08 February 2021

"How to Fight the Evil Regime" - Part 3

 26 Shevat 5781

(Part 1, Part 2)

Excerpts from The End Illuminated: Sequel, Chapter 3, "Gezeiros Before the Geulah"...

...there are...times when hishtadlus is not called for at all, nor will it be effective.  One of those times is now, as we approach the end of galus and prepare for the Geulah.  At this time ideally we should not engage in hishtadlus at all in regard to the current gezeiros or certain communal tzaros whose whole purpose is just to motivate us to daven for the Geulah,....

...it is clear from numerous sources (see Keitz Hayamim, vol. 4, sha'ar 5:3) that Klal Yisrael will merit the Geulah by recognizing and internalizing the truth of ein od milvado.  If that is the case, then obviously hishtadlus will not be the appropriate way to approach the gezeiros that precede the Geulah.

...Now, at the end of our galus, it is necessary for us ... to come to the clear recognition of ein od milvado and ein al mi lihisha'ein ela al Avinu ShebaShamayim in order to merit the Geulah Shleimah.  Therefore, doing hishtadlus now to counteract the gezeiros with which we are being faced, and that are here to bring us to this recognition, would be counterproductive

...besides for the current tzaros pushing us to recognize ein od milvado, upon which the Geulah is dependent, davening for the Geulah in itself may be one of the pivotal purposes of our current tzaros.

...although throughout galus it was correct to do hishtadlus, and surely to daven to get rid of our tzaros so we could continue to serve Hashem in galus, at this point hishtadlus and davening for salvation from these particular tzaros are no longer appropriate on a communal level....

Now is the time to beg for the Geulah

~ ~ ~ 

Excerpts from The Ishmaelite Exile, Part 6: The End of Days: Final Purification, Chapter 3: "Israel's Tribulations as Preparation for Redemption"... 

The Chessed LeAvraham writes that the intensification of Israel's oppression constitutes a wonderful process of purification in preparation for the redemption:

Israel's troubles will become as grave as can be, and they will suffer intense pain.  They will say of the mountains, "They have covered us," and of the hills, "They have fallen upon us," because of the tremendous troubles that will surround them on all sides.  The reason for this is that the Divine Presence will judge its household, and G-d will bring them back to the established covenant so as to purify them for the redemption and for the goodness promised to us by His prophets.

...All those who are stubborn and do not repent will perish.  But anyone who bears the yoke of repentance and accepts the troubles without complaint, putting his shoulder to the task, will be purified and become worthy.   

~ ~ ~

Excerpts from Or HaRa'ayon, Chapter 24: "Kedusha (Holiness)"... 

...Mitzvot open up for man the way to holiness.  They refine his senses and his soul so that he differentiates between a sin and a mitzvah, between good and evil, between holiness and impurity.  The more holy and pure he becomes, the more refined his senses become; and he begins to distinguish, naturally, between truth and falsehood.

Sin, by contrast, makes him spiritually insensitive.  It roughens his soul and his senses by blunting them.  An impure outer shell forms and seals up his soul.

...As we have said, G-d chose Israel as His special people, treasured, chosen, supreme and holy.  This holiness was given to them both through the Patriarchs' merit and through their own, and their souls were purified of filth at the Sinai Revelation.  Indeed, Israel are pure and holy as a nation.   Even so, it is a mitzvah for every Jew to hallow himself more and more until he achieves the level of having Ruach HaKodesh, Divine inspiration....

THIS is how we "fight" the Evil Regime.  Through our repentance and purification of our souls, we strip Evil of its power and allow the Geulah Shleimah to arrive. 


  1. Amen.

    Question: Should people accept money from the ER govt? Is this acceptable?

  2. This is so interesting, thank you for sharing. Did someone post recently about where it's possible to get a copy of this "End Illuminated Sequel"?

    Thank you!

  3. Beautiful post.

    "...it is a mitzvah for every Jew to hallow himself more and more until he achieves the level of having Ruach HaKodesh, Divine inspiration...."

    I think that's how we will recognize Mashiach ben Yosef בע"ה

  4. Anonymous@10:57AM - It's money they have taken from the people. Why shouldn't the people have it back? None of the politicians are reaching into their own pockets!

  5. Anonymous@11:21AM - Manny's has the first, but not the sequel. Pomeranz had both.

  6. Rabbi alon anava took down the anti vaccination lecture ???

  7. Thank you Devash for the great post. Amazing. Any thoughts on a group for chizukim?

  8. Anonymous@12:27PM - I don't know. Can someone find out if they took it down or if Youtube did. I have a copy and can post it up at an alternative (uncensored) site but only if the rabbi approves. My clip about the rabbis is so far still available at the upper right of this blog.

  9. Anonymous@1:25PM - "A group for chizukim." Isn't that what this is? ;-)

  10. The mentioned video is not on Rabbi Anava's you tube channel. Is there any way to find out what is going on with him / how he's doing?

    It could be he was "advised" to remove the video by that website. It's a bit surprising it was up as long as it was...

  11. I see many posts, videos, etc. saying that we need to do tshuva, prayer, etc. to bring geula, and that geula will only come if we do tshuva.

    I always asked for definitions, but, never got great answers (or answers at all).

    For example, what does "we" mean, given 90% of Jews are totally disconnected and won't even hear these words or be willing to even look at religious sites/rabbis- much less, to change their ways. So, if the # that become baalei tshuva is a few percent, when is the "we" a large enough group to make a difference?

  12. Posted Rabbi Alon Anava 04January2021 video "Should you take the Corona vaccine? Why do so many doctors and Rabbi's say to take it? NEW Info!" on https://www.brighteon.com/eee60b3f-1e83-4c27-b497-c0548c02000e 252 views as of 8Febuary2021 I can post anything you want on Brighteon.com.

