The Israeli center will work with local regulators to assist them in adopting flexible and innovative regulations that are suitable for technological developments and that allow for the promotion of innovation, research and improved services while preserving public interests (such as safety and privacy).

The Innovation Authority believes that creating a flexible, innovative regulation environment that is adapted to technological developments provides a significant opportunity to advance an innovation ecosystem for growing technologies. This environment is necessary for the Israeli high-tech industry to be able to maintain its leading technological position in these fields but also to enable the State of Israel to provide its citizens with the tremendous benefit promised by technological progress.

The Israeli Center, established in 2019, promotes technological fields at the heart of the International Center’s (C4IR – WEF) activity, the development and application of which influence productivity and growth in the State of Israel. The Center promotes collaborations with the Ministries of Transport, Health and Justice in the fields of regulation of smart transportation, autonomous vehicles and drones, and in fields of Artificial Intelligence and information economics.
Did this bastion of democracy called Israel ever bother to bring this to a vote of the people? Hell no!! How many citizens of Israel even know about it? This from the sell-out, traitorous Erev Rav regime under the leadership of Binyamin Netanyahu - the right-wing "King" of Israel - darling of the shuk crowd.  We have no idea how many secret agreements this illegitimate government has signed us up for and obligated us to.  But, when we find out, we individually have a moral obligation and responsibility to educate our fellow Jews so that their dangerous delusions of change coming about through elections can be destroyed once and for all.  

People, there is no time left.  HKB"H, The Master and Creator of All, will never allow this plan to succeed to the point of no return.  Recall how He let the Generation of the Tower of Bavel build that tower massively high before He stopped them in their tracks.  All the more reason to believe Mashiach is literally coming through the door.  As the Prophet Yirmiyahu (31:16) said, "There is hope for your future."

The following video is where I learned about this.  If you can't afford the time to watch it in full, at least see the first 10 mins!

Their Sinister PLAN To Eliminate 
ALL Meat Was Just Released!


  1. It is so sad that majority of the country is still gaslit and believes everything the government and media tells them. Many of the Haredim (particular in the Litvish communities) ran to take the shot believing that R Chaim told everyone to, despite the fact that no one was allowed to ask him personally. The government has been bragging for years about how great the economy is and our Hi-tech is the envy of the world. Meanwhiel so many families have gone into crazy debt and the government is completely broke. But people still believe in it and the Army. The army exists only to push the radical left woke agenda, it is completely uninterested in defending the country.

  2. H' bless you, Devorah Chaya - what an EXCELLENT post!
    These RESHAIM have been working on this for the longest time and yet when you speak to the average person, they look at you as if you've gone off your mind. Why do I know this (but without all the details as you list) but the average so-called intelligent person seems to be asleep. Maybe they still do not understand that there could be such evil in the world, even though it's in front of everyone's face.
    I will never forget when that Armilus, erev rav Peres said that Yerushalayim will be the capital of world technology. Do you believe such chutzpah and such heresy coming out of a rep of the Israeli government? The rishus of what is going on today, not only in the world but especially coming out of our holy EY is frightening.
    When Hashem unleashes His Anger, may every true Yiddishe neshama
    be protected just as HE protected us at Yetziat Mitzrayim.
    We are at the point of history where the balance of 'evil' has been
    unleashed for its final destruction.
    H' Bless His people Yisrael and the righteous.

  3. I don't know why you removed my comments about all of this weeks ago when I wrote about the Freemasons who are at the helm of this country. That aside, what you probably need to know is that the health rights of *Israelis* have also been sold away, namely an agreement has been signed giving the the World Health Organization the legal rights to decide what the people of Israel need, when, how, why and where and there are no questions asked because this is now law - https://iris.who.int/bitstream/handle/10665/333239/9789240008021-eng.pdf?sequence=1

    1. Well, I don't know why either. I don't even remember it. But, if I did, there was a very good reason.

  4. C4IR (CAIR), in portuguese (maybe spanish too), means "TO FALL DOWN".

  5. Luiz - may our enemies all fall down. Amen.
    To Anon above @6:19 pm, the only law that will matter and does
    matter, are Hashem's Laws.
    There is a war going on now against the Ribbono Shel Olam
    and these reshaim want to replace Him. These are the gilgulim
    of Nimrod & his followers.

  6. Now you can understand why the Nutrei Karta (or however you spell it) exist. I'm not defending them or supporting them or agreeing with them, because I don't. I have many issues with them. But we can see why they believe medinat Israel is evil and claim that the 3rd Beit HaMikdash has not been built because of the evil medinat. I no longer look at anything from the OU once I learned that they gave a hechsher to a toiva cake mix. It's so ironic because in America OU was the top hechsher. I made aliyah and learned that their hechsher is at the bottom of the heap. I believe that those of us who resisted the "science" and refused to be jabbed also refuse to eat anything that doesn't come from nature. Those of us who eat to serve Hashem, and to release the sparks, who eat with kavanah and not for satisfaction, will not change our ways. And in the end, there may be only 600,000 standing to hear HKBH once again.

    1. The OU was never the top hechsher. Widely accepted, most recognized, sure. I heard from someone who worked for a time as a mashgiach in the 1990s that it was no better than the stam Rabbanut Yerushalaim hechsher, and that was its heyday. Serious charedim ignored both equally. The "top" American hechsher probably was and is the Star-K from Baltimore.

    2. Shimshon, I guess it depends on where you live. I left in 2008, so I don't know about now. But in Denver, it was OU, OU, OU!!! Of course we also had Star-K, and there was another one I don't remember. But most of the buzz was around the OU. Anyway, B"H I'm here now and it no longer matters.

    3. Newsflash - all ULTRA-Orthodox - including: Satmar, Chabad and the various *dynasties* are against this horror called *medina*. It's been constructed for nothing more than as a cover for mafia. They took the natural resources, sold the land to the highest bidder, turned everything good into a curse, sold the water to Jordan, turned Jerusalem into Disney World, every *ministry* is in name only, they're all doing business and the *government* is a cover for those businesses - arms, chemicals, DNA, data on citizens (easy when you have an ID number that goes into multi-disciplinary channels - sold to the highest bidder), medical experimentation on humans, toxins in the water, air and food supply and they're all living the high life on the Ivory Coast, private islands and Caesarea which isn't even a part of Israel, it's owned by the Rothschild family. We're nothing but a commodity to them.

  7. Gavriela, you’re so on target, as usual. Yes about the 600,000!! I think HKB”H gave Am Yisrael a ‘sleeping pill” in order to get the Geula going faster, as they ar3 just not “with it”! Nechama