23 February 2021

Several Videos of Interest

 11 Adar 5781

One reader writes to ask why I don't allow opposing views.  In this case, why won't I publish information pointing out how the opinions against the vaccine are fake news and conspiracy theories.  Very simply, one is the truth and one is a lie.  Why would I give equal time to the lies and keep people in confusion?  What service does that provide?  I hope that clears it up.


Shocking Revelation: Why Are We Celebrating Purim On the Wrong Day - Part 2

Conversation with the FDA
(It's in Hebrew, but the call to the FDA is in English. Needless to say, when Kupat Cholim Maccabi and the MOH are contacted, they insist that the vaccine is indeed FDA "approved.")

Bill Gates Deleted Documentary

Mark Zuckerberg Expresses Concerns About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Vladimir Ze'ev Zelenko on the COVID-19 Vaccine

The Future of Vaccines


  1. Even calling what they are pushing a vaccine is a lie. By using the same term, they force those who can tell the difference into a rhetorical straitjacket and fool the multitudes who accept what they see at face value (as Nixon said about Americans, but it applies to Jews at least as much: The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television). We Jews were warned from following after our eyes. That's not talking about obvious things like immodestly-dressed women.

    It's quite clever and demonic. Technically, this shot is more akin to a virus than a vaccine. It nearly completely fits the definition to a T:

    (1) a bit of genetic material (2) surrounded by a lipid layer that is (3) designed to penetrate the cell wall, (4) inject the genetic component into the cell, and (5) hijack the cellular machinery of the cell to produce some protein components.

    That's a virus! The only difference, it doesn't reproduce itself.

  2. Is it possible to post links to download these videos, so we don't have to visit the websites?

    Thank you!

  3. Sad when the so-called t'rufah is worse than the machala! That's exactly the case here. Realistically, all this has nothing to do with a machala. It's all about control, breaking the economy and depopulation. Sechel has been taken from the bnai Adam and when the Jew follows the crowd (the nations) they become worse (stupider) than everyone else,r'l.

  4. Anonymous@4:19PM - I don't understand your question. Do you mean embed them on the blog?

  5. No where else planet earth is this oppression taking place like it is in Israel.

  6. Rabbi Yehuda Richter:Shocking Revelation Why Are We Celebrating Purim on the Wrong Day, Part 2

  7. Regarding the videos, I mean to make it possible to view them in the blog and/or to download them directly as files without having to visit that website... however you want to call that. Thank you!

  8. It would not be practical to embed so many videos on one blog post. And I would not begin to know how to provide downloadable files via this blog. That is outside my expertise. And that is why video-sharing platforms exist.

  9. I just heard from someone that the head of the Rappeh party had his medical license revoked.

  10. Devash @8:58pm regarding the videos; if someone's able to help with that, it would be great. There have been many posts about being kadosh and separating from the nations, etc., but then to see this content we have to go to these websites that advertise and suggest videos of things that we should be certainly avoiding...

  11. Shimshon - Health Min. revokes license of anti vax-coercion doctor, party head

    The judge said that Aryeh Avni's actions pose a real danger to public health.

  12. Anonymous@9:01AM - Meantime, my suggestion would be to not click on text links.

  13. Noise Blockers and Other Remedies - If you really think that, you need some exposure to other points of view.

    Dear Irish People, It’s Time to Wake Up

    International Travel Right NOW! - What to Expect (Shocking Footage!)

  14. If you need videos posted on a blank page I can do it. ie my TOP SECRET Pages: http://jerusalemcats.com/secret/pg2.html
    I can put up anything tame or not.