24 February 2021


12 Adar 5781

I can't help wondering how many people are actually aware of this.  I was quite surprised when I first read it...

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  1. As a Jew, what I find most disturbing and distressing is that the state of Israel has become probably the most draconian of all countries because of this virus. Of course, as we should all know by now, this virus was created to get to this point. The demand for freedom should be uppermost in the minds and hearts of its citizens because if not,it can only get worse. The gall of the authorities thinking this will go on for years is showing their arrogance and cruelty. With H's Mercy and Infinite Goodness, this will end soon with the coming of our Moshiach and our Ultimate Redemption, where all evil will cease forever!

  2. Ahhh.... yes, vaccinations today, ....green pass(ports) tomorrow,, more vaccinations and yellow stars next month. Vaccines, or no vaccines, better prepare for the probability that life won't be returning to normal for either the vaccinated or the unvaccinated. It's too late for that. The madmen have opened a Pandora's box that even they cannot put the lid back. Hashem yerachem!

  3. I knew about it, that's why I laughed at the fools taking the injection. Why 6 months? Because the injection will cause death to their immunity system and they will need an injection every few months to have an artificial immune system to remain alive. That's what I understood.

  4. After this, comes digital currency, with its restrictions on humanity.
    Depopulation (vaccines), Control (Green Passport) Depopulation, Control and Food Scarcity (Digital Currency)
    What could you imagine is the “WHY?” “they” are doing all of this?
    What do “they” want to achieve?

    It all seems like a death wish; but aren’t they living on this planet too?
    Or do they really want to live on Mars and use Earth for a laboratory?

    1. Amalek has no intrinsic life and is therefore suicidal.

  5. "The Knesset on Wednesday approved a bill allowing the Health Ministry to transfer information on unvaccinated individuals to local authorities, the Education Ministry's Director General, and welfare authorities. The bill, which passed its first reading on Monday afternoon, passed its second and third readings on Wednesday, and is now law. The purpose of the bill is to allow local authorities to encourage residents to receive the vaccine, by turning to them personally and taking other actions which Health Minister Director General Professor Hezi Levi will define."

    Notice: “ENCOURAGING residents” and “taking OTHER ACTIONS”. This will probably turn into “persecution and severe restrictions”.

  6. I do not want to believe that Hashem will allow them to continue their evil. We learn that evil is always temporary and good is eternal. We just pray that it won't get to the point where it will be a genocide of unimaginable proportions. Even the evil Nimrod who went to war against H' was cut down by H' at a certain point; so will it be, before it gets much worse, with these evil doers. We have to daven, especially tefilot such 'Shfoch et chamatcha...., utzu eitza, and other sentences in our tefilot and, of course, Tehilim, Perek Shira. Anything that will give comfort and will eventually bring a churban al kol soneinu! Amen!

  7. Hey!

    It is prophesied somewhere (gemorah?) that moshiach will only come when " no one will be able to find any fish for an ill person"

    We're so close!!!


  8. Neshama-

    PAY ATTENTION TO THE LAST PARAGRAPH AND MAKE USE OF IT! "A person who has been approached by officials for the purpose of encouraging immunization will be entitled to demand that his details be deleted and that he not be contacted again in this matter."
    The Private Information of the Unvaccinated will be Passed on to Local Authorities
    Wed, Feb 24 2021, 2:15 PM
    The Knesset approved the amendment bill to the Public Health Ordinance law in the second and third readings today (Wed). According to the new amendment, the Ministry of Health will be permitted to pass on information about those who have not been vaccinated to local authorities, the director general of the Ministry of Education and to officials in the Ministry of Welfare who operate treatment institutions, "in order to allow these bodies to encourage people to get vaccinated, as part of a personal appeal to the same person and other actions to be defined by the Director General of the Ministry of Health." The bill was approved in the third reading with 30 supporters and 13 opponents.
    It was also stated that "the information will be passed on to the authorities subject to an active request and the presentation of a plan to encourage immunization among the population included in the database. Once the requesting body receives approval from the Dircetor General, they will receive names, ID numbers, addresses and telephone numbers of citizens who are able to get vaccinated and have not done so. For those who received only one vaccine dose and did not receive their second dose on the scheduled time - the date of receiving the first vaccine dose will also be shared. "
    The announcement after the bill was approved states that "in order to reduce the invasion of privacy and prevent misuse of the information, the law stipulates that the information transmitted will be used solely to encourage immunization and any other use is prohibited. It is prohibited to make use of information towards a known person, as well as a prohibition to involve encouraging vaccination and the provision of services subject to a person's vaccination. Access to the information will be restricted to defined function holders and those exposed to it will be required to sign a confidentiality form. The information will be deleted at the end of use and no later than 60 days after receiving the information. A person who has been approached by officials for the purpose of encouraging immunization will be entitled to demand that his details be deleted and that he not be contacted again in this matter."


  9. Anonymous 24/2/21 10:49PM,

    At the end, before the Geulah, Hashem will allow evil to run amok. I have heard this repeatedly said by Rabbi Mendel Kessin. It's like Paro and the final decree that the Jews had to gather their own straw.

    "I form light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I am the LORD, that does all these things." - Isaiah 45:7

    Evil does not exist independent of Hashem. The existence of evil is the vehicle by which free will exists. When Hashem destroys evil, there will be no more free will. Choose wisely, while you still can.

  10. I don't think it is true that free will cease to exist. If you at the prophecies, I forgot which prophet, he is clear that all nations will be obligated to make ANNUAL pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Failure to do so will result in no rains for that year

  11. Deb Ghedini, thank you for the additional information.

  12. Anonymous- there are stages of moshiach and then techias ha'maisim. Remember that the nations will come against Moshiach Ben Yosef! Will that be their free will? There is also the concept of Hashem, blessed be His name, removing free will (like from Pharoah) in order to make him move against Hashem to ultimately magnify His glory. Who knows or understands exactly how Hashem will make it all play out? We can definitely trust Hashem though... no matter what things *look like* to us!!! :) A freilichen Purim and Shabbat shalom to all~

  13. Deb - Hashem did not take away Paro's free will, He strengthened it. The difference between now and the future is that whereas now we live with the yetzer hara internalized within us, in the future we will return to the pre-fall state of Adam and Chava in the Garden when the yetzer hara was external to us.

  14. Federal law prohibits employers and others from requiring vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine distributed under an EUA