07 February 2021

"How to Fight the Evil Regime" - Part 2

 25 Shevat 5781

(Part 1)

"One aspect of Milchemes Gog U'Magog that's even more serious than the physical battle is that it will be a spiritual battle royale between tumah and kedushah." 
                    --- The End Illuminated by Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Sorotzkin
Kadosh means separated and that's really our weapon....  People want to know how to fight the evil regime that is coming to annihilate us.  Only if you are holy.  If you are holy, nothing is going to touch you.                         --- Rabbi Alon Anava

     Continuing with Or Ha'Ra'ayon on Kedusha...

Kedusha is the foundation of the world, because kedusha is perfection and purity, without a trace of abomination, spiritual baseness, selfishness, or bestial lust.  Kedusha involves preparation, readying oneself to become holy, to fill one's soul with kedusha, as was said at Sinai, "Go to the people and sanctify them [וקדשתם-vekidashtam]" (Ex. 19:10), and Rashi comments, "Ready them so that they can prepare themselves."  Kedusha means being ready for holiness and purity to enter the heart and soul.  The opposite of kedusha is chulin non-holiness, from the root chalal, a vacuum.  The irreligious Jew is an empty vacuum, whom kedusha has left.

Indeed, kedusha is the foundation of the world and of Israel, because the world was created for the sake of kedusha, and Israel - G-d's emissary and anointed one on earth - was created, as well, for the sake of kedusha.  Israel are obligated to emulate G-d and imitate His attributes and ways, as an example and as a light unto mankind, in order to form a world that is totally good.  Our sages said (Torat Kohanim, Kedoshim, 1):

 If you sanctify yourselves, I will credit you as having sanctified Me.  If you do not sanctify yourselves, I will treat you as not having sanctified Me...  Abba Shaul says, "Israel are the King's retinue, and they are required to emulate the King."

In other words, Israel, as G-d's retinue, have the task of imitating Him, of being as similar to Him as is possible for a man to be similar to G-d, and of coming close to Him.  If they do so, then, so to speak, G-d, as well, ascends spiritually and becomes holier.  G-d decreed this upon Israel:  "Remember and keep all My commandments and be holy to your G-d" (Num. 15:40).  The Sifri comments (Shelach, 115), "This is the kedusha of all the mitzvot."  In other words, through all the mitzvot, Israel become holier; and this is their task, because it was for the sake of this that G-d took them out of Egypt, as shall be explained below. 

 It also says (Lev. 11:44-45):

For I am the L-rd your G-d, and since I am holy, you must also make yourselves holy and remain sanctified.  Therefore, do not defile your souls by eating any small animal that lives on the land.  I am the L-rd, and I brought you out of Egypt to be your G-d.  Therefore, since I am holy, you must also make yourselves holy.

 ...We also learn (Torat Kohanim, Shemini, 12),  "Just as I am holy, so are you holy.  Just as I am set apart, so must you be set apart."  Here we find kedusha defined:  It means separating oneself from the abominations, impurity and bestiality of the world, and instead clinging to purity and spiritual loftiness, goodness and the yoke of Heaven, intent on ascending and becoming holier.  The beast is a prisoner of physical drives and lust.  It cannot possibly separate itself from bestiality, for it is entirely bestial and was created to be precisely that in order to show man the behavior from which he must flee.

Breaking down one's passions is Israel's task.  That is why kedusha was commanded so many times in the realms of life fraught with lust and desire; namely, food and conjugal relations.  Regarding food, G-d stressed this in Leviticus (at the end of Ch. 11), and in Deuteronomy (14:2-3), where the section on food prohibitions begins as follows:  "You are a nation consecrated to the L-rd your G-d....  Do not eat any abomination."  Ibn Ezra comments, "Anything that is abominable to the pure soul, like the crawling things of the earth,"* and Vayikra Rabbah, 13:3, teaches:  "'These are the mammals that you may eat.

With this in mind, I find it very interesting that part of the Elites' plan is to deny meat to the masses and put them all on a diet of insects instead [See And the Lab-Grown Meat Shall Go Forth From Yerushalayim; Insect Market To Explode: EU Gives Green Light To Eating Mealworm; Edible Insects Market to receive overwhelming hike in Revenues by 2018 – 2027.]

They do mean to create an underclass of sub-human beings by weakening the soul within.  This would no doubt result in a true Zombie apocalypse, but rest assured that humanity is not hefker.  The World has a Master and it is not these spiritual pygmies, themselves enslaved to the Satan.  The very fact that all of this is global in scope indicates that the End of the World As We Have Known It Until Now has finally arrived.

(To be continued, iy"H)