23 May 2024

We Haven't Heard the End of This

15 Iyyar 5784
Day 30 of the Omer   

It's been quiet since Sunday's helicopter crash which took the lives of Iran's president, foreign minister and six other persons.  They've been involved with five days of national mourning while the funerals take place, the final one to be tomorrow.  No doubt, the government will be hard pressed after that time to explain what actually happened.
Making Sense of Raisi’s Helicopter Crash: All You Need to Know

Iranian media suggests ‘foul play’ and ‘conspiracy’ over Raisi’s death

In recent days, Persian and foreign social media has been awash with speculations from individuals, news agencies, political circles, technical experts, and even several pilots about the possibility that the helicopter crash involving President Raisi and his entourage was the result of a foreign conspiracy. This, in part, has come about by several local and even Russian experts suggesting that something is amiss about the helicopter accident, with even the Kremlin previously offering to help find the “true cause” of the accident.


  1. Rabbi Daniel Glatstein
    The Demise of Raisi - The Message For the Jewish People

  2. Should we be prepared for a famine and getting kicked out of Artzeinu?

    Rabbi Grossman (rebbe in machon shilo and talmid of rabbi bar hayim) is warning that if there isn’t enough teshuva than the prophechy of a famine before Moshiach will happen, as well as us all being exiled to chutz la’aretz if we don’t do enough Teshuva during the famine.


    1. Famine? - YES. It's already here: "Behold, days are coming, says the Lord God, and I will send famine into the land, not a famine for bread nor a thirst for water, but to hear the word of the Lord." (Amos 8.11)

      Physical exile? - NO! Get real. What nation would have us? Rabbi Grossman should know better. (Too many more reasons to list here.)

    2. Rabbi Grossman was referring to a famine of food. He said the prophechy is about food.


    3. I heard the shiur the other day. Didn't he also say it could be a famine where food could be available but people would not be able to afford to buy it? We're getting there now. The high price of food is headlining globally. But also, at some point the worldwide loss of crops due to weather disasters (floods and hail) and war (think Ukraine and wheat) are going to cause not only an increase in prices but also a shortage of available food. Famine is a possibility.

    4. He was connecting it to the prophechy of a famine , which he was obviously wrong about (as you quoted the pasuk above that it’s a famine for Torah which we b’h have now).


    5. Also we were promised by Hashem that we would return and never be exiled again. We are already deep in the Moshiach process ...we aren't going anywhere!!