  13. David m - I explained recently on this blog that when we do not merit to bring redemption early and it comes "in it time" (like it is now), it comes whether we are ready for it or not - like Shabbat does. Imagine what Shabbat would be like for you if suddenly it was 5 pm on Friday afternoon and you had thought all day that it was Thursday. What kind of Shabbat would you have?

    The geulah will come whether we do teshuvah or not, but only the ones who do teshuvah will survive to enjoy it. The teshuvah is for our own sake, not for anyone else. Rabbi Anava went into very great detail about how to do teshuvah. See HERE. (Just ignore the part about Elul. It is good for any time.)

    "We" means the entire nation of Israel, but we don't know who all that includes since the nation today has among it, outright goyim as well as Erev Rav souls as well as rebels against HKB"H's sovereignty. It's best not to try to judge where others stand and leave that to HKB"H. Right now, we have our hands full just dealing with our own relationship to HKB"H.

    This is critical because the time left is very short and anyone starting from scratch will have to play catch up as we all have to reach a certain level of kedushah in order to survive what is coming. Creation is going to ascend to a higher level and those who are still too firmly attached to this world, this life, the foreign culture, basically anything but the Torah and kedushah, will simply be unable to rise to the occasion so to speak.

    Those who do not survive to live in those days will still have Olam HaBa. One is not connected to the other. I hope this helps.

  14. Yakov Butterfield, that's great! I am currently uploading it to BitCHute as when using the link I shared in the clip I made on my own channel, it comes up with the "violation of Youtube's terms of service." So, the rabbi did not take it off on purpose.

    Do you also have copies of Rabbi Asherov's videos?

  15. By now, we should all know they are taking off videos, etc., left and right because it doesn't fit the nwo narratives. No surprise many of the good videos are being taken down.
    Geulah is surely literally 'at the door'.

  16. Also Rabbi Asherov is under attack, if someone has seen on arutz sheva news. If anything this just shows that they are desperate to increase the numbers of those willing to vaccinate. Obviously people are slowly waking up, B"H!!

  17. The more holy and pure we, the more refined our senses become; and we begin to distinguish, naturally, between truth and falsehood....
    Being this the case: Censorship it’s a good thing!
    HaShem is talking away the positive from internet.
    Maybe your blog is next...
    There will be nothing good here, just Tuma.
    Speeding Hollines or truth will be counterproductive.
    The test will be: Shot down your cellphone or computer.
    The sense of isolation will increase, but this will also be positive.
    Because we will be like in the desert.
    Recive the Torah again!
    Just pray, and sing to HaShem, study, meditate in Him, refine more our midot, because this world is “Alma de Shikra” (a world of lies) anyway. The birur is in process. Mi HaShem Elai? We have to return to be Am a Sefer, or else, we will be in the mitzraim of our computer for eternity!
    In a short time there will not be anything positive here.
    So be prepare. Grab your favorite 📚. Each one according to the root of his/her soul.

  18. drbsd: Think you have it right. The comparison of our isolation to hiding in the desert makes sense. Those who see clearly already understand the more dire the situation becomes, the closer is Moshiach!

  19. Posted Rabbi Yuval HaCohen Asherov 31December2020 video in Hebrew:
    "הרב יובל הכהן אשרוב - חיסון קורונה - הידעת Harav Yuval Asherov - Corona Vaccine - Did you Know?"
    Posted Rabbi Yuval HaCohen Asherov 27January2021 video In Hebrew:
    "חיסון קורונה שלב ב - הרב יובל הכהן אשרוב Covid-19 Vaccine Part 2 - Rabbi Yuval HaCohen Asherov, ADE: Antibody Dependent Enhancement"
    I can't get the subtitles downloaded from YouTube?

  20. The Vaccine Propaganda has started. Comply or be FIRED!
    All the major Jewish Media outlets are running this story from the JTA. Search and you will find at least 6 Posts copied word for word from Shira Hanau at JTA Jewish Telegraph Agency https://www.jta.org/quick-reads/anti-vaxxer-rabbi-fired-by-synagogue-over-social-media-posts which links back to the Antisemitic Haaretz.
    Anti-Vaxxer Rabbi Fired By Synagogue Over Social Media Posts
    February 3, 2021 https://vosizneias.com/2021/02/03/anti-vaxxer-rabbi-fired-by-synagogue-over-social-media-posts/
    The Culling has started. Don't be a Sheep.

  21. I must admit that this gives me alot of anxiety. On the one hand, I have tried to use the Corona period to strengthen my Emuna, but now I see this evil regime turning the screws and it scares me what they could do next.

    I fear they could deny people who don't vaccinate the ability to buy food, or get medicine, I fear for my children.

    I daven every day and I just hope Hashem is hearing my prayers and sends salvation very soon.

  22. A question, playing "devil's advocate" - why are "we" who read this blog, etc. (ie, connected in some way to the internet), able to filter through to see the "truth" of what's going on, however so many "tahor" people who are literally disconnected from the tumah, dedicating their lives in mesiras nefesh to learning / teaching Torah don't know the "truth" and are even being subjected to getting the vaccine? There are probably many justifications and ways of understanding this, but it would be interested to hear different opinions of how those of us connected to the "outside" are managing to understand what's going on, etc...

  23. Anon. @9:56 am: Personally, I think that people in this evil of evil times, should be connected somehow to the outside world; nowhere in the Torah does it say that we are mandated to not know, nor care what is going on, and especially in our own backyards in EY. We know the government is Erev Rav and have our 'worst' interests in mind and it is imperative, no less than taking care of ourselves, our health, eating properly, etc., etc., that all G-D fearing Torah learning Jews 'also' know what's happening in these craziest of times! It's not business as usual, as the saying goes! WAKE UP & BE ALERT!