13 May 2024


6  Iyyar 5784
Day 21 of the Omer

The blogger and researcher Geulah Girl pointed out to me that just as the Nazi Nuremberg Laws addressed commandments that Israel were deficient in performing, the various legal moves being made against us by the international organizations today are, too.  We are being excoriated for doing things which we actually are not doing but which we should be doing.  

"Israel in Isolation" is actually very good news for us.  Especially, when we just read Parashat Kedoshim where we are commanded to be separate from the nations.  We are not doing it willingly, but HKB"H is forcing it upon us anyway.

The Forty-Day Countdown

From April 8, 2024 (Rosh Chodesh Nissan) when the solar eclipse took place, the United States received a Forty-Day Warning.  Their own self-proclaimed "prophets" confirm it. 

"Forty days more and Nineveh shall be overturned."  

May 18th is actually the fortieth day if the count begins on April 9th.  And that's the date that most people are looking towards and maybe it will be that day, but the prophecy indicates that 40 days will be completed before the decree is carried out.  That puts it over to May 19th, their Feast of Pentecost.  Any way you slice it, we're talking about five or six days until the US is finally taken down as a super-power with the ability to dictate our surrender to Hamas.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the US is going to fall, as surely as Egypt fell.  The timing is no coincidence either.  On April 25th during the week of Passover, a series of weather disasters began which is ongoing through today.  The following video proves that those people do not know how to interpret the events in front of them.

This presents another big problem for Jewish Americans.  The Christians view these events as signs from God, but they interpret their meanings through the prism of the New Testament.  They believe their country is in danger of Divine retribution and the only way to avoid it is through repentance, but...  Their idea of repentance is that everybody must accept Yeshu as their god and savior.  

Not only that, but this eclipse and the seven Ninevehs are a set-up for a teaching already being given all over the Christian world, that the Jews in chu"l are like Jonah who was the cause of the storm and the sinking boat and the only way to save them all was to throw him overboard.

This comes from the Altar of Prayer website under the heading "Aliyah".  Do you get that he is actually saying that the Jews in America are bringing (or going to bring) troubles upon the United States due to their refusal to obey God's command to leave the exile, just like Jonah did by running in the opposite direction of Nineveh?  He even draws a parallel between Jonah heading west and today's largest dispersed group of Jews residing in the west!  This can only go one place - to save the nations, the Jews will have to, metaphorically (we hope), be cast overboard - like Jonah!!  


  1. Unreal. Hard to believe how they interpret everything upside down.
    It seems more likely they made it all up as they kept on reading.
    The truth, of course, is only in our holy Torah and Chazal tell us that
    the reason Yonah wanted to run away and not do G-D's bidding about warning the people of Ninveh is because his own people, we the Jews,
    were not heeding Hashem's decrees (laws) and he didn't want to shame our people by going and pleading with the non-Jews that they obey H's warning that they repent, because if they would listen to him (Yonah) - it would bring shame and also hurt him because the Jews were not heeding his warnings. He was mainly only concerned for his own people, Am Yisrael. His motivation for running away was very noble, in a way.
    But, of course, they would interpret it to fit their own agenda.

  2. I have said it before, and will say it again. Most American Jews (Particularly in the Frum communities) still have their heads buried in the sand. They are still very happy being in their little shtetl's, with their Shuls, Kosher Shopping etc... believing that all of this will eventually blow over. Not to mention how many American Rabbis still preach not to make Aliyah either until Moshiach comes or because of all of the trials of tribulations of making a living and Chinuch etc.... The same excuses year upon year. I have lost all respect for these Jewish communities and the Rabbaim who lead them. I do agree that due to their refusal to leave, they will play a huge part in the downfall of America. Hashem sees their intransigence and will unleash his wrath.

    1. No offense but ur comments r off the wall , nasty and very untrue !what about all the big rabbis ? Why aren’t they moving to Isreal ? Must be not such a great big mitzvah to move there . Otherwise they would all move there. The Torah obviously allows other considerations and doesn’t just push Aliyah at the drop of a hat. Malky

    2. I read it and I loved it. But the Lubavitcher rebbe lived in New York , satmar rebbe , Reb Moshe Feinstein and numerous other great men. I still maintain it’s not so clear cut.

  3. I'm sorry, Malky, but timing is everything. Many people have said, since 1948, that Jews should come home to Israel now that the opportunity presents itself. I can understand why you and many others have believed otherwise. But the difference in the 2020s/5780s, especially this year, is that everything is worldwide and watchable online. It may have never been clear-cut in the past, but now it's much clearer than it was in R' Feinstein's day. I, for one, would not like to see thousands of Jews being carted off publicly with hardly any of their own belongings and thrown on ships that will take weeks to get here.

    I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to live under this government. At this point it would seem that it won't be much longer until we start seeing changes in governance. And in the end, it's not the government, but the LAND under our feet, that counts, especially now.

  4. I just want to add one more thing. It is not a matter of if, but when the US dollar collapses and there is economic upheavel, the people that will be blamed are the Jews. Just like in the 2008 financial collapse, anti-semitism saw a sharp increase because many people bought into the age old narrative that it was orchestrated by the Jews who are rich and control finance. the writing on the wall has never been more clear.