17 February 2021


5 Adar 5781 

It’s not good, but it is normal for doubts to creep in and make you wonder if you are not the one who is crazy, and maybe everyone else is right after all.  This is the war that the yetzer hara wages in our minds.  As long as we keep that realization uppermost in our thoughts, we can be on guard against those tactics. 

But, keep this in mind, too.  Anyone who comes with bribes and threats and whips up the level of fear to astronomical levels to impose their will on yours – this is not something good.  This is something very, very bad and this is an enemy to be resisted at all costs. 

Safek (doubt) shares the same gematria as Amalek.  Doubt leads to despair.  Never give in to it!!  Especially at this time of year, coming up to Purim when Amalek  threatened us with extinction as a people, we must remember“Remember what Amalek did to you on the way.”  

HKB”H says:  “Remember.  And remember, too, how I saved you from the hands of Amalek.  I am your rescuer.  I, and no one else.  And I will surely save you now.”         

Why are we constantly reminded in all our prayers about “Yetziat Mitzrayim?”  

HKBH says:  “As surely as I brought Yisrael up from Mitzrayim, so will I redeem Yisrael with a complete redemption in time to come.  As surely as it happened then, so it will most assuredly come to pass for their children.” 

As we affirm three times, every day, in the Shemonah Esrei prayer: 

“Blessed are You, Hashem our God…Who recalls the kindnesses of the Patriarchs and brings a Redeemer to their children’s children, for His Name’s sake, with love.” 

Remember!  And turn a deaf ear to the internal voice that whispers the doubts: 

“Mashiach is a fairy tale, a mental crutch to help weak people deal with their miserable lives.  He hasn’t come in 4000 years, he is never coming.  Give up and give in.  Why persist in fighting the inevitable?” 

There is another voice, a different voice calling to you out of the depths of your soul.  Heed this voice instead: 

“I am Hashem your God Who recalls the kindnesses of the Patriarchs and My promise to bring a Redeemer to their children’s children, for My Name’s sake, with love.”

Remember!  And never forget it!!


  1. Toda, and Gd bless you.

    Just what i needed to hear right now.


  2. I just bought The End Illuminated along with the thin sequel after you mentioned the books. They look really interesting. I look forward to reading them.

    I would like to further personally recommend the books The Challenge of Jewish History as well as Pharaoh, both by Alexander Hool. He neatly dissects the archaeological record and the secular anti-Torah understanding of that record to explain how our history (as recorded in Seder Olam and other works of Chaza"l) fits the documentary record perfectly, as well as how, why, and when the historical record was corrupted. As a bonus, in the latter book there is an appendix that shows how, when you accept our mesora as definitive on history, Daniel's prophecies literally and neatly fall out without any contortions, and point to years in this shmitta period and right after. The book was worth it just for that. But the rest is also great stuff.

    "They" are wrong about everything, starting with our own history from the very beginning, and going from there.

  3. They are rashaim doing Shoah on our people. Only in Israel those "vaccines" with such a rush. Why such a rush? Why those threats and bribes? Why are they so in a hurry? In Germany and France they nearly don't vaccinate. In England they have the British vaccine a normal one. Why here and in such a hurry? What are they trying to hide?

  4. Chazak uBaruch!!!

  5. I know you said no vaccination stuff - but now they're talking mandatory. I need a chizuk about this.

    1. Please don't worry too much. I know it's easier said than done. I also worry about loosing my job and as a consequence my home. All the rest is nonsense really but that one is really scary. However that's exactly where HaShem wants us all to get stronger. We all will grow enormously in emunah and bitachon as a result of what we are going through right now.. Maybe we should think about making a meeting place for the time when we all will have to run so we can do it all together and strengthen one another..

  6. Devash, did something in particular prompt this particular post? Just curious if I missed something...
    I'll take Chizuk all day every day!

  7. Ms. H - That's what I heard when I prayed this morning. Just passing it along.

  8. Anonymous@3:52PM - They are just trying to scare the weak into bowing to their will. Be strong and trust Hashem.

  9. First, I would like to say that those who doubt the coming of Moshiach and supposedly observant Jews; there are two reasons, one they have not been taught properly about the coming of Moshiach because I've noticed that through the years, Moshiach was the last thing they had in mind because these people are far from being Torah scholars and the second reason is that there are those who are even chareidi but if life has been quite good for them, they don't want to upset the applecart, so to speak, and so they push Moshiach out of their minds and really are not pleased so much about the greatest event since matan Torateinu with the coming of Moshiach, which is distressing that they could even think that way. I also find those that always remark, 'oh, they've been saying that for thousands of years already', because they do not understand that it was not in its time then, but it is 'definitely' the time now. It's because they have lost their connection to Hashem and have become so enmeshed in the material world and are also afraid of the darkness that will befall the earth before the great event. So, they better wake up because he's coming very soon!
    Also, in regard to the vaccine, I believe they are pushing at lightening speed because the ptb's understand (in their warped way) that Moshiach is almost here and they would love to, c'v, get rid of the 'Jewish' people fast, together with most of the world's populations! They are waging this war against the Creator, thinking they have a chance - really laughable, but a little frightening at what they want to get away with. Fear not, because H' is with us!
    Man can plan but G-D is laughing!

  10. I respect the Torah and talmidim chachamim but I don't care how big a rabbi is... if he tells me to break Shabbos, I will not break Shabbos. And if he tells me to hurt my health and cause myself damage, I will also not listen. I KNOW that breaking Shabbos and risking your health is not Torah and is not Hashem's will. I will stay simple and read Tehillim.

  11. In reality, no 'real' democracy of any kind has the right to force 'coerce' anyone into doing anything to another person's body. This has to be with consent! If any nation decrees such an abnormal draconian mandate, then that nation is admitting and confirming to the world they are no longer a democracy but an outright dictatorship, shelo neida! People who live in freedom loving countries must remind their leaders and demand this of their particular governments. Otherwise, the world has once again sunk to pure fascism. May H' protect us all from such evil! Now, before Purim, we must pray that the miracles that happened then will once again happen now!