20 June 2024

America - An Enslaving Empire

14 Sivan 5784

Israel is today as enslaved to the United States every bit as much as it was to Egypt.  They say "jump" and we ask "how high?"  But, today, Egypt is here in Eretz Yisrael and we have a choice.  We can, and must, throw off the shackles of our own making and throw them out of here!!!

We have no business anywhere near Hawaii and we certainly have no business participating in American aggression against China.  And we most certainly have no business sparing any of our forces for this nonsense on the very eve of war in Lebanon!!!!!

Maybe the Jew-haters will save us from ourselves.  Maybe we will be uninvited. Halevai!!

Withdraw from Rimpac exercise over Israel’s participation, NGOs tell govt

New Zealand’s involvement in RIMPAC exercise condemned because of Israel’s participation


  1. We are nothing more than a vassal state to America. This is why America would never allow us to develop our own defense industry to be totally independent, because they know it is the aid that gets us to do what they want. It makes no sense that we get 3 billion dollars a year from the US when we have a good economy and a high standard of living, but this is the way the US keeps us under its thumb. This is also why there is a new group of countries BRICS that is forming together to drop the dollar and America, because they are tired of being bullied by them. They will have the largest population, land mass and the biggest economic group, The USD will in the future most likely be a thing of the past. I agree we should not be involved in these war exercises especially when we are at war with our military spread so thin.

  2. The average lifespan of an empire is 250 years. Tik tok.
    Empires often go out, 'not with a bang but with a whimper'

  3. The Pacific is surely getting more and more important. Opposing coalitions are a fact. On a higher and more strict true level (dimmension) you are not mistaken. Athough i don't know if total isolation of the Holly Nation as such is the ultimate goal. Anyway who am i do disagree with you. (which i don't ) I just wanted to say that i fear that this is also part of a spiel. Both Koreas voted pro Fakestinians, the New Zealand position is not so exceptionel. What if there is no elections in US, what if they plan for no Israel at that time, what if this was all part of a different diplomatic chess game that became a spiel/game ? What if they make Israel believe they are (still) part of this coalition. Yeah, but Israel gets no ammunition !? So, of course in your thinking, which i hope will turn out for the better, so i can't disagree, there is no point, what do i know ? I did contact BB and Pollard on this also. Can't teel you much more. Plans get made but get canceled and abused so interfered ( Oct 7) by other(s).