13 May 2024

What's Next For Brigadier General Ofer Winter?

6  Iyyar 5784
Day 21 of the Omer 
Yom Ha'atzma'ut Observed
"History has chosen us to be at the forefront of the fight against the terrorist enemy, which blasphemes and defies the God of the armies of Israel. I raise my eyes to the heavens and call out with you, 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.' May the God of Israel grant success to our paths as we march to battle for the sake of the people of Israel against the enemy who defiles Your name."  (Source: Yair Netanyahu claims Israelis want Ofer Winter as Defense Minister, despite controversial remarks; Direct Polls: Most Israelis Prefer Ofer Winter as Defense Minister Over Yoav Gallant)

If not the words of Yehoshua ben Nun, then for certain in the same spirit.  These are the words of Brigadier General Ofer Winter, for which he was heavily criticized and finally "released" from the IDF.  It is a known fact that no God-fearing Jew may rise to the highest ranks of the IDF.  

...Winter came under criticism during Protective Edge, when he served as commander of the Givati Brigade, for a letter to his subordinate officers in which he described the operation as a religious war against a “blasphemous” foe.

In media interviews, the officer also described his troops as being protected in battle by “clouds of glory,” raising concerns among religious freedom activists that Winter was theocratizing the military.

In that article, it details the other Brigadier Generals and their promotions, all of whom look to me like the same ones who are responsible for The Simchat Torah Massacre, as well as this ongoing fashla called a "war." 

A controversial senior officer in the IDF, who has been without a role for nearly two years, is finally being let go from service after being passed over for promotion yet again. IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Herzi Halevi told Brig. Gen. Ofer Winter that he would be released from the army after not being promoted in the latest round of appointments, the Ynet news site reports.

The move has sparked backlash among some lawmakers, mostly from the right, and activists who had hoped that Winter would finally be given a promotion.

...Alongside Winter, another two brigadier generals were told by Halevi that no role was found for them and they were to end their service, Ynet reports.
I've no doubt whatsoever that appropriate places can be found for them in Mashiach's army.

We wish him wonderful success in his future!


  1. Hashem Bless and Protect General Ofer Winter. Just reading about him and his yirat Shamayim and heroism, every Jew should bless him in their tefilot. This is a true Jewish General in the Jewish Army of the Land of Israel.
    The generals are doing all they can to rid the tzava of real Jewish officers and soldiers; it is so obviously clear. These are the leftists and, woefully, who head all the sections of power in the courts, army & government and even many in the rabbinical world.also are Erev Rav.
    We don't know who Moshiach Ben Yosef is but he surely would make an excellent candidate. May H' Answer our prayers and give us our
    MBY who will succeed in sanctifying Hashem's Holy Name and bring us true victory and he will be blessed with everything good! May it be!

  2. No other proof is needed than this to show just how evil the institution of the army really is. All of the soldiers who valiantly serve and served for Am Yisrael are tzaddikim and those who died in battle died Al - Kiddush Hashem. But the institution itself is run by the same Evil, failed Deep State, Amalekite Jew Hating, G-d Hating, Torah Hating, Eruv Rav that has been running this country since its inception. General Winter should be proud of his service, retire and go sit in the Beit Midrash and learn Torah all day. There he can truly be a General in the army of Hashem